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On Latin America


A passage from White Power
by George Lincoln Rockwell

If you want to see a classic scientific proof of the evil of this race mixing, compare the histories of North America and South America.

South America is as rich, or richer, in natural resources than North America.

South America has as wide, or wider, range of climate, than North America.

South America is bigger than North America.

South America was settled before North America, and has had more time to grow and develop. Why is South America not far ahead of North America in civilization?

Why do all the people of the world clamor to get into North America, but few try to migrate to South America?

Why is North America now the “richest” continent on earth, while South America is still an “undeveloped,” backward, starving continent, still containing headhunters and still largely a jungle?

You cannot claim this is because of “form of government,” or because of “freedom,” or any other reasons of economics, politics, theology, sociology, etc., because South America has had, and still has, all the things of this nature there are in North America. Most of the constitutions of Latin America are modeled directly, almost word for word, after the U. S. Constitution.

But most of South America remains, poor, chaotic, backward, dirty and “undeveloped”—as the liberals like to call the sorry, miserable colored races.

The only real difference between North America and South America is in the people—the races.

The people of North America are overwhelmingly white—and mostly Nordic.

The people of South America are mostly dark—mixtures of native colored Indians, Negro slaves and Spaniards or Portuguese.

The English, Scandinavian, Scotch, Irish, French and German settlers of North America did not come only to loot and exploit and then return to Europe with their booty, as did the Spanish and Portuguese who came to South America. The Nordics (or “Anglo-Saxons”) who came to North America came to settle, and they therefore brought their women with them, and lived as families. Northern Whites largely exterminated the native, colored population.

The Spaniards, who came only as looters and exploiters brought very, very few of their women, and joined the colored natives. Male human nature being what it is, Nature took its course.

In the North, the men produced more White Men, like themselves, mating only with their own women.

In South America, the Spaniards satisfied their lust on native Indian women, and later the Negro slave women they imported from Africa. They produced vast numbers of stunted, stupid, brown mongrels.

That is not “hate” or “bigotry”: that is historical fact. And you can see the result for yourself if you visit South America.

In Brazil and the largest part of this vast Latin American continent, you will feel like some kind of foreign giant among colored pygmies when you walk down one of their streets. The population swarms with brown, murky-eyed, stunted and lethargic human creeps in baggy rags. Only where Northern energy and capital has moved in, as in the big cities, will you find what we would call “civilization.” Wherever the native, mongrel population is left to itself, you will find filth, squalor, cruelty, incredible lack of morals or standards of conduct, political chaos, tyrants, laziness and the same kind of half-civilization you find in Africa, India and wherever the colored man rules.

These are cruel and brutal statements, perhaps. The heart of gentle folk rebels at their recitation. But the survival of Western civilization depends on their recital and their being burned into the minds of our people.

The mush-headed liberals, the Jews, the commies and the vast herds of brainwashed Americans are now doing to North America what the Spaniards did to South America.

And you can’t afford to be tender hearted about this subject, because there is no way to correct a racial mistake, once we allow it to be made.

If we allow the idiots and conscious chart-forgers and ship-wreckers to make miserable little brown mongrels out of your grandchildren and their children, then you will make a South American jungle, too, out of our mighty, wondrous North American white civilization.

49 replies on “On Latin America”

Re the below exchange between me and a commenter who signed under the penname of Francisco de Borja, whose IP is from Paraguay:

doctor_rodriguez_franciaIn 1814 the first president of Paraguay, José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia, banned marriages between ethnic Spaniards. Iberian whites had to wed the brown natives, blacks or mulattoes!

Ward Kendall’s dystopian Hold Back This Day, depicting a future in which a totalitarian government promotes universal miscegenation to exterminate whites, had a precedent in real life in Paraguay.

Youare wrong. As usual. Especially in everything related to Spain and Latin America.

1. Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia forbade Spanish residents in Paraguay to marry Paraguayan women not for ethnic reasons but for political and emotional reasons.

2. The Spaniards began to mingle with indigenous women in Paraguay since the sixteenth century. The Guarani Indians offered their women to the Spaniards in order to became “brothers in law” of the Spaniards (“tovayá” is “brother in law” in Guarani language) So they could get Spaniards (and their weapons) to fight Payaguás and other Indians hostile to Guaraníes.

3. The government of Rodriguez of France in Paraguay was based on the Roman Republic and in the Roman figure of “dictator” (or “dictatorship”) who exercised power in exceptional circumstances. Therefore very difficult it could be considered “totalitarian”, which is a political concept of the twentieth century and related to the mix of party and state. Maybe authoritarian but never “totalitarian”.

