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Paranoia at TOO

Rejection of a paradigm means basically recognizing that our parents and ancestors got their Weltanschauung and moral grammar (axiology) all wrong.

This is not the case of white nationalists. Yesterday at The Occidental Observer for example, some commenters blamed everything but Christian axiology for the deranged altruism of Pope Francis. According to them, the pope is either a “Marrano” (i.e., a crypto-Jew), a “freemason” or a “Marxist.” Other commenter opined that “Jews, Marxists, Freemasons and homosexuals are over represented within the Vatican machinery.” Another wrote: “Whites have been hypnotized by jews into committing suicide through immigration and race-mixing.” And still others agreed that: “it’s motivated by a need for approval.”

This is paranoia. These white nationalists can speculate on everything except the most parsimonious explanation: Pope Francis I is simply using St Francis as his inspiring saint! Deranged altruism à la Camp of the Saints is nothing but the Jesus message undiluted!

nml_warg_wagAfter more than a week I have received zero comments about my previous sticky post, Solitude.” I give up and have just removed it from its privileged place at the top of this page. But I must say that I believe such “solitude” is related to my complete apostasy from Christianity (and my inner drive to make a difference in the real world): something that apparently racialists are unwilling to do…

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It is not “christian axiology” which is the problem because fundamentally there, they think it is a coincidence that we have a problem while in fact it is freemasonry. It is not merely because by accident we learned christianity but because of the hostility and evil intent of the freemasons. And i think that freemasonry represents the intrests of superior and hostile extraterrestials. Extraterrestials or supermen from other planets.


The Christian is by nature sexless (“as the angels of God in heaven”: Matthew 22:30), without class, and without race. (Galatians 3:28)

White Nationalists, like conservatives, would prefer to dabble in “gotcha!” factoids and conspiracy theories than confront enemy narratives and belief structures.

Cesar, on the right at the top of your page, at “This site in a nutshell”, the first sentence: “To plug yourself from the Matrix …”

The word you want is “unplug” not “plug”.

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