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On exterminationism

“I am a moderate compared to The Turner Diaries. I would like the most peaceful possible divorce from other races. Pierce wanted extermination, plain and simple.”

—Greg Johnson


Editor’s note: The below passage from George Lincoln Rockwell’s White Power strongly reminds me the book I’m presently writing, Extermination; and cannot contrast more with white nationalists like Johnson:

______ 卐 ______



As Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf, the only question in the history of our times is: Will the titanic and final struggle of humanity turn out for the benefit of the White Aryan, or the benefit of the scheming Jew and his swarming army of colored inferiors?

As this racial Armageddon approaches, the real value of a human being will shortly appear with a vengeance whether we like it or not. Like the “plague of diamonds” pouring out of the sky, there will be such a roaring storm of people on this planet that it will sink in its orbit from sheer weight. Colored “humanity” will drop to lower than zero on the scale of value.

Your children or grandchildren will be forced to exterminate and/or transport swarms of wild Blacks until all of them are finally dead or corralled in Africa. And your grandchildren’s children, in turn, will look back on you and wonder how, in the name of heaven, we ever let this insanity go so far without doing anything but talk! …

There is no “cure” for the coming population horror other than to kill…

This was the situation, for instance, in what is now Rhodesia, where the native, Black population never exceeded 40,000 since the beginning of time. Then along came the humanitarian, half-witted, White liberal, and “outwitted” Nature by providing these swarms of human scum with the medical genius of a higher race, with education, with police to maintain order and prevent them killing and eating each other, with hygienics to put down germs and mosquitoes and prevent disease, with sanitation facilities, and otherwise applying the miracles produced by White brains and character, to enable Black and inferior humanity to proliferate like flies on a dung heap.

The Whites came to Rhodesia with law and order, medicine, education and food—and produced 40 millions of Blacks, who now demand to take over the Whites! The way out of this mess is not in making available more food, better medical care, more efficient farming, or birth control! There is only the old-fashioned way of Nature: death, one way or another. Somebody has got to go, ugly as that may be.

The problem would never have arisen, had men been wise enough to obey Nature’s ancient and eternal laws. But we didn’t, and the problem is about to overwhelm us in a furious catastrophe.

If we don’t do something about it, Nature will. There will be famines such as the world has never imagined, massacres such as the worst nightmare cannot envision, slaughter, disease, death and horror until there is nothing but blood and darkness on the face of the earth…

This is no call to brutal, heartless, sadistic massacre. There is no “hate” involved here, any more than there is “hate” involved when roaches or bedbugs invade a home and must be exterminated. It is a matter of survival.

If they survive and swarm by the millions, we must die. It will not be too many years before even the most rabid liberal will see that. Some of them already have, as the Blacks run around attacking them, shouting “Kill Whitey,” “Burn, baby, burn!” and sacking our cities.

To survive, we will undoubtedly have to kill vast numbers of those of the colored races who attack us. I believe the planet will run red with the blood of both sides, in the lifetimes of many now living, before order is restored to the world, and genuine peace is therefore possible.

To stop a plague of bed bugs takes killing, not words. To stop a plague of traitors, agitators and black half-animals is going to take killing, not words.

Locusts and bed bugs that do not invade your home do not need killing. Inferior humanity which leaves the White Man alone does not need killing, either, and can be left to limit their own numbers by their own stupidity, improvidence and cruelty. But it is forever too late for those colored people who attack the White Man to be permitted to survive.

We have no intention of attacking or exterminating those who leave us alone.

But let this be a declaration of war upon the savages who dare to shout “Kill Whitey,” and on those Jews and others who dare to encourage, agitate, arm and finance them in this bloody insanity. It’s them, or us!

7 replies on “On exterminationism”

Just for the record, if Southern nationalists were bloodthirsty and planning a violent revolution right after the dollar crashes, I’d have no issues as to what they’re presently doing. But that is not the case.

For instance, one of the participants of the recent Florida flag rally defended flying the Confederate flag, saying

“It’s a history thing. The flag is also a military flag. It’s not a race symbol”. [my emphasis]

Typical of conservatives!

Also, Rockwell’s apocalyptic vision has a good chance of being fulfilled in real life. See the articles tagged under “energy / peak oil” in this site.

Real men willing to fight might start to crop up after the crash, not before.

Das größte Problem ist, dass gerade die Deutschen einen Kniefall vor dem Juden machen. Frau Merkel, die Bundeskanzlerin der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ist selber bekennende Jüdin. Aber selbst das erschreckt den vollkommen degenerierten (rest) Deutschen nicht.

