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White Sharia

Unlike most white nationalists, Andrew Anglin has been telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about women. He’s even better than the MGTOW complainers because MGTOWers are not racists. Below, a few excerpts from Anglin’s article today on the Stormer:

What I am “claiming”—which is in fact simply explaining an objective reality, based on accepted science—is that women have no concept of “race,” as it is too abstract for their simple brains. What they have a concept of is getting impregnated by the dominant male.

Believing in “racially aware women” is a furry-tier sexual perversion. A woman is hardwired to breed with whoever she perceives as dominant in the society, as she wishes to give birth to dominant children. That is simple, mainstream, accepted evolutionary biology—not to mention painfully fucking obvious.

In a natural society, all women wanted to fuck the dominant warlord tribal chief. Because that would produce for them dominant, warlord children, who would protect them, feed them, house them and clothe them when they were too old and unattractive to have a male protect them for sexual reasons. This is the biological instinct of women to produce the most dominant male offspring—that instinct does not recognize race.

And we now have a society that has elevated the brown man to the status of dominant male. So the increasing female desire is to fuck the brown man. This is not complicated and it is not controversial.

The female sex drive is primitive and obsolete. Having been sexually liberated, they are leading our race to oblivion…

Primitive, obsolete female sex drive needs to be controlled with brutality.

I wish there was another way.

But there isn’t.

23 replies on “White Sharia”

Andrew Anglin goes full retard. WHITE MEN ruled the world. and White MEN threw Civilization away with both hands. Anglin’s “19 year old GF” (if that blonde in the pic was his actual GF) must have dumped him. He obviously can’t get or keep a woman.

@ Denise
You’re just proving his point. You can’t address any of what he says using any actual arguments. All you can do is cry emotional shit like “he can’t get laid” or “he must have a small dick” etc.Exactly as he said you would. Put up an actual argument or just sit down and stop embarrassing yourself.

Blah blah blah. I didn’t day anything about a “small dick”. I NEVER write things like that. That is YOUR damage, not mine.

Anglin has a very long, public record revealing his issues with women. Remember that EMBARRASING episode of a few years back, when he didn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day?

The WN males that do have a successful record in attracting women, and actually getting married and producing children NEVER write the demented crap that the ones that can’t get women write. It’s pathetic. It’s a public admission and testament to their inability to create and maintain an actual relationship. The ones that write such lamzoid garbage are total losers/closeted homos/agent provocateurs

It must be totally dismaying to have to admit that the most feral, worthless ghetto nig can get more than some autistic “WN genius”.

It’s simply bad PR to advertise such inadequacies in public, though.

Yeah, and once again – no actual argument. Just more emotional “he/they can’t get laid”, “he/they must be closet homos” etc, which you of course don’t really know anything about.

It’s the exact same lame crap that the SJWs pull whenever someone questions fags and such: “oh they must be homosexuals themselves.” As I said, put up or just sit down. The movement does not have any use whatsoever for emotional temper tantrums whenever something a couple of people (often women of course, being more emotional than men) don’t want to discuss comes up.

He clearly lays out what he actually means by that, if you had taken the time to read it instead of simply responding emotionally to everything.

If you haven’t figured out that the DS is a Jew operation from top to bottom, with every content contributor either a crypto kike or a White faggot traitor, and Anshelm Anglin is a Jew in crypsis, then you aren’t paying attention.

Look closer.

I’m not going to spoon feed you links.
I’m not going to debate boobs.

You will find the Truth if the Truth you love.

Take some initiative.

Women have no business taking part in politics or being in positions of power. Also there is no such thing as “nationalist” women, women only care about their comfort and in preserving the special privileges the corrupt system has given them today.

I’ve seen “nationalist” women time and time again arguing and calling names any man who even hints that there is something wrong with the despicable behavior of modern women. These women will defend other women no matter what they’ve done. At the end of the day they are not your allies, never have been and never will be.