4. To say “Americas” is another error. There is only one America, one continent, although it may be divided into North and South. “Americas” is a political term of the twentieth century. In fact Americans do not say “United States of North America” but “United States of America”, which, moreover, is not a name but a political definition.

5. Saying that “totalitarian government promoted universal miscegenation to exterminate whites (and) had a precedent in real life in the Hispanic side of the Americas” is a simple lie.

Or another Nazi delirium.

Now you can see that my IP is from Madrid, Spain, European Union.


I don’t have time and will only reply to your #1:

“Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia forbade Spanish residents in Paraguay to marry Paraguayan women not for ethnic reasons but for political and emotional reasons.”

Whatever the reasons, Paraguay’s first president was the lowest of the low for those of us who believe in the 14 words.

Do you see any hope that the European populations of Mexico and South America (especially those of pure Aryan blood) will ever wake up to the fact that they are not the same as the people they are surrounded by in the thousands? That the blacks, Indians, and mixed-breeds are not their “hermanos”, and that the latter groups share very little of these sentiments?

It’s also something of a habit for these people to eschew their nationalities when it comes to celebrating politically correct nonsense like “Hispanic Heritage Month” here in America, as if we are all one people. It’s sickening. The Afros and mestizos don’t believe in this crap.

But talk of race, of who they really are genetically, intellectually, psychologically, and spiritually, never comes up. Too many white “Latinos/Hispanics” operate under the assumption that their darker “cousins” don’t view them with a degree of envy or hostility for being white.

I just read your article titled “Latin American loyalties”. This sums up the answer to my question and explains everything in much better detail.

There is no continent called “North America” and another “South America”. There is only one continent called America. Both the North and the South are “sub-continents”. Spain, having the best sailors in the world, came to America in the fifteenth century. England could only land in America in the seventeenth century. Spain, being Spanish men with courage, determination and planning, could conquer America indigenous cannibals in 30 years, so in the sixteenth century, America was already Christian. United States wiped out the Indians in the nineteenth century (Wounded Knee) North America has 33 sites that are the heritage of humanity. Latin America has more than 200. The United States has 33 sites that are the heritage of humanity, Spain has 129, and is the second country in the world with the largest number of heritage sites, along with France and Italy. America’s first university was established by Spain in the sixteenth century. The first university in the United States was instituted 200 years later. The first book written and published in America was in Spanish language in the sixteen century. The first book in English was written and published in America 300 years later. The Spanish founded cities and hospitals, built roads and ports. The man who wrote that article “scientifically” is a complete ignorant.

Who’s the ignorant? This piece is about race, not “culture”. You are from South America, right? I would recommend your reading of some passages about race policies in this part of the continent in the book I’m writing in Spanish (here).

Regarding culture, you sound like my father, frequently mentioned in the book. He likes to say incredibly stupid things, e.g., that Mexico is culturally better than the US “because it is the only country with both pyramids and cathedrals”—as if the millions of Untermenschen right outside his home didn’t count!

Remember Octavio Paz’s work on Sor Juana: her library was a utter disgrace in the “closed society” called New Spain. Unlike her European counterparts, her library, and Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora’s too, lacked the most basic authors that used to fill the bookshelves of European intellectuals—precisely because Latin America’s Counter-Reformation “culture” was, still, basically medieval.

But even that is irrelevant. What matters is that the Iberians committed the sin against the holy ghost in time that the Anglo-Saxons did not commit it in the continent. The Iberians polluted their blood and that is the primary cause of Latin America’s backwardness today.

The article is intended as a set of “scientific” statements based on comparative history. But I say it is unscientific and lacking historical accuracy. It’s just his opinion. What is an opinion? According to Aristotle and Hegel opinion is an illusion of the senses opposed to reason (that is, opposed to science and history) It’s made exclusively of “faith and conjecture” and not intelligence and truth. It’s a personal conviction and a subjective representation. So the article is not “scientific” or “historical”. It’s only a personal nonsense without any real basis. The Nordic or Germanic peoples did not found the Western culture. The Western culture was founded by the Mediterranean peoples, mostly Italy and Greece. While Anglo-Saxons lived naked in caves picking up roots to feed themselves, Greeks created Philosophy and Medicine, and Italians created Law. While vikings were slaughtering and sacking French and Spanish, these Southern Europeans peoples created Art and Literature.
What you say about me remembering your father is another blunder of psychiatric character. It is possible that your father wanted to say is that while North American Indian cultures were nomadic and primitive, the Indians of Valley of Mexico knew agriculture, writing and astronomy.
Counter-Reform may be medieval, as the Protestant Reformation is medieval. And let me remind you that John Calvin in Geneva ordered to burn an the stake the Spanish doctor Juan Servet only because he discovered the bloodstream in humans, something considered by Calvinists as “anathema” or “curse”. Please remember the laws of the Puritans in New England: they banned, besides dancing, reading other books than the Bible. Then they started burning witches as they did at Salem. Oh. What enlightened, those Americans Puritans.

