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Joseph Goebbels Vegetarianism

Happy birthday

“An extended chapter of our talk was devoted by the Führer to the vegetarian question. He believes more than ever that meat eating is wrong. Of course he knows that during the war we cannot completely upset our food system. After the war, however, he intends to tackle this problem also. Maybe he is right. Certainly the arguments that he adduces in favour of his standpoint are very compelling.”

Dr. Joseph Goebbels
Goebbels’ Diaries
Entry of April 26, 1942
Published in 1948

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I thank those who have sent me condolences either here or by email. But I have also received a couple of nasty anti-condolences so to speak: Neanderthals mocking my grief. Of course, I did not let them pass through the filter.

In one of my previous posts I said I was very impressed that some forum posts of those who really loved their pets, and loss them, reflected my feelings. This is one of them:

Many people who have never owned a rabbit say that they aren’t as interesting and loving as cats and dogs, but to me, rabbits are the most beautiful sweet creatures ever. I recently lost my dearest bunny, and I don’t know how to cope with the loss. I loved him so very much, everyday I wake up I remember him, and can still picture him roaming abt my house. His death was so sudden, I never expected him to go so soon. I cried more over him than when my grandparents died. He touched my heart like nothing else ever did, and I tried so hard to save him, but I couldn’t. What to do what to do…

That was written about a year ago.

In one of the friendly emails I received a man told me that pets are superior to humans. So true: humans betray us constantly and our pets never. That’s why the grief of losing our friend hurts much more than losing a flawed family member.

My next posts will be a series quoting and commenting Savitri Devi’s Impeachment of Man, a book that touches these subjects for Overmen that the human Neanderthals will never grasp.

I have just begun to take up a vegeterian diet myself, being influenced by Hitler and other National Socialists to do so. Hitler takes on a whole new light when one views him as a religious figure like Zarathustra, Krishna, Buddha, Christ and Mahomet. No matter whether one terms him a Saint, a Martyr, a liberated soul, an Avatar, a Boddhisattva etc. all terminology describes the same thing-a godlike man. He didn’t drink alcohol, smoke or eat meat and rank water only. The more one tries to describe Hitler, the more impossible it becomes to do justice to this great man.

It is a pity that the dominant creature on earth-Man-is so ugly and destructive compared to the rest of the animals. We are like a pestilence on the environment. And because humanity chose the Jews instead of Hitler 72 years ago, we now have a Jew-ruled hell on earth, total chaos in which the inferior races such as the Africans and the South Asians (India will soon be the most populous country on earth) are numbering in the billions while the only human who has the potential to become an superhuman aristocracy in harmony with the animal aristocracies-the Aryan-is dwindling in number, making up just 8% of the world’s population. And lording over all of this pollution, chaos and destruction is the Apex Parasite ‘God-people’ the Jews.

What a tragedy! Yet most ‘goyim’ love this hell on earth.

We need another Hitler now more than ever, only this time He needs to be a thousand times more ruthless because the situation is so bad.

So many articles about him at The Daily Stormer today... This is just one quote:

What Hitler is now, is a symbol.

He is a symbol of White pride.

He is a symbol of the rejection of degeneracy and cultural rot.

He is a symbol of opposition to mongrelization, White guilt, and White genocide.

He is a symbol of anti-communism, anti-capitalism, and anti-usury.

He is a symbol of the natural order.

He is a symbol – the symbol – of resistance to Jewish supremacy.

He is a symbol of honor, courage, and the European spirit.

And he is a symbol of Western Civilization – what it once was, and what it can be.

I’m leaving WP, Chechar. I plan to make a video about your channel’s positive impact to give you attention, but first I must research your articles to make sure I don’t miss out anything. Hopefully you won’t mind if I succeed in creating a slight spike in your traffic. Follow me here:


Ever since Kevin Trudeau revealed the secret American government findings in his 2004 book Natural Cures that vegetarianism is scientifically unsound (but hey, let us fight over that instead of uniting), I consider both sides of the argument. In fact, I decided this way that dairy should be exterminated in an imaginary Holocaust.

I love Day of Wrath and I will occasionally look into this blog to see when you publish other books.

All my best, Justin Eric Brewer

The smartest man of the 20th century deserves all the due in the world.

I think Sparta is the mightiest and most ideal state we can strive for… but, I think it would be LESS impossible to reverse all the degeneracy that has occurred since Sparta fell. Your mini-book Sparta and its Law is invaluable to the movement all on its own. So I take it you read Die Dorier (The History and Antiquities of the Doric Race) – do you have an opinion on the (English translation of the) book?

PS; Know Evalion? The goddess of all things right-wing is double-cucking; she became a communist AND a Christian! She was previously an atheist National-Socialist who also worshipped Pierce. Now she thinks Stalin was one of the most beautiful men in the world and that the Communist Soviet Union flourished under his reign! Not only that, now she thinks the Celts are so genetically similar to Jews that they MUST be one of the ” lost tribes of Israel”. Never trust a Canadian teenager to be the poster girl for the “alt-right”. She may be their greatest sex symbol (so far) but she needs to go back to the kitchen and stop being afraid to make babies just because she fears the US’s Child Protective Services. Just when you think no other “true nationalist” could turn against the real answer…

Please don’t change, Cesar. May you be immortalized for your work.

Well I’m 1/4 English in addition to being 3/4 Irish. My English grandmother lived in the East End of London and told my father about Oswald Mosley. He and his British Union of Fascists had strong support in the East End.

Greetings to the other paddy’s on the website!

Unfortunately, many Anglo-Saxon racists still don’t get it.

Hunter Wallace for one has deleted a post by Marcus Cicero that appeared earlier today in his Occidental Dissent:


Cicero added a hatnote and then quoted in toto, within that now deleted OD article, what he had published exactly three years ago in The Daily Stormer, “Adolf Hitler: Hero of Our People” (here).

There are other WNsts that hold even much more negative views about Hitler and NS and Germany itself, like Colin Liddell—who incredibly seems to support the Morgenthau Plan for Germany, as he wrote today (here)!

With these comrades who needs the Jews?

P.S. I am glad that, in sharp contrast to this traitor, The Daily Stormer has published seven positive articles today about the Führer.

It’s somewhat off-topic, but I’ve found an interesting bit about Hitler’s anti-Christianity, as the Table Talks’ authenticity is often disputed (link).

“The formulation seems to have persisted among German Jews in the 19th century in forms like vor der gewöhnlichen Zeitrechnung (before the common chronology).
In 1938 Nazi Germany, the use of this convention was also prescribed by the National Socialist Teachers League.”

National Socialists didn’t hesitate to borrow sound ideas, albeit Jewish.

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