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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book) Nordicism

Aryans who no longer want to live

The following is the introduction to the fifth part of the coming 2017 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. For context, see “Two ways of looking at history.”

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Part V:



Aryans who no longer want to live

As we have seen with the comments by Jack Frost at The Occidental Observer, sometimes the entrails of a topic are shown in a lively, informal discussion. In the same Observer webzine a regular commenter, Franklin Ryckaert, said:

• Alexander the Great wanted to include all peoples of the Middle East in his Hellenistic ideal, even initiating miscegenation with them.

• The Romans included all non-European peoples in their Empire bequeathing Roman citizenship to all who they thought deserved it. They even had one time an Arab emperor (Philippus Arabs).

• When the Western European peoples began to colonize the world, they made the same mistake. The Spaniards and Portuguese miscegenated with the natives of their colonies on a mass scale and later also with their imported African slaves.

• The Dutch miscegenated with the Indonesians and accepted their mixed offspring as “Europeans.”

• The French accepted educated Blacks, the so-called évolués, as their equals. France doesn’t keep statistics about its ethnic and racial minorities because it considers them all as “Frenchmen.”

• Only the British kept aloof from the natives in their colonies and didn’t allow them to immigrate into the white settlement colonies or Britain itself. But that has now radically changed, the British having become the most extreme both in terms of immigration and miscegenation.

Ryckaert concluded: “We simply cannot ascribe this suicidal behaviour to Jewish machinations, rather it is the age-old inclination of Europeans to include the whole world in a universal ideal. And addressing me, he added: “You aptly describe Jewish destructive influence as an ‘epiphenomenon.’[1] It couldn’t function as it does without the above-described preconditions.”

Alas, many white nationalists are still inclined to include the whole Caucasian or semi-Caucasian population in an ideal.

Consider some scenes from the Godfather films and Goodfellas. Tommy DeVito (interpreted by Joe Pesci in Goodfellas), inspired in a mafia fellow of the real American world, is one of the most repulsive characters I have ever seen on the big screen. Because I have always found that Italian subculture nauseating, at the beginning of the second Godfather film, Senator Geary’s words, after he attended the First Communion celebration of the son of Michael Corleone, are my favorite lines of all mafia films: “I don’t like your kind of people. I don’t like to see you come out to this clean country with your oily hair, dressed up in those silk suits, passing yourselves off as decent Americans. I’ll do business with you, but the fact is that I despise your masquerade, the dishonest way you pose yourself. Yourself and your whole fucking family.”

Now visualize how, in the first Godfather movie—that according to Stanley Kubrick included the best cast in cinematic history—Vito Corleone, before the heads of the Five Families, opposes the heroin business and pleads for safety when his son Michael returns home from Sicily. Watch that scene on your homely screen. The visual experiment is addressed to those who call a spade a spade. You need to be extremely dishonest to call “Aryans” those mafia bosses sitting around the table. But as I have said, many white nationalists see whites where national socialists used to see mudbloods.

In 2013 a national socialist commenter who blogs under the penname of Vance Stubbs said in two different racial forums, including my own:

“Nordicism” among white nationalists is almost identical to the response to “racism” in society at large. Thus, White Nationalists treat Mediterraneans like Republicans treat Mestizos: they put emotional non-sequiturs up against biological facts, and they wind up trotting out “token Italians” because accusations of an organization being “Nordic” in white nationalism are taken like accusations of an organization being “all white” in the mainstream. We’ve just fallen into the same mentality…

The problem is white nationalists still have an equality-based mindset. Pointing out an obvious fact like some “Whites” being purer than others (did you really expect the people who were occupied by the Moors or Turks for 300 years to be comparable to the Swedes?) throws them into fits.

William Pierce was not properly a white nationalist. His ideas were much closer to the scholars of German national socialism (see for example the editorial by Pierce in National Socialist World Journal of Winter 1968). The term “white nationalist” became in vogue in the middle 1990s when Pierce’s reputation was well established for decades. Stubbs continues:

Pierce made eugenics the core of his religious outlook as a means of protecting the eugenically-selecting society. But I see little concern for the subject among modern white nationalists. Can you imagine a racial state with a comprehensive eugenic policy which didn’t consider the reversal of mongrelization to be a major objective? That it wouldn’t make its population look more like Swedes and less like Sicilians, as time goes on? It’s hard to do so, which is why I believe “anti-Nordicism” in white nationalism has, among other things, shut down much of the discussion on the subject.

I have been insulted in two major white nationalist forums for stating the obvious: that many Mediterraneans—like myself!—have our bloodline compromised. (Cf. the words of Helmut Stellrecht for the Hitler Youth in Section VII to see what Meds like us should do if we are “priests of the 14 words” indeed.) The vehemence of the vitriol of these anti-nordicist nationalists directed at Arthur Kemp and me only proves that Revilo Oliver was tragically right: Any attempt to reason with a people in the grip of suicidal mania is itself the greatest folly; these men evidently no longer want to live.

Unlike so many nordish white nationalists, national socialists and raciologists have not been ideologically suicidal. Quite the contrary. In this section I will include texts by Hans Günther and Arthur Kemp. However, the bulk of the section consists of Spanish-English translations of the very informative prose of the Catalonian author of the site Evropa Soberana. His long essay about a new racial classification may be a little boring for the casual reader. But it provides the scientific basis to understand the differences between Nordics and Mediterraneans, and why it is ethno-suicidal to grant racial amnesty to these folks.

