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Linder on Christian ethics


What is still wrong with WN?

In my yesterday’s post I added an image of Matt Heimbach’s recent speech at Kentucky. That is ok, as he was one of the central speakers in Pikeville last month.

But Heimbach’s ethics is ultimately incompatible with race preservation. In this Red Ice interview for example, Heimbach says that he has no problem with giving, for free, food surplus to the hungry of the Third World. In my yesterday’s post I also linked to a Daily Stormer article but barely quoted from it. The Stormer is a neonazi website, not a Nazi site like The West’s Darkest Hour. This is what the Stormer editor wrote:

Prior to leaving camp, Heimbach gave a second speech, this time on National Socialism. It was the most clear and concise summation of that topic I think I have ever heard.

That’s bunk of course. Heimbach’s speech was but Southern Nationalism (listen to it: here). While I like Southern Nationalism and wish they had won the war, it must not be confused with National Socialism.

As I have iterated many times in this site, the problem with southern nationalists, white nationalists and even American neonazis is that they are stuck with Christian ethics. For those who have not digested the articles on this site about “axiology” I recommend listening very, very carefully what Alex Linder recently told a South African about the Christian problem. To me this is a problem more serious than the Jewish problem, insofar as it is a kind of malware for the Aryan mind: a malicious software that whites must erase as soon as possible.

To erase it you can read my book Day of Wrath mentioned on the sidebar, a copy of which recently I sent to Linder. If you don’t want to read it, listen the Linder interview after minute 27:30, or more to the point around minute 40 and contrast it with the ethics of normies.

“Christianity: The Dangers of putting Religion before Race” (Note of June 21, 2017: The Thought Police at You Tube cancelled this account.)

The interview is a treasure of commonsensical arguments by Linder against the scale of values that is killing whites around the globe, a scale even shared by many in the white nationalist community. I liked particularly something he says around minute 55: “Who dominates this world? People who don’t believe in the afterlife,” referring to the Jews.

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If you want to dominate the world you must have no moral scuples or fear of punishment in an afterlife. The Jews have absolutely no moral compunctions and no worry about an afterlife which is one of the reason they are winning. They are concerned with winning in THIS world, not the unproven next one. As Nietzsche said “remain faithful to this earth, and do not believe those who speak of other-worldly hopes!”

To further elaborate on the Jews using Nietzsche’s terms, Jews practice Master morality, the morality our ancestors used to practice before they became Christians. Jews believe in ‘eye for an eye’ logic and remembering their triumphs and defeats with their enemies. Meanwhile, they have infected most of the dumb goyim, but most especially Whites, with slave morality as exemplified by Christian ethics.

Alex Linder’s reality-based atheism reminds me of the great Revilo Oliver. He understands the solution to the Jewish Problem is extermination of the Jews. After all, the Jews are exterminating us and have no scruples about it. Why should we not exterminate them remorselessly? That is the way Nature works. It is kill or be killed, or rather genocide or be genocided. Natural selection. Survival of the fittest.

Things are looking very bleak, christianity has been around for 2000 years and there are still people today following that jewish religion. This shows that there is an inherent weakness in many Europeans that makes it easy for other races to control and manipulated them. Most Europeans lack the racial/tribal instinct that other races still have to varying degrees.

The speech you linked is his first one, from the first night.

It being dark out should’ve been a clue. The rally was at 2pm on Saturday and he spoke at about noon.

That’s exactly what I suspected, but I was following the DS article. I’ll remove “second” now. How many speeches Matt delivered, 2 or 3 (I was not there)?

He did two. The one you linked above was from the first night, Friday, and the one on National Socialism was Saturday. The way that YouTube video is titled makes it sound like it was right before the rally, but it was actually the night before.

Hopefully that one will turn up online, it was impressive. (They had a camera going…)

That means I was wrong with my statement above. Now, I cannot say that Heimbach did not deliver a NS speech—until I listen it.

A White man trying to spin a radical Semitic cult that later absorbed European elements into some Pan-European creed is no better than Niggers pretending they were Hebrews and Ancient Egyptian.

The Nigger in the New World is a mongrel descended from farm equipment. He doesn’t have a proper identity, whether in blood (Europe admixture) or in theological traditions. He latches onto Semitic theologies like Christianity, Islam, even pathetic attempts to claim they are the Ancient Israelites. The Nigger ooga boogas himself a fradulent lineage tracing to Ancient Egypt, Moorish Spain, and the already mentioned Israel.

A White Man has no excuse for it. A White Man has traditions going back for millenia on millenia. A White Man ahould not have to cling to a Semite’s book and invent a fradulent lineage for himself as the real Hebrew or his successor. He should not have to deny the Jewishness of Jesus or presume there is a major disconnect between the Jews then and Jews now.

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