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On The Donald

by Jack Frost

donald-trumpThe federal gov’t has come up with an innovation called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), explicitly designed to break up what has been called “implicit whiteness” in housing patterns. Placing negroes and mestizos into white neighborhoods is now a “duty” of state and local gov’ts that want to keep receiving federal money.

I don’t think it’s possible to reform an anti-white system by degrees. So long as the most fundamental principle of America is anti-racism, which has been the case juridically since the Civil War, and culturally for an even longer time, it will remain an anti-white country.

In theory, a political revolution could overthrow this (that’s what happened in pre-WWII Germany), but the culture of anti-racism would have to reverse itself to achieve something permanent.

It would be interesting, for example, to learn Trump’s position on AFFH. He’s a guy who says he has no problem with Affirmative Action in the workplace, so how could he object to the same thing happening in regards to housing patterns?

Of course, carried out to its logical conclusion, Affirmative Action in everything—housing patterns, breeding patterns, and in the workplace—is the same thing as eliminating the white race entirely. It’s genocide. Yet where is the opposition? A large fraction of whites actually support it, and even the same whites who will tell you they oppose it will almost to a man deny that they are racists or oppose it because they want to preserve the white race.

The truth is, almost everyone nowadays claims to be against racism, and most of these people are sincere. Even Donald Trump.

“I don’t have a racist bone in my body,” Trump exclusively told ET, defending himself against accusations of racism. “The fact that I want a strong border and the fact that I don’t want illegal immigrants pouring into this country, that doesn’t make me a racist, it means I love this country and I want to save this country.”

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Responding to Hadding Scott in that thread (“That ‘revolution’ was accomplished through an ELECTION”) Frost was recently said:

Hitler was appointed to the Chancellorship, not elected. By the time of the referendum in which the public expressed its support of him, he had already been granted plenary power by the Enabling Act. But when he stood for election against Hindenberg and the public was offered a choice, he lost. He lost even though he was a crafty enough politician to conceal his real views and plans. In effect, Hitler’s rise was a covert revolution by a revolutionary who had already tried to seize power with a more conventional revolution in 1923, for which he served time in prison.

The question is, is Trump a revolutionary in the same mold? Of course not. Hitler was an outsider, and Trump is the consummate insider. Is Trump even a “stealth” racist? If so, he’s certainly got me and a lot of other people fooled. Being a racist is the real third rail of American politics. The philosophy of anti-racism is so deeply embedded in the American worldview that even white people who oppose Affirmative Action will often say they oppose it because it’s racist; because it doesn’t treat all races equally.

But then, Trump isn’t even that radical. He says he has no problem with it at all.

2015 America is not 1933 Germany. Hitler was able to come to power through a legal election because the German nation was still healthy underneath the surface of Weimar decadence. The Germans were just suffering from the aftermath of their defeat in World War 1. Remember the Communists had attempted a revolution in 1918 but it was put down by the German army. The Communists found out Germany was not decayed like Tsarist Russia. The Germans wanted the truth and Hitler gave it to them. In 2015 America, they don’t want the truth. Hitler didn’t have television and the mainstream media to contend with either. Additionally, Germany was 99% White, whereas 2015 America is roughly 55% White. Even if every White person of voting age was to vote for a pro-White political party, the Democratic Party would probably still win due to holding a majority in the three crucial states of New York, Texas and California.

William Pierce repeatedly said White revolution is the only solution. I don’t know what the solution is, but I do know there is not a political solution to the survival of the White race in America. It’s too late for that.

Donald sucks. Immigration is just one part of the problem. He, like the other cultureless rich dickheads that rule this Plantation, could care less about the fact white women are getting raped by blacks numbering over 300, 000 now or that middle class whites are getting harassed by DieVersity. He and others like him only care that at present, a significant portion of Dispersed Europeans in the USA don’t want to work or fight for the Plantation anymore. So he puts on a show about immigration. Lame.

This country is toast because Dispersed Europeans in America aka Kwans have lost touch with their identity and European roots and will keep working their fingers to the bone for ‘massa upon buying the snakeoil that Trump is peddling.

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