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Currency crash

James Rickards’ latest book

Richard Spencer used to be the only famed white nationalist who openly warned about the looming economic crisis.

Not anymore. Yesterday he added in his Facebook page a retweet: “Many in the Alt Right know about economics, especially the Austrian School. We just don’t care anymore. There are bigger fish to fry.”

I posted at his FB page this: “This is a big mistake, Richard. Real economics—call it Austrian or not—teaches us that the dollar will crash under Trump’s watch, which means that a big window of opportunity for the Alt-Right will be opened this very decade. Meanwhile, keep silver coins in your safe box.”

Economist James Rickards’ books are too technical and often boring. Fortunately, you can grasp his ideas by means of didactic videos and audios about The Road to Ruin, his latest book. The book describes how the crisis will unfold before our eyes (click e.g., here, here and here).

White advocates should brace themselves…

3 replies on “James Rickards’ latest book”

How are you doing? Are you feeling better? I so think about your bunny. My entire family loves animals. Our pets are furry family members. I hope you are well.

Thank you.

Every single day I think of him. Who could have guessed that an assassin animal, that nobody has seen since we moved here in 1978, in the suburbs of the largest city of Latin America (a metropolis with very few green spots), could hunt and kill a pet in the fall of night just for fun?

The first days were horrible. In no way my recent family deaths—even though my late sister was the only of my brethren attached to me—hit me so hard as this unexpected assassination.

But I am coping. The non-fiction book that I write will present what do I mean exactly by “the 4 words”. It has to do with a Utopia where no animal or child will be abused; something like Arthur Clarke’s first novella, Against the Fall of Night.

Hope it will be read in the ethnostate…

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