The history of miscegenation in the Iberian peninsula has been downplayed by white nationalists (“He who controls the past controls the future”). Since they treat Meds as republicans treat mestizos, most white nationalists shy away from historical facts. For example, not only Semites but even Negroes have stained the blood of many Iberians since colonial times. I include my abridgement of Ray Smith’s “The black man’s gift to Portugal,” originally published in The Best of Attack and National Vanguard Tabloid (Ref: Issue No. 6, 1971). But first I reproduce “The Nordic ideal” by Günther.


[1] Ryckaert refers to the present editor’s statement: “The Jewish Problem is an epiphenomenon of the deranged altruism resulting from the secular fulfillment of universal Christian values.”

16 replies on “Aryans who no longer want to live”

It is clear the Aryan race has deep weaknesses, independent of the Jews. Individual Aryan civilizations had committed suicide in the past but after 1945 the whole race from Alaska to New Zealand is committing racial suicide. Lothrop Stoddard prophesied this in his Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy. He said that if our civilization goes the way of past Aryan civilizations then we would vanish from the globe because Western civilization is global.

Currently, only a minority of Aryans want their race to survive. The majority of Aryans, perhaps a vast majority, want their race to go extinct or they simply don’t care about the fate of their race at all.

dust_jacket_first_edition_of_the_rising_tide_of_color_against_white_world-supremacyThanks for the tip. I didn’t know the content of The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy until you’ve mentioned it.

Next time that I purchase from Ostara Publications I’ll order it. There are books that deserve to be in our shelves instead of PDFs, and this may well be one of them.

Yeah, do order it. Stoddard was a prophet. Writing in 1920 when the White race was the largest race on the planet (30% of the world’s population), ruled 9/10ths of the earth’s surface, and seemed secure in its existence Stoddard predicted colonialism would soon come to an end, mass immigration would swamp Europe (he points out that Asia was once predominantly White and Europe could easily go the way of Asia if immigration continues) and the White race would be endangered. Anyway I won’t give it all away but it is essential reading and I regret I didn’t read it earlier.

There’s no denying that those of Nordic blood or predominately Nordic blood are as a whole superior in arts, culture, and the building of civilization. However, it is those who are the “purest” that are the ones knocking everything they built down, whether that be the Anglo’s in America or countries like the UK or Sweden.

Look to Europe today and you will find that the vanguards of white civilization are found in Central or Eastern Europe, such as Hungary. Even the top Nazi brass wasn’t very Nordic.

What is it you propose then? That great Mediterranean thinkers like you should be left out or anyone with Italian heritage in places like United States be sterilized? It is those who are not wholly Nordic in this movement that I have seen to be the most loyal to our race, yourself included.

In the 1930s it was obvious that Meds would be left alone in their countries. Of course, some Spaniards fought for the nazis. People like us had a place in the 3rd Reich. I don’t understand why the fuss as if our proposal was different from Hitler’s. In the case of the US, however, those Sicilians we see in Hollywood films ought not be allowed to mate with Nordish Americans once an ethnostate is established.

I guess I could be considered Nordic, with some Mediterranean affinities. Most of my ancestors were English, Scottish, and German. Virtually everyone in my family has blue or green eyes and light skin. I have a slender build and medium stature. My hair color is a shade of brown which appears yellowish in full light and dark in an unlit room, and this may be due to mediterranization. I also have always been intellectually well above average (IQ tested at age 9 between 125 and 130) and have been proficient in music (violin) and visual arts.

The Nordic race is definitely very young, having recent selection for a semi-agricultural lifestyle in a cold climate. The root races which fed into its formation were neolithic Anatolian farmers, European hunter-gatherers, and Pontic Steppe pastoralists (all of which were racially caucasiod) who merged in the late Neolithic and spent a couple of hundred years around the Baltic forming the Corded Ware (Battle Axe) culture. (You can follow the link below to see a genetic PCA from the Eurogenes blog demonstrating this, or just look at the recent studies done by Haak, Lazaridis, and Allentoft, which are published in Nature)

However, even at this time around 5000 years ago the light hair and eye pigmentation alleles we normally associate with Nordics were not yet fixed in the populations ancestral to modern Nordics

So I guess the Nordic race is still in its childhood. From a competitive evolutionary standpoint, It hasn’t grown up all the way yet. Hopefully, following a Nietzschean perspective, if the current troubles this race is facing do not kill it, they will indeed make it stronger, and more able to survive in coming millennia.

Get rid of the jew once and for all and the White race will naturally revive itself. There is no other way.

I didn’t ask a question. I have read the blog.

The only problem with Whites is that we lack hate. Jews win because they’re the world’s most hate-filled people, followed by their semitic Arab cousins.

Hate is motivational. Hate is pure. Hate makes things clear. Aryans don’t know how to hate. That’s why Jews have always beaten us. Aryans are comparatively weak.

Even the National Socialists didn’t understand what they were up against. If they had, they would have wiped out all the jews they had in their camps instead of stupidly caring for them. Even if the Germans had lost they could have at least gotten rid of a large number of jews before the camps were taken over by the all-lies. They could have spared Europe being occupied by the vengeful jews they themselves basically saved.

The National Socialist way will only lead to more failure. Hitler was a false idol. He didn’t have what it took to beat the jews because he didn’t hate them. He only considered them an enemy. He didn’t understand that jews are pure evil. If the National Socialists had truly hated the jews, they would have won.

The way forward is through barbarism and unmitigated hate for everything the jew represents.

Mr.Tort, are you aware of a site called aryanism.net which is trying to warp National Socialism into a leftist miscegenationist ideology? It seems to have attracted a significant following and it might be something worth criticizing openly using your blog. If you read their site, they definitely criticize the entire pro-white movement (NS and otherwise) quite severely, and yet they think of themselves as authentic National Socialists in doing so.

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