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James Mason

What a discovery! Yesterday I watched this clip featuring James Nolan Mason:


The whole, three-part old interview by Tom Metzger can be watched: here. I haven’t read Mason’s Siege because it is out-of-print, and a single surviving copy can be purchased through Amazon at $1798 dollars.

On the other hand, a book packed with lots of illustrations like Siege cannot be read comfortably with the small letters of the available PDF, which today I uploaded to this site: here (postscript note: deleted – see the bottom of this entry).

After watching the whole Metzger interview of Mason the idea occurred to me to print at home the PDF of Siege. While the small letters make an uncomfortable reading both on screen and paper, it is possible to take the printed PDF to Office Depot and make photocopies of the whole text with amplified letters. It surely will be less expensive than purchasing rare surviving copies through Amazon.

Yes, we have Noontide Press and Arthur Kemp’s Ostara Publications. But we still need another publishing house. Recently I was shocked to learn that Pierce’s Who We Are, which (to my mind) is the most important book for racialists together with Hellstorm, is now unavailable from Amazon. Like Siege and other books, Who We Are should be available in printed form.

It is true that Johnson’s Counter-Currents has published several books. But like the mediocre Arktos Press, out of ten books Johnson publishes one good book for nine mediocre books. These two are not revolutionary but merely reactionary publishing houses.

It looks like Mason is still living but he seems to have disappeared from the public scene. Now that white nationalists are going to the streets for the first time, it could be great if a national socialist could investigate what happened to Mason.

P.S. I have now deleted the text of Siege because of this comment, and uploaded instead a better version:


The above PDF can certainly be printed at home and the printed page makes for a very comfortable reading.

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I’ve got a copy of Siege that I actually bought from Counter-Currents 4 years ago.

Mason is an excellent thinker, a true revolutionary and a worthy sucessor to Joseph Tomassi who pioneered the idea of Armed Struggle which went on to be used by The Order. The Movement should have heeded Mason’s words back in the 1980’s. There is no political solution. To quote William Pierce (who was friends with Mason) “White Revolution is the ONLY solution”.

Something that appealed to me about Mason was that he was a straight-laced National Socialist. He (at least initially) had nothing to do with degenerate music and dressed presentable.

There is a better edition of Siege than the pdf version here: link

Also, the interview he did with the fake preacher Bob Larson is better than the interview with Tom Metzger in my opinion: YouTube link

This spoken word piece is great also: YouTube link

There are so many quotable quotes from Siege it’s incredible.

Yeah, I’ve been reading that interview since 2008. It’s the most recent Mason material on the web (sounds like Iron March are going to change that).

An easier to read version of the interview is here: link

Mason went from being an atheist to getting into some pretty esoteric stuff, however his brilliance still shines through in that interview. I’ve been trying to get my hands on his later works for a while now, especially The Theocrat where he compares Hitler to Christ.

Cesar, the link you gave — Wiki link — at the bottom of that webpage there is a link to download Siege as a PDF, which is what I did.


I’ll now delete the old link I had uploaded this morning for this site—and upload instead the one that appears in your first link. Do you plan to make a print copy available e.g. from Lulu? If not, would you have any problem if I make it available from my own Daybreak Publications (so cheap that I’d earn zero cents for every sold copy by Lulu)?

Just curious, a Facebook friend wrote me today, “In the mid 2000’s [Mason] disappeared in Colorado after embracing Calvinist Christianity and leaving
NS behind. His last publications were of that nature.”

And I also received this email from the UK:

“What I know is that Mason started to embrace Christianity in the mid-1990’s while serving a prison sentence. At first he was into Christian Identity type Xianity, it wouldn’t surprise me if he eventually moved to Calvinist Christianity. It is sad because he was an atheist when he wrote the Siege newsletters, and his thinking was clear and logical. What’s worse is if he gave up his NS beliefs. How one can give up on the truth I do not know.”

Do you have any reliable info about it?

Anyway, Admin, keep doing the good work!

I was very interested because, as you can appreciate in the link of my Daybreak Publications above, I am an autobiographer (and also have interest in biographies).

My educated guess is that Mason could not really break away from what I call parental introjects.

In the book I’m presently writing, Mi Conejito, I recount anecdotes of Jew-wise Catholics I met in London three years ago. It shocked me that even a couple of very intelligent WNsts I met there are practicizing religionists (one Christian the other Muslim).

