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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book)

White nationalist loons

Anti-Semitic white nationalism, insofar as it has failed to break away from Judeo-Christianity, is schizophrenic. Just see these pages quoting Jack Frost, a commenter who tried to discuss with the naïve nationalists at The Occidental Observer:


I stole those pages from the 2017 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, the subject of my previous entry. Frost’s PDF, pages 226ff within The Fair Race, has to be understood within the context of the fourth section of the book:

Part IV Ethno-suicide: Christian ethics

From the editor’s desk: Two ways of looking at history 179
On the Galileans – Emperor Julian 188
Desertion from our ancestors Manu Rodríguez 191
The Antichrist – Friedrich Nietzsche 199
Criminal history of Christianity – Karlheinz Deschner 204
Detritus of a rejected mythology – Revilo Oliver 214
Table talks – Adolf Hitler 216
A civil religion – Tomislav Sunic 221
Arrows and comments – Jack Frost 226

In the above-linked PDF I added bold type to some sentences that appear un-bolded in the printed version of The Fair Race.

The PDF contains exchanges between Frost and Kevin MacDonald, and Frost and a monocausal commenter at MacDonald’s webzine. If you have already read those texts, at least reread my emphasized bold-typed sentences and tell me if the Alt Right, in any of its American manifestations, is not schizoid compared to the real thing: National Socialism.

In this entry I’ll limit myself to quote a few lines from Frost’s PDF: “That’s how we get these loons who claim to be white advocates, who are more upset about the loss of nine negroes than they are about poor Mr. Roof, who, taking his manifesto at face value, has sacrificed his own life for his race.”

Incidentally, the printed book of The Fair Race was having trouble because I added high-quality images above the 300 dpi limit. I fixed the problem but if your order doesn’t fly please let me know, either here or by email.

Thank you!

6 replies on “White nationalist loons”

Of course: I’m using “schizophrenic” or “schizoid” in the vernacular sense of “divided minds,” not as the crazy shrinks use the term.

Dylann Roof is a hero. As Dylann implies in his manifesto, he had to give up his life because white males allowed a situation to exist that should never have existed, because all we are willing to do is talk on the internet.


“I do feel sorry for the innocent white children forced to live in this sick country and I do feel sorry for the innocent white people that are killed daily at the hands of the lower race. I have shed a tear of self-pity for myself. I feel pity that I had to do what I did in the first place. I feel pity that I had to give up my life because of a situation that should never have existed.”

Occidental Dissent has been one of the most notorious “pro-white” sites pathologizing poor DyRo. I started my desk work this very cold January Monday by reading OD’s recent exchanges with Vox Day, another Christian who purportedly “fights” for Western interest. Nothing of major interest there. But those WNsts who claim to have abandoned Christianity ferociously stick to Christian ethics too (this for example is my take on non-Christian Greggy Johnson’s podcast with Vox Day).

What I have realized is that, since my break from the Christian Era is so clear and so clean by now, most of those who used to comment in this blog are gone now, even the best minds I’ve encountered in the WN forums. And I can say the same about my Facebook page.

Although I delete most of my FB posts (the thought police is good at erasing your FB accounts), those FB “fans” that cheer with many likes those FB posts of mine where I don’t differ much from WN, shun me in my posts where I link to the content of The Fair Race.

The reason is obvious: WNsts are stagnated at the middle of the river, to use the metaphor of my previous articles. And they will continue to remain there until the collapse that I believe is coming.

It looks like we are alone in a continent, Joseph. Those heroes who used to be in this continent were Holocausted by the Allies when my parents were adolescents. Unfortunately it is not possible to build a movement with a couple of guys and nobody else around…

The post-WWII (post-30/04/1945: Hitler’s death) White Nationalist movement is part of the decline of the White race, not a solution to it. With only a few exceptions (Oliver, Pierce, Gayley Simpson) the movement has been and is massively flawed. But that is symptomatic of the degeneration of the White race as a whole since the heroic Axis lost WWII. The White race has sunk so low in such a short space of time (72 years). With each passing year the degeneracy becomes worse and worse. It’s not just ideologically that WN are flawed. It’s morally, in character also. The National Socialists had a high standard of moral purity and character which the movement doesn’t live up to. It’s not just National Socialist Germany, but the White race throughout history generally had an excellent standard that is now being grossly betrayed. Something is indeed very rotten in the soul of ALL Whites, including myself, including WN. But as long as the Nordic-Aryan bloodline is kept pure, regeneration is always possible.

I’m thinking christinsanity was a meme designed to dissolve all nations except Israel into a Global Empire (initially Roman). Jews are immunized by virtue of their villainous character role in the gospels and their knowledge of jewish history enables them to recognize jesus’ gospel ministry as an allegory of Titus Flavius’ military campaigns against them.

I suspect christinsanity was developed and sold to the Romans in the same way Stuxnet was developed and sold to the Iranians.

The young man stood aloof
speaking plainly, didn’t spoof
with 88 rounds
and truth as grounds
came Dylann Right Stuff Roof

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