Again, you are confusing culture with race. Rockwell’s point is that mestization was the doom of Latin America. You have not answered that and resorted to “cultural” arguments.

The Nordic or Germanic peoples did not found the Western culture. The Western culture was founded by the Mediterranean peoples, mostly Italy and Greece.

Wrong. The original Greeks and Romans were Nordic. One of the most astounding lies by omission of our age is that the System concealed this fact (see the original articles in Spanish here and here).

It is possible that your father wanted to say is that…

You didn’t even take the trouble to read what I have written about my father’s silly views in my site in Spanish (here).

There is no continent called “North America” and another “South America”. There is only one continent called America. Both the North and the South are “sub-continents”.

Uh, wrong. That’s bullshit only taught in Spanish schools and doesn’t make sense. Unless you also believe Africa is a subcontinent of Eurasia, because they’re only separated by the Suez and north Africa has Arabs.

That’s not wrong. And it’s taught in all European Union schools. From Spain to Sweden. From France to Latvia. There is not two “American continents” as you guys “scientifically oriented” bullshitters pretend. There is one only continent called America. Both North America and South America are “subcontinents”. But you can go on saying lies about Spain and about the world. You can say for instance that “America” is only United States and “Americans” discover Spain and the rest of Europe in the Fiftheen Century. And you can say “North American continent is a piece of Mars and it’s inhabited by Americans and Martians”, Anyway. You are liers or you are ignorant or you are demented raving. What it would be?


It is true that the Spaniards met with the Indians and the English in general did not. Is it something bad or immoral? The Spanish crown, which then dominated Europe, asked permission to do it to the only international authority that existed at the time: the Pope. Spain also discussed in court and in the Spanish universities the law assisting her in the conquest and colonization of America, because she doubted she was entitled to do so. She asked the Pope and the Pope gave her permission to conquest and colonize. What Spain would not do it is ask permission the king of England, a country then irrelevant and dedicated to piracy. Spain, the first global power in history, the only imperial power in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic at the time, asked the papal permission for her work in America, including miscegenation. For the simple reason that the Spaniards came to America not to “loot” and return to Spain- as the article’s author says- but to stay, colonize and build America. What’s wrong, then, with miscegenation? And what’s so great about the English inbreeding?

That’s not the question of the debate. The debate is about whether the statements of the author of the article are truly scientific and historical. And they are not. They are simply opinions. I think that has been demonstrated. There is no talk about the Nordic origin of Italy or Greece. And if Italy and Greece are of Nordic origin, so it is Spain, as the Germans instituted several kingdoms in what was the Roman province of Hispania. The debate is Rockwell’s opinions about what Spain did in America. And about his comparison between Spain and some peoples in Northern Europe (English, Scandinavian, Irish and German – I think France is the South-) That’s the debate. As is the differences between the peoples of southern and northern Europe, understood as different racial entities. It is evident that there are differences between an Italian and a German, for example, or between a Frenchman and a Sweden, regardless of their racial origin may or may not be the same. But here I think the key lies in the anti-Hispanic bias of United States people in general and Rockwell in particular. A prejudice based on lies, exaggerations and manipulations that claim to be “scientific” and “historic” and which are childish.

You have not read the content of this site or even my site in Spanish. See what Kenneth Clark says about Spain: here (in Spanish), and what others say about Iberian miscegenation in general: here (in English).

Give it up chump. The Panama Canal is a third as long as the Suez. North and South America aren’t even on the same tectonic plate. They aren’t contiguous, they aren’t a continent.

Saying “well dats wat dey tolds me in skool!” doesn’t give it any geographical basis whatsoever. Scientifically speaking, Africa would sooner be a part of Asia than South America a part of North America. Because more land connects Africa with Asia. That’s why Rockwell’s teachers were right and yours were wrong.

Spain’s decline was due to her knightly nature, as she was determined that order (Catholicism) predominates in Europe instead of chaos (Protestantism) and embarking on long and costly wars that ruined her. The Indians or the miscegenation in America had nothing to do with it.

