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Kevin MacDonald Old Testament

On the Old Testament


The Old Testament was by Jews, about Jews, for Jews. If you are not Jewish the Old Testament has nothing to do with you, never has and never will. (Read Kevin MacDonald’s first book of his trilogy about Judaism.)

3 replies on “On the Old Testament”

Yes, but please don’t forget to address that sentiment specifically to the outrageously retarded idiots of the Christian Identity cult, who in all sincerity believe that the lying, whoring, thieving, pimping, incestuous kikes of the Old Testament are in fact White Aryans. And that modern day Europeans descent from these kikes!

Those people are so unbelievably stupid, and it’s really an admission of defeat when the only way they can make the Bible relevant to White Europeans is by pretending that the featured kikes of these fairy tales are in fact White Aryans!

Yes, and we must never forget that the Anglo-Saxons only dared to found their little city on the hill if they imagined themselves as “the new Israelites.” This mentality is responsible for the philo-Semitism today in America. Aryans must read Manu Rodríguez’s essays in this blog to regain a self-esteem completely divorced from Semitic fantasies.

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