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Trump cucks—Our turn!

In my previous post I wrote: “Crossing the river from liberalism to the other side involves several stepping stones: Donald Trump’s Alt Light, the Alt-Right (not yet a direct approach to the Jewish question), white nationalism (or southern nationalism), neonazism… and reaching the other side, National Socialism.”

Yesterday, after being questioned in the edifice of the execrable Jew York Times at NY, Donald Trump condemned Richard Spencer’s sieg heil Alt-Right meeting.

In my view, this represents a huge opportunity for those of us who have already crossed the river. As long as Trump disavows the Alt-Right we can remove our masks of Alt Lite, Alt-Right and even white nationalism. How to do it? After Trump swears on the Bible the next January the time has come for us to march—in full Nazi uniform.

American Nazi party members, (aka German American Bund) march while carrying Nazi and American flags during a Bund outing from nearby Camp Sigfried.
American Nazi party members, (aka German American Bund) march while carrying Nazi and American flags during a Bund outing from nearby Camp Sigfried.

Imagine the media hysteria that we would be able to generate by going to the Federal Reserve with pickets telling that the Jewish Janet Yellen’s monetary policies will lead, this decade, to the fall of the dollar.

My dream is to even burn Yellen in effigy with a Star of David patched to her effigy in one of these marches. Although we will carry banners saying truths like that the Allies committed a greater genocide than that attributed to Hitler, the emphasis of our speeches in front of the Fed will be the policy of Yellen and her predecessor, the also Jewish Ben Bernanke. Both have taken the dollar to the edge of a precipice from where it will fall under the watch of Trump.

To carry out this idea I would have to travel to the United States to speak personally with Andrew Anglin to see if, through the very popular The Daily Stormer, he is willing to call for volunteers for the march. We would need funds not only to transport our boys and pay their buses and hotels, but to make the uniforms.

It does not matter that the media, and even the white nationalist forums, call us clowns. Forget also what President Trump will think a few blocks from our flashy and “fashy” marches and protests. Just imagine what the average Joe who had seen us ridiculed in the Jew media will say after the collapse of the dollar actually occurs: “The Nazis were right!” They will really pronounce these words, especially after blacks chimp out in America’s big cities.

And so it begins…

Remember, remember that Hitler became so popular precisely because the Deutsche Mark had crashed.

Please make this post go viral. It is time to leave the confinement in our houses. True, we need plenty of funds to revive the political actions of George Lincoln Rockwell. But where there is a will there is a way!

4 replies on “Trump cucks—Our turn!”

george-lincoln-rockwell-speaking-in-san-franciscoIn my January entry I said: “Hitler and the NS [national socialist] men organized themselves in a political party—the very first, elemental step to make a difference in the real world. The WN [white nationalist] cyber-based movement on the other hand refuses to leave the homely comfort zone. Nationalists who are doing this: Every single neonazi, white nationalist, southern nationalist or conservative racialist today…”

When last week I added the above post I knew that only a miracle would make this dream possible in the real world. But I felt morally obliged to try anyway. Had I inherited the family estate from my father I would certainly kick up a fuss in Washington D.C. But I barely can subsist to finish my book, which as I have said may influence childrearing in the ethnostate.

It did not even gather the number of enthusiastic comments I expected; as to date, only one answer (a re-blog). Elsewhere, I got a couple of cheers at the comments section of The Daily Stormer.

With the exception of Anglin (we have recently exchanged emails), no racist today wants to follow the path of the greatest American ever. A Facebook friend who like me lives in Latin America posted in my wall apropos my previous entry: “things will have to get very worse before we see some action.”

I am afraid he’s right, and it leaves me no choice but going back to the same eremitic life I had announced by the end of my January’s “Ethnosuicidal nationalists.” However, those who think that my work about preventing parental abuse of minors will be useful in the ethnostate can make a contribution so that this NS hermit may still put some bread on his humble tabl. (Donate button is located at the bottom of this page).

Ironic, hmm?: that a mature man who has the spirits to march in the very lion’s den ends up as a recluse…

I appreciate your enthusiasm. But do you really believe the public will EVER accept open-nazism? The Jew-guided brainwashing in America and throughout the world via education, religion and media is deeply rooted.

I have seen A. Anglin acknowledge on DS that White Nationalism will not realize ‘mainstream’ political and social success by way of Nazi men, uniforms, symbols, etc.

I asked my relatives in Europe how they feel about Hitler and they answered that OF COURSE Hitler was and always will be viewed as evil by a majority of Europeans. He came as an invader in their eyes and left death and destruction in his wake. Take Russia (a Christian Nation), for example….how many millions killed or brutalized by “Nazi” Germany? Could they ever be sold on Nazi 2.0? I doubt it.

I am all for a re-branded National Socialism; We don’t need to re-invent the wheel. On the other hand, we don’t need to take on all the baggage and mistakes and karma of all the mistakes the Nazis made.

I respect your intelligence, spirit and creativity very much, sir. I know you possess the intellect, drive and determination to help tackle the problem of packaging our movement in a way that will ensure our success by inspiring awe, enabling motivation of wise action, asserting dominance and establishing a stable and glorious system, and thus future, for our kind.

I hope you can reply with your thoughts.

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