Im Gegenteil. Er ist der Meinung, dass gerade die Juden unser Segen sind. Auch hier in Deutschland wird es bald Heulen und Zähneknirschen geben. Auch hier wird es bald heißen, “Auge um Auge, Zahn um Zahn”.

Das Schlimme ist nur, dass niemand hinhören möchte. Die Menschen in unseren Gemeinden wehren sich, ja, das tuen sie, aber es ist der falsche Weg.

Wenn nicht der erste Verantwortliche mit Schild (Ich bin ein Vaterlandsverräter) um dem Hals am Laternenmast hängst, wird sich nichts ändern.

Es müssten Zeichen gesetzt werden und das nicht nur hier, sondern überall auf der Welt.

Aber vom (lustigen) tippen auf der Tastatur wird nichts passieren.

Wir sind es unseren Kindern und zukünftigen Enkeln schuldig. Einer allein kann nichts ausrichten, aber zusammen wären wir stark …

To a visitor who can write in both languages, please improve this (provisional) translation:

The biggest problem is that it is the Germans make a genuflection before the Jews. Mrs Merkel, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany has itself confessed Jewess. But even that does not scare the completely degenerate (rest) Germans.

On The Contrary. She is of the opinion that the Jews are just our blessing. Here in Germany there will soon be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Again, it will soon be called, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”.

The trouble is that no one wants to listen. The people in our communities defend themselves, yes, but in the wrong way.

If not […] hang around the traitor neck of the lamppost, nothing will change.

It would mark are set and not just here, but everywhere in the world.

But the (funny) typing on your keyboard will do nothing.

We are there for our children and future grandchildren guilty. One cannot do anything alone, but together we were strong.

Revilo Oliver believed in a future struggle for survival occuring but was doubtful that the white race would survive it because most whites are degenerates. He stated:

“One thing is quite certain: the population of the globe is going to be drastically reduced as the struggle for life begins in earnest. The population of the globe is going to be drastically reduced, and in the course of that reduction, it is virtually certain that the inferior races will become extinct, as Darwin foresaw, although not in the way he anticipated. The only question is which races will not survive the inevitable war for survival. So far as one can extrapolate from the present, disregarding our pathetic hopes for a psychological and biological miracle, there is one race which, by its own fatuity and degeneracy, seems likely to become extinct a century after it was master of the world.”

Oliver didn’t think it likely that the white race would recover from the disease of Christianity and was thus headed for extinction.

There was a report released by the United Nations last year that predicted there would be 4.2 billions Africans on Earth by 2100. Meanwhile the white race is predicted to be at around 600 million whites by 2100 (even less if you don’t include Meds). Given that the American government is now making sure there is no white street left in America by inserting Africans and other assorted biological trash into every white neighbourhood, and that similar schemes are taking place across Western Europe, we are in trouble. As David Lane said “a few White families submerged in six billion coloreds means exactly nothing.”

If the minority of whites that want to survive ever finally organise and act, they must be completely ruthless. What they do not have in numbers, they must make up for in ruthlessness. The odds are against us and the chances of the white race surviving are less than favourable but we haven’t lost yet. While we are losing at the moment it is not certain that the Jews will win. It’s not over for us yet.

Unlike Oliver, Savitri Devi believed in the opposite scenario happening. A sort of re-match of World War 2 where instead of the Aryan Ubermensch being destroyed, humanity would be destroyed. She said:

“The next time, it will be neither giants nor demigods, but wretched dwarves who will undergo the inevitable destruction: billions of humans, banal in their ugliness, without character, who will disappear before the Avenger like an anthill destroyed by a lava flow.”

Whether Devi is right depends on us.

Good stuff! I need to finish this tome as it’s been sitting on my shelf for a few years, only partially read. Hunt for the old leather-bound edition if you can.

My only critique is semantic. Namely, that we cannot disobey natural law, but only remain ignorant of it. Even the Rhodesian Whites obeyed nature in their defeat.

I wish Southern nationalists would learn that helot societies, no matter how aristocratic, are fragile. Methinks that even if they won their Confederacy the diminished labor pool would make the old aristocracy impossible. Unless automated production dramatically advanced by then.

CONTROL RESISTANCE- Sickle Cell Acceleration: Germ Warfare (link)

There are thousands of exterminationists online compared to a mere handful a few years ago.

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