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Richard Spencer


This is an update of what I said in my previous post. Richard Spencer’s speech at Texas A&M University has been described by nationalists as an “Absolutely fucking amazing performance; these darkies and cucks are not used to hearing white men speak like this” and that he “Crossed the shitlord Rubicon. You could sense the unease in the audience.”

It may be so and the speech might well mark the dawn of Richard Spencer as a public figure that helps travelers to step on the Altright stone once Donald Trump’s “Alt lite” stone is firmly established the next month.

But keep in mind that like Trump’s the Altright is also a steppingstone, not a destination. At the conservative Texan university Spencer did not speak about the Jewish question, and when questioned by the media he cucked about Hitler (here and here). That is fine as long as we understand that the Altright is a steppingstone on the Rubicon.

I may have been a little inpatient with my previous post. Maybe Spencer’s way is the natural, step-by-step pace for a normie audience to cross the river. But that the Altright is not a destination can be glimpsed in the following exchange between Spencer and a female student:

Spencer: The word racist is a fake word. No one identifies with the word racist. It is a way to shut down speech.

Black student: Do you think that white people are superior? Do you think that you are better than I do? Are we equal?

Spencer: There is not ultimate objective standard whereby I say this race is cosmically better than the other one. [YouTube clip: here]

Really? Compare the Altright with one of my opening articles of the forthcoming 2017, very revised edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour where National Socialism is presented as the other side of the river.

6 replies on “Richard Spencer”

Wow, Spencer is intelligently guiding normies into the fold : )

I absolutely loved your post titled ‘The word “racism”’ It’s a work of pure genius, in my eyes. Facts and reason are on your side and you have the ability to invoke confidence in your meaning and overall message.

Isn’t it unfortunate that the masses extol the virtue of degenerate garbage?

Yeah, maybe he cucked some under the bright lights in regards to the JQ and Hitler. Still, he is breaking ground. It takes balls and isn’t the least bit easy, I’m sure.

At first, I thought he sounded a little effeminate but I just listened to several minutes of the speech and I do appreciate his skills and ability to resonate with the normies.

Give it time and eventually the pendulum will swing from the far left all the way over to the 100% Truth that National Socialism represents. The fact that the soft, kosher right is achieving electoral success now and figures like Richard Spencer are becoming publicly known means things are moving in our direction. We can’t be far behind. After the Alt-Right and White Nationalism, comes us!

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