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The difference

between us and them

These excerpts reproduced
this January at the Addenda
are basic to understand why
this site is not Alt-Right.

6 replies on “The difference”

The Alt-Right is controlled opposition. The term Alternative Right was coined by the Jew Paul Gottfried and then turned into a website by his protege Richard Spencer. There’s a reason Spencer gets media coverage. He allows Jews around him like Mike Peinovich of The Right Stuff. Alt-Right is not the answer.

The answer to the survival of the White race is the same law of survival that Nature has decreed for all species. Reproduction and killing of enemies. Currently our birth rate is below replacement level meaning our numbers are declining while we do NOTHING to combat our racial enemies. The Jews attack us full-on from multiple angles aggressively and relentlessly and we are, for the most part, just laying down and dying. Unless we respond to the Jews attempted genocide of our species by killing Jews in return, we are marked for extinction.

Protests, marches, speeches, websites, videos, voting-it’s all just a massive distraction. There is no easy way out. The reason we’ve been doing the same unsuccessful tactics for the past 70 years and losing ground every day is we lack the courage to carry out the solution to our problems. Our race can continue to reproduce, sure. But unless we gain state power to raise the birth rate above replacement level again, we will always be declining in number until we are extinct. Therefore, we need state power hence we need to kill our enemies. Unless we can do that, we can say goodbye to our favourite race.

You say jews and perhaps you are right from the Anglo-Saxon world. But here at the south of the US it is flabbergasting to see mestizos, criollos and jews exactly on the same page. I cannot distinguish the criollos from the jews while watching TV programs of debate. I have to see the name if it sounds Spanish or looking at Wikipedia for clues if one of these TV commenters is jew or not. Mestizos are easier to spot because of their skin color and racial features. But what is surprising is that both jews and gentile criollos think exactly the same liberalism.

So who’s the enemy? At the thread of Hitler’s birthday I called your attention to a very prolific WN pundit who publishes in the blogsites Alternative Right, Counter Currents and Occidental Observer. This WN called for the destruction of Germany three days ago as if he was the Morgenthau jew of 1945!

So who is the enemy? The conclusion I have arrived is what Pierce said the year he died:

“There are several ways one can look at our problems…. One could say that everything is the fault of white American man. We used to run this country. If the Jews have taken over our mass media it is because we (emphasis in Pierce’s voice) let them do it…”

Whole sentence: here.

Would you be able to give me names of other blogs or people who you consider to be spot on or mostly in the right, people who’ve influnced you perhaps? I’ve read through lots of your site and I’m interested in finding more like it. Besides the ones you’ve linked already on blogroll.

I have it in my sights, there is no problem finding the best books from the past because they are well known within this sphere I’m more after blogs akin to this one that are relatively unknown that I assumed exist, if not it’s no problem.

Recently both Amazon and Lulu suppressed it (copyright, etc). But Who We Are is so important that it must be read on paper. (Anyway, you still can get an abridged edition of Pierce’s book within my compilation The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.)

But the most important book is Hellstorm!

See the links to both books at the sidebar.

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