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Foreword to the 2017 edition


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The present edition greatly differs from the previous editions of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. I have removed many articles, substantially abridged others and added other texts that appear in my blogsite The West’s Darkest Hour.

The longest additions have been essays exposing feminism, and a new racial classification by the Catalonian blogger of the internet site Evropa Soberana. I must acknowledge his work as well as the work of another Spaniard, Manu Rodríguez. Their writings in Spanish have influenced my thought in a way that goes beyond the provincial point of view of most white nationalists. I have also added more essays from those who believe that, for Aryan preservation, Christianity is far more a serious problem than Judaism; including an introduction to National Socialism for the layman.

I chose the title of the darkest hour because what I treasure the most is Aryan female beauty and, unless whites awaken from what Dominique Venner called “Europe’s dormition,” the fairest creatures on Earth will become extinct. The Frenchman Veneer committed suicide a few years ago. The last section of this edition ends with an open question. Who is right: those who believe that whites are only “in dormition” or those who believe that they are actively committing racial suicide?

Unlike the previous editions, presently I lean toward the suicidal pessimism of Revilo Oliver reproduced in the penultimate essay of this collection; and what David Lane said, from prison, in his open letter to a dead race, also included here. The reason of my pessimism is that the flourishing white nationalist forums over the internet are ignoring their intellectual heritage, from Gobineau to the nordicist societies that existed, previous to the Second World War, at both sides of the Atlantic. Instead of carefully studying the literature published by Ostara Publications, present-day white nationalists have no problem to confer amnesty to the off-white population in Europe, and in America most of them consider nordicism a relic of a distant, and a now defunct, past.

The American William Pierce wrote something that can be said not only about the average man, but also about nationalists: “The only way to persuade the population of this country that they need to change their ways is to give them a good, hard boot in the ass—about six hundred times.” In other words, only if the convergence of catastrophes occurs—fiat currency collapse around the globe, energy devolution after peak oil and the subsequent demographic apocalypse—will a window of opportunity be opened for whites to rethink over their whole Weltanschauung and deranged sense of morality. Make no mistake: I am blaming not only the Christians but also the atheists and white nationalists who fanatically have taken Christian ethics to its logical conclusion: ethno-suicide. (In addition to Pierce’s story of the white race reproduced here and another long article on Sparta, see also the companion of this book, Day of Wrath: a collection of my own essays.)

If there is any hope, as we shall see in the last article, it depends on the coming of people like Rockwell, Pierce or a mustached Chancellor whose birthdate ought to replace the fictional nativity of a Galilean that even “anti-Semitic” so-called “nationalists” worship.

1 January 2017 (Common Era)
1 January 128 (Anno Hitleris)

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    Our fourteen words  1
    Foreword to the 2017 edition   3

    The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour

    From the editor’s desk: The word “racism”   7
    Europe in dormition – Dominique Venner 11
    Our first commandments – Joseph Walsh   13
    Brief manifesto  14

    Part I The Jewish question

    From the editor’s desk: MacDonald’s trilogy 15
    On blacks – William Pierce  16
    On Jews – William Pierce    21
    The saga of the European Jewry – Arthur Kemp 29

    Part II On the need to undemonize Hitler

    From the editor’s desk: Informal comments 39
    On Yockey’s America – Michael O’Meara 43
    Hellstorm – J. A. Sexton   50
    Part III The Aryan problem: Gold over blood

    From the editor’s desk: Materialism   61
    Heroic materialism – Kenneth Clark   63
    The scouring of the Shire – Greg Johnson   66
    History of the white race – William Pierce   70

    Part IV Ethno-suicide: Christian ethics

    From the editor’s desk: Two ways of looking at history 179
    On the Galileans – Emperor Julian    188
    Desertion from our ancestors Manu Rodríguez 191
    The Antichrist – Friedrich Nietzsche   199
    Criminal history of Christianity – Karlheinz Deschner 204
    Detritus of a rejected mythology – Revilo Oliver   214
    Table talks – Adolf Hitler   216
    A civil religion – Tomislav Sunic   221
    Arrows and comments – Jack Frost   226

    Part V Nordicism

    From the editor’s desk: Aryans who no longer want to live 247
    The Nordic ideal – Hans Günther   251
    March of the titans – Arthur Kemp   261
    The black man’s gift to Portugal – Ray Smith   271
    Were the Greeks and Romans blond and blue-eyed? –  277
    What race were the Greeks and Romans? – J. H. Sims 297
    The new racial classification – Evropa Soberana   307

