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Currency crash

WN ignorance

Last Sunday I reproduced here an excellent article by Andrew Anglin against feminized white nationalists. Today Anglin posted another Sunday article on The Daily Stormer where he says:

Note before we get started: economics

It is important to make clear that economics are not really a particularly relevant factor anymore. I don’t mean that absolutely, but pretty much the deal is that with our current level of technology and the ease of material production, any economic system can work in a white country, while no economic system can work in a nonwhite country or a formerly white country with an extreme number of nonwhite immigrants.

No one really talks or cares that much about economics anymore because for the most part, people are comfortable. The economic issues which do exist can be easily deconstructed as social issues… We are very close to the point in history where labor will be free, and the entire concept of “economics” 100% obsolete.


Two weeks ago I criticized Richard Spencer with these words: “Spencer used to be the only famed white nationalist who openly warned about the looming economic crisis. Not anymore. Yesterday he added in his Facebook page a retweet: ‘Many in the Alt Right know about economics, especially the Austrian School. We just don’t care anymore. There are bigger fish to fry.’ I posted at his FB page this: ‘This is a big mistake, Richard. Real economics—call it Austrian or not—teaches us that the dollar will crash under Trump’s watch, which means that a big window of opportunity for the Alt-Right will be opened this very decade. Meanwhile, keep silver coins in your safe box’.”

Besides me, who among pro-white bloggers is saying that the international money policies are driving the system towards an accident? Am I the only one, or white nationalist ignorance is endemic?

What is happening to the world of economics is exactly the opposite of what Anglin has said in his Sunday article.

5 replies on “WN ignorance”

No you are not the only one. You should look into Billy Roper and ask his thoughts on Economics if he doesn’t already have articles out there discussing it.

Anglin is referring to AI and automation, just like in Nazi Germany you can rebuild your economic greatness by using non-usurious currency like time-labor, and by the time AI is mature, you need even less labor.

People will live in socialist society, where the machines do all the work.

Economic crisis will impact everyone, so you don’t really need to care, just focus on your family and book club.

Anglin used the word economics, but even if he did not speak of economics his worldview is dubious: the only way that business as usual can continue is that the energy supply is infinite. But it’s not clear how humans will obtain energy after the depletion of oil, especially third worlders.

anglin doesnt know anything about hitler, he thinks hitler was a christian man, didnt hurt a hair on a jews head, and obviously didnt get the nordic memo, as he worships slavic mongoloid people like putin.

what most of these wigger nationalists want is capitalism without the jews or brown people, to still be able to wear their air jordan shoes around and still have all the new gadgets. they are not interested in smashing mammon, or fixing the internal jew. Whites are just as greedy in this system, and they will take their place

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