Wrong again. Did you read the linked articles about miscegenation in my blog in Spanish and especially in Evropa Soberana’s site demonstrating that miscegenation is the root cause of Western decline? It makes no sense continue this discussion if you ignore them.

I have read them. Again: the discussion is about Rockwell’s opinion about what Spain did in America. And it’s not only about miscegenation. And the answer is this: Spain built America entirely from nothing. From the jungle. Latin America is now divided in several countries since 1810, year of the Bonaparte’s invasion of European Spain. So Spain can’t be responsible for the underdevelopment of those countries. Countries independent of Spain since two hundreds years ago. Miscegenation was and is irrelevant for European Spain. And miscegenation took place 500 hundred years ago. The reason of poverty in Latin America is not Spain. And is not miscegenation either. Unless you see history only trough racial stereotypes. The reason of poverty in Latin America is United States, a country who stablished military dictatorships in all Latin American countries because it was scary about communism and about Soviet Union. United States stablished and supported local elites to keep the Latin countries as exporters of raw materials that the United States needed. Local elites, in turn, established and supported local military to repress any attempt to reverse this situation. So underdevelopment and poverty in Latin America are not due to Spain colony. And not due to miscegenation 500 years ago. It is due to US foreign policy during the Cold War between 1945 and 1991.

Leftist nonsense. Read the Manual del Perfecto Idiota Latinoamericano. And I don’t believe that you have read the long articles about miscegenation in Evropa Soberana. Had you read them you would have to confront its arguments. I don’t even believe that you have read the above-linked article about Portugal. Rockwell was right. His opinion is not isolated. The histories on the white race that have been written and reviewed extensively in this blog demonstrate that miscegenation is at the root of white decline. There is no need to continue this discussion unless you become familiar with the point of view of this site.

What Spain has done for humanity is not a question forged by Clark but by an eighteenth-century French dandy who asked the same question when he wrote a little book about the geography and history of Europe.
But I will try to answer briefly about what it is that has made Spain which has not made others. Let’s see. The discovery of America in the fifteenth century, a fact which divided history into a before and an after. The establishment of the International Law and the Law of Pepole by Francisco de Vitoria, in the fifteenth century. The establishment of the first European School of Translators in Toledo, in the thirteenth century. Found the first Marine Infantry in the world in the fifteenth century. Invent the helicopter and submarine in the nineteenth century. Invented the disposable syringe, in the twentieth. Building the world’s first cable car in the nineteenth. Create the musket, the destroyer ship, cigars and cigarettes, the caravel, winch, air independent propulsion, laser pointer, the transporter bridge, the Talgo train, the spacesuit. And even the guitar. Is this enough?
Now we should ask also what Germany has done for mankind. Or what England has done. Or what has the United States.

That’s nothing from our POV. What matters are the 14 words alone, and in that respect Spain failed miserably. Spain and Portugal are a textbook case of what whites should never do: allowing the Visigoths to miscegenate in the 7th century and again a thousand years later precisely with the discovery of America. There’s no need for further discussion if you don’t understand our 14 words.

Europa Soberana is a Spanish site. I can’t understand why you uses their post against Spain. It’s true however I did not read them entirely. I will do it. And I will back to you in a few days. Thank you.

I don’t use its posts against Spain: I use it to demonstrate that the ancient Greeks and Romans–especially the Greeks–were Nordish, not what presently is understood by the word “Meds”.

I would appreciate you to explain what England and Germany has done for humanity.

Can you or can’t you tell me what England and Germany has done? If you ask me a question about what Spain has done is fair I ask you what England and Germany has done.

You can say Spain “failed miserably” but it was Nazi Germany who failed miserably. You can say all explanations are “leftist” or “liberal” when they don’t suit your lunatic theories. You can say Rockwell is “scienfic” when he says crazy biased opinions that seems to belong to a mad man. He was in fact in a psychiatric institute. The psychiatric institute you belong. In the hospital you will be able to tell doctors how, as an abused chid, you developed lunatic science and lunatic theories about whites, jews, negroes and non-whites. And you will be able there to tell doctors why you, not being a “proper white”, or not being white at all, defends the extermination of non-whites by the white people. Good bye, Cantinflas of Race.


St Francisco de Borja, S.J.

That’s a silly rant unrelated to the content of this site, which was summarised in the books linked on the sidebar and in the one that I am writing (which excerpts you apparently didn’t read in my blog in Spanish), and I would add Hellstorm. Nazi Germany didn’t fail: it was murdered by the traitor Anglos. Spain did fail miserably.

Yes, good bye “