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A message to my donors


This day is exactly the right time to donate. Thanks to Trump’s victory the Mexican peso is crashing before the dollar, and as you might know presently I’m living in Mexico.

Due to the current devaluation of the peso/dollar exchange it will be miraculously amplified once it reaches my PayPal account.

6 replies on “A message to my donors”

I won some money betting on a Trump win, so I’m feeling a bit more generous than otherwise, so I just donated to you $200 US dollars thru your donate button. That’s some of my winnings.

Thank you.

You are wise! I was so cucked by the media that this Tuesday evening I did not want to watch TV. I was certain that the bitch would win—that’s what everybody said in the polls.

I knew that Trump had to win Florida, a state that as I read an Occidental Dissent comment, originally was not looking so good. When my nephew said that there was a flip and Trump was now winning Florida I could not believe it!

Not until the Mexican pundits on TV started to panic—real panic I mean—I started to see that all media has just been lying to us even in the polls. It is incredible how even a guy like me, so skeptical of everything, was bamboozled on this specific subject.

Glad that you made some money. ☺

I knew the media polls were false because I had been following Bill Mitchell on twitter for months and he was very good at going into detail how the various media polls were biased for Hillary by oversampling one or more groups that were favorable for her.

With correct knowledge that the polls were lies, I placed my Trump-wins bets at very good odds (anywhere from 3-to-1 to 5-to-1 in favor of Hillary winning). Thus, betting at such odds, when I knew the real odds of a Trump win were about 50-50 with a lean toward Trump, I was able to use those lying polls to my advantage against all the betting fools who believed the media polls and bet Hillary would win at bad odds for themselves.

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