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Worst generation ever

If our classics, for proper assimilation, must be read on paper why aren’t white nationalists devouring the printed books of Ostara Publications? Recently, after purchasing Hans Günther’s The Racial Elements of European History I was surprised to see that in the US there existed flourishing Nordicist societies when my grandparents were young. (Because of the outcome of the Second World War, now those societies are long gone.)

As explained in my previous post, white nationalists usually respond with emotional non-sequiturs when confronted with the ABC of physical anthropology, or more specifically raciology (human race studies). Starting with Gobineau (1816-1882), there is a breach between the ideas of our classics that culminated in the Third Reich, and the egalitarian ideology of American white nationalists who, religiously, believe that all whites have been created equal.

Not even so-called race realists try to define scientifically the concept of “White” or “Aryan.” To bridge the gap between us I have now extensively reviewed, corrected the many syntactic mistakes of the original translation, and substantially abridged and adapted “The New Racial Classification,” published in Spanish some years ago on the site Evropa Soberana.


For those who will take the trouble of saving this jewel of the novel approach to raciology in their hard drives, pay special attention to the following sentences keeping in mind the second interpretation of the 14 words:

The White Nordid race, even before being identified as such, has been taken in many cases (the classical era, the Renaissance, neoclassicism, German Nazism) as a prototype and an ideal goal to achieve… Abundance of athletic and active women, attractive and of great beauty, have resulted in a very high reproductive success of White Nordid maternal lineages.

But the most beautiful race has an Achilles heel:

…also innocent, unable to cheat and useless in diplomacy. This race is not shrewd not because it lacks intelligence but due to an “angelical” way of understanding the world. This makes them vulnerable in a degraded and debased modern society, so that darker and more primitive racial types tend to take advantage of them. This race represents the myth of the unworried and trusting Siegfried and the “stab on the back” archetype.

As Aryan males are allowing their women to become increasingly debauched with mudbloods, sand-niggers and even niggers—:

The only option in this regard would be biopolitics, biosocial engineering, and a positive eugenics program to rescue the hereditary information that remains, hidden and badly combined, in the genetic pool of the modern “white race.”

Inspired in a Nietzschean sentence from The Antichrist, when interracial sex produces mongrels I call miscegenation the sin against the holy ghost. It is unforgivable because it took an extremely long time to create the White Nordid race, and this generation—the worst generation ever since Prehistory—is destroying the labor of millennia within a single generation!

Geneticists believe that 850,000 years of isolation and segregated selection to be necessary for the development of the extraordinary White Nordid phenotypic traits… Even so, it seems difficult that a race like the White Nordid has arisen randomly and by chance: it seems to be the result of a “directed evolution.”

Sexual selection, an intuitive knowledge of the 14 words, was apparently the driver in the prehistorical times of the peoples whose descendents have produced the West.

I can only hope that Nordicist societies flourish again in the US once white nationalism gives way to the much saner and coherent worldview of National Socialism.

Since the text “The New Racial Classification” is a mini-book I have now made it available in PDF so that it may be printed for a comfortable reading in English: [1]


[1] The PDF appears exactly as it will be seen in the forthcoming 2017 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

9 replies on “Worst generation ever”

Today’s whites, very much including the racially aware and politically aware types, are degraded and acultural. They don’t even read Dickens.

We’re doomed.

As long as Nordics keep reproducing, we’re not doomed. They may be degraded and acultural, but recovery in the future is always possible as long as Aryans continue to exist.

As Uncle Adolf said in Mein Kampf:

“Everything on this earth is capable of improvement. Every defeat can become the father of a subsequent victory, every lost war the cause of a later resurgence, every hardship the fertilization of human energy, and from every oppression the forces for a new spiritual rebirth can come AS LONG AS THE BLOOD IS PRESERVED PURE”

Yes the Aryan bloodline is becoming mongrelized rapidly. That’s a fact. Either Aryans will survive, or they will become extinct/mongrelized. Time will tell.

I realise this comment is long, but I think it is worthwhile for me to share my knowledge on the subject of European population genetics for anyone interested here. I have read over Europa Soberana’s new racial classification and would agree with most of it, except for the fact that the same European palaeolithic genetic component (usually called WHG, or the Villabruna cluster by researchers) which the author associates with ‘white nordid’ is not only predominant in Nothern Europe, but also makes up the vast majority of the DNA of early farmers from Anatolia as well as modern racially Mediterranean peoples from Iberia to the Arabian peninsula (see supplement to Iosif Lazaridis’ 2016 paper ‘Genetic Structure of the World’s First Farmers). For this reason, it would seem to me that the white nordid race likely only developed among some WHG people which were living at higher latitudes than the others, and fairly recently too, since there isn’t a ton of genetic drift distinguishing them from their more southern cousins.

One early WHG specimen I am tempted to call an early white nordid is a 14000-year-old man uncovered in Villabruna, Italy who had, based on genetic testing, blue eyes, brown hair (rare in the paleolithic), but not light skin. A few later mesolithic individuals from Sweden seem to better represent the white Nordid race, having light skin, hair, and eyes, but also possess Red Nordid influences; one specimen had an allele for red hair, and they all possessed significant admixture ~30-40% from the Ancient North Eurasians (ANE) of Central Asia. Hopefully with some new samples coming out of the Balkans and Eastern Europe (which should be soon according to the Eurogenes blog) the precise origins of the racial type we call ‘white nordid’ should be cleared up. It should be noted however that the exact genetic substructure into which modern Nordics fit, while receiving large input from these paleolithic and mesolithic individuals, is relatively recent and has only been around since the late neolithic due to incursions of farmers and pastoralists that were only partially white nordid.

If physical anthropology continued after WW2 we would have a better picture now. Self-taught scholars like Evropa Soberana and his pal Valg can succeed only in a very limited way for lack of sponsorship (something that I also suffer regarding to my chosen field of study, the psychic consequences of child abuse).

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