    Part VI Sparta vs. feminized western males

    From the editor’s desk: The empire of the yin   369
    Open letter to a dead race – David Lane   370
    Sparta and its law – Evropa Soberana   373
    War of the Sexes – John Sparks & T.F.M.   472

    Part VII National Socialism

    From the editor’s desk: Ahistorical simpletons   513
    For the Hitler Youth – Helmut Stellrecht   515
    National Socialist worldview – Heinrich Himmler 516
    Rockwell: A National Socialist life – William Pierce 526
    The biological worldview – Povl Riis-Knudsen   559
    Letter from Manu – Manu Rodríguez   566

    Part VIII Dormition or suicide?

    Suicide of the West – by Revilo Oliver   571
    Three optimists – Andrew Hamilton   576
    Parting word (Editor)   579

  2. Out of all the social institutions that have been destructive to the white race the most destructive social institution has been psychiatry. I agree that christianity has psychologically castrated the white race through verbal means but the rise of psychiatry has resulted in the white race being neurologically castrated through chemical means and it has also turned much of the white race into institutionalized vegetables.

    I am an enemy of christianity however I have to be honest in my assessment of what has been the worst for the white race and psychiatry has been the worst. Liberalism is secularized christianity and unless a new spirituality is offered to replace christianity than getting rid of christianity just results in an even worse form of christianity(secularized christianity): look at liberal atheist sweden!

    I guess one could say that psychiatry is a progression of christian values but even if that were the case it is an almost useless point to make because psychiatry exists as its own institution with its own sacred scriptures(DSM)…

    But people need to develop a spirituality to fill any void left by the absence of christianity and assert that.

    The western world is almost entirely poisoned!!!!! How can we cleanse ourselves of the intellectual filth??? It is not enough to point at the jews because even if they are the source of it all we still have millions and millions of white liberals who are liberal on a genetic level, they will maintain their liberalism in the face of all sorts of news stories that highlight the problem of mass middle eastern migration to europe.

    You could send all the jews to israel tomorrow and we would still be stuck with mountains of toxic ideas contained in our liberal…. and our conservative! books … Western culture is polluted with toxic ideas and we must free ourselves of the filth!

    1. If you hate psychiatry you will love the forthcoming 2017 edition of Day of Wrath, which unlike The Fair Race collects only my own essays.

      Stay tuned.

  3. Dear Cesar,

    thanks for the 2017 edition of your book. It’s the best TFRDH ever!
    The new texts are great, and I love your introductions for the chapters.

    Here are some questions and suggestions:
    – Which parts of “Sparta” did you delete?
    – The “Red Gigant” is moved into one of your introducions (“from the editors desk”); Pity, this text was one of my favorite…
    – “war of the sexes” is so great!; a bit like a continuation to devlins work. Sparks text was not useful to me, maybe it would be better to delete it from the book and only to use the Bloggers text; you have already a title: Patriarchy vs. feminism.
    – otherwise again good textshortenings (Sunic’s “Race & Religion”, Kemp’s opus magnum et.al).

    BTW: The “three optimists” reminds me at Alex Kurtagic’s work. Love his “Masters of the Universe”.
    What’s about Severus Niflson? I saved a copy of his works, could this useful for you?

    Your old friend,

    1. 1. Re: Sparta, I removed those parts after the climax of the great Battle of Thermopylae, which still can be read at Ex Libris:


      2. Yes: it’s a pity that I removed the Red Giant:


      The culprit is the author himself, Eric (“Conservative Swede”). In the same Gates of Vienna thread where Eric posted those texts, he became mad with me after I mentioned Hitler and National Socialism. Some months later, after discussing with him in his blog and at Mangan’s, I recommended him to read MacDonald’s Culture of Critique and Lindemann’s Esau’s Tears.

      Soon after Eric abandoned blogging (see his last blog entry at BlogSpot’s Conservative Swede). He became so mad about the JQ that now I suspect he has Jewish ancestry. He won’t respond to a direct question of course, but I can dig a bit and find his email for you if you want to contact him.

      3. War of the Sexes, published before Devlin’s essays, was a real eye-opener for me. I got the book in 1999 and it’s imperative that normies see that highly educated naturalists can write about the subject with lyric, silver-tongue language in sharp contrast to the vulgar language men use in MGTOW.

      4. I don’t know what happened to Severus Niflson. He made a couple of excellent podcasts with Carolyn Yeager and then disappeared. Is his blog still active?