Nature made men stronger and smarter than women so that the men would be able to dominate the women. Any race of men that doesn’t dominate and control their women, will go extinct. This is exactly what is happening in the western world today. European men don’t dominate and control their women anymore, and the result of that is large numbers of women have become negrophiliac sluts or man hating feminists, the birth rate is below replacement level and more and more women are getting impregnated by blacks,muslims e.t.c.

“I’ve seen “nationalist” women time and time again arguing and calling names any man who even hints that there is something wrong with the despicable behavior of modern women. ”

As can be seen above in a prime example.. Women tend to respond emotionally. And that’s even if they are on the right and factual side of an issue and could have simply used facts and good arguments. (Not saying that’s they’re right on this particular issue but simply use no arguments though) It’s just how it is.

And while I think the whole “white sharia” thing is a bit over the top (as Anglin stuff usually is and tends to be on purpose, as he himself admits – alot of it is about pushing the so-called Overton window) – it is a fact that all societies and civilizations that has had some historical longevity, has had strong moral codes on most issues, especially sexuality (this has ensured homogeneity, strong families and that traditions, culture and morals has been properly passed on to the next generation – all of which are very important for societal stability) and has been male dominated.

Society has always been “patriarchal” in the past. Always. Which where the societies that functioned. (the current western one does not and is heading for assured destruction in one way or the other) There have been no successful matriarchies (nor “equal” societies), and there never will be.

Andrew is the one menstruating all over his blog every time some chick dumps him after 5 minutes. He needs to take his horse urine pills.

White men allowed all of this to happen. EVERY time you whine about women – you reveal yourselves as the infantile, childish, infective faggots you are. YAWN.

Men miscegenate far more often than women do. Stop blaming women for your own crimes – you Yellow Fever Chasing TRASH. . Most of you are game boys. You look like 3 year olds. Perhaps if you actually has something to OFFER a mate – you’d get a mate. You are ridiculous emotionally stunted CHILDREN. AGAIN – it’s certainly not all White men, Loads of WN MEN can get mates, and produce children.

What’s YOUR problem?

Perhaps if you has something to offer a mate, you’d GET a mate.

Since Anglin is crude enough to insult personal appearance – he’s put himself on the table. Look at his pic.

If YOU were a young, cute nubile female – would you got for THAT?

Like Molyneux, Andrew Anglin is not on our side. He’s linked to known agents provocateurs like Mike Delaney & Eric Hufschmid, he’s known to have a taste for Asian women (he even used to live in the Philippines) and he’s known for some pretty anti-White statements in the past. Just do your own research on him if you don’t believe me.

Anglin also probably is a half-blood himself. Mongolic traits are pretty strong in him!

I cannot disagree with what some of Anglin says; however, I think the brown man worship applies moreso to younger white women versus Gen Xers
who really are not negrofied in their mindset.

Let’s dig deeper here. What is white? Seems to me that when I look at women in their 20s and early 30s, they look like white colored black girls. Really. Same attitude. Same ‘juicy’ bodies and lips. Perhaps because REALLY more white men in the older generations ( early 50s and up) already engaged in race mixing and now we see in the millenials the results: ‘white’ ( really off white) women who look towards the brown man.

Anglin needs to take his wrath out at the older men and their Pocohantas poon chasing because that is what did us in.

Regular Vanilla white women will be the ones who save us. They are the ones who are moving forward and having kids with or without white men present. They did not need Sharia because that is for the products of Boomertard Male Miscegentation.

The parent who is of the same sex of the child ‘imprints’ on him or her what he or she looks for in a mate. Basic family psychology.

Boomertard men miscegentated and had daughters who looked toward their mystery meat mothers for imprinting.

There you have it. No wonder Boomer daughters want the Brown Man- their stupid dads got yellow- brown-mocha fever!

Why is this denise woman shitting all over this blog, & actively attacking white nationalist men … like a feminist

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