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New era of censorship

I have been complaining these days about what happened to The Daily Stormer. Now Stormfront, the oldest white nationalist internet forum founded by Don Black (pic left) with the motto ‘White Pride World Wide’, a major resource for white activists around the world, has been censored.

See the articles on Occidental Dissent and Anglin’s provisional domain on the subject here and here.

I bet that (((Stefan Molyneux))) the hypocrite, a notable defender of free speech in YouTube, will continue to remain silent on the issue…

9 replies on “New era of censorship”

Stormfront was a private website that censored tons of white nationalists just for speaking their own mind, with Don Black and his mods ruthlessly banning them. The people who provided Don Black and Stormfront with their Internet services (which are also privately owned) ruthlessly censored and banned him. No difference whatsoever. As a white nationalist of long-standing, I therefore feel no sympathy for Black or his greed-driven web forum. He and it deserved to die, and die screaming. And so it did.

Molyneux has a book coming out, so he’s regressing back into spineless libertarianism in the hopes of making himself more palatable to the skittish masses. Possibly at the worst possible time.

The book is called The Art of the Argument. Given his recent DR3ing, I assume the book will teach readers how to say “I know you are but what am I?” when a democrat calls them racist.

I can’t access counter currents.

Yeah it was always a last resort to me; a boring WN site full of useless articles on pop culture and movies, but it was still WN and it’s been my go-to ever since DS vanished. Now they’re gone too.

Oh well, CC always had a pathetic rivalry with DS, and they barely said anything when DS was taken down and now they’ve been taken down too!

As some guy said above; I have very little sympathy for these boomer WNs who were constantly censoring and tone-policing the more fanatical elements of WN. A lot of difference that made. Looks like our enemies really respected their moderation and restraint!

Anglin and Linder were right all along; there is no playing nice, you go straight for the jugular and worry about consequences only after the dust has settled.

I really miss those bros. But Stormfront and CC can go screw themselves.

Still works? Better than nothing.

I was thinking, even if they do manage to totally censor and dissipate the extreme right (doubtful), they will never mitigate or assuage the hatred of this decadent whore culture they’ve created. It’s either extreme right, or young white men will turn to radical Islam as an outlet for their anger at being marginalized and seeing seeing women shamelessly parading around as whores.

White men at the tip of radical Islam will provide the final impetus of driving that dagger deep into the dark heart of Judeo-Western culture.

I do not welcome such a phenomenon, by the way, it’s just what I’m seeing. A lot of White men admire Sharia law; hence “White Sharia”, and no one is more deserving of it than the defiant sluts White women have become.

Either way, the White elites who have betrayed their people are going to pay. It’s just a question of which fanatics will overthrow them.

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