The subject of apostasy is paramount in my writings in Spanish. The point is that even secular WNsts cling to Christian ethics one way or the other. I have in mind a well-known racialist writer I also met at the Western side of the island whose name I’ll omit here. The level of incapability of breaking away either from our parents’ religion or from a secularized form of Christian ethics is a subject that fascinates me.

Too bad that Conservative Swede, who showed me the way back in 2009, is an anti-Nazi (see my today’s comment about him: here).

I’ll certainly print a copy of Siege for a most comfortable reading at home…


The last I have read of Mason indicated that he was writing a Christian Identity style text entitled “The Theocrat.” He also appears several times in photographs and an interview in “Art that Kills: A Panoramic Portrait of Aesthetic Terrorism, 1984-2001” by George Petros. He was in that time period a friend of Boyd Rice and part of that scene. The news that he is a Calvinist is depressing, but not shocking given his CI leanings. Atomwaffen and IronMarch have been quite cultish in their endorsement of him. If it spreads awareness that’s great but it comes off as odd.

Regarding Manson, Mason saw what he wanted in that personality. He wasn’t the first or the last to do so. Essentially, the Manson Family to Mason was a resilient Aryan social structure that fought the shabbos goy capitalist pigs and prepared for a grand race war. I had a Manson phase myself after reading Siege (of which I own a signed copy). It’s a fantastic read and well worth your time.

I remember so well the name of Charles Manson when in 1969 his “family” assassinated (non Jewish) Sharon Tate, who had appeared in a film I saw then on the big screen, The Fearless Vampire Killers. That was long before Manson became a cult figure among youngsters. Again, as a boomer myself I see things differently but the odd thing is that James Mason is a boomer too.

For what it’s worth, Tate was carrying the child of the jew and child abuser Roman Polanski in her womb.

The 2 minute video at the head of this article “western civilization is dead….” contains the true “Red Pill” that our institutions are NOT for our people anymore.

Trump and Le Pen are great examples, although both are only civic nationalists they are hated and scorned by all the “institutional defenders” of our culture for not bowing meekly to the god of diversity….that is destroying us all.

I agree. In the first seconds of the embedded video Mason said the whole truth: after 1945 the West died spiritually and governments actually became anti-white exterminationists. This is indeed the redpill and our duty is to decipher the collective unconscious wish to die, something that even WNsts suffer as we see how they cling to Christian ethics. Jews are only taking advantage of a fatally wounded race.

About James being “straight laced” and having nothing to do with “degenerate music”. That is wrong. James was far from straight laced and got busted for taking nude photos of 15 year old girls, one of which was his girlfriend at the time. He also hung out with Satanic rock bands like Electric Hellfire Club and there is a photo of him together with Peter Sotos (who is a sickening human being, one of the worst..look him up and see why).

This isn’t slander either, but fact. In fact, James never hide the fact he liked young teens. He freely admitted to it and the proof is in the book “Art that Kills”.

Me personal, I don’t care. I like James and I think SIEGE is fantasic. But there is no way the “alt-right” and other straight laced nationalists today would accept him.

There is nothing wrong in liking teenagers—that was perfectly normal in medieval times. It’s even legal in the US to marry, say, a 14 year old with her parents’ consent. I’d only say that in an ideal world the groom should not be much older than the bride. Only in degenerate times, like our times, the male sexuality of whites is demonized.

That’s why I added “(at least initially)” before I wrote he had nothing to do with degenerate music. In the Siege newsletters he writes how he has comrades who listen to rock music but he himself is not interested in it. However, that seemed to change in the 90’s when he began to work with Boyd Rice, Michael Moynihan and bands like Ethnic Cleansing etc.

Yes, it is true Mason liked young teens and he never hid that from people. You can hear him having a go at a 15 year old girl because she slept with a Mexican here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znBfqcpK1ko

The life of young people should be turned to hell if anything is to change. Thankfully, Ukraine is one of the first [semi-]White countries to break the mold (link). Imagine if Trump banned Facebook and Twitter!

Old West may be a corpse in Eastern Europe, but it’s a warm one. And they still try to make love to it with their nationalistic Jew-guided tendencies à la the 1939 Poland.

Link to archived Rope Culture article: https://archive.is/yg98e
Link to new Siege Culture website: https://siegeculture.biz/

I’ve heard talks about a printed version of Siege being worked on, although I don’t know when it’ll be completed. James Mason’s other books “The Theocrat” and “One Verse Charlies” have been published and can be bought on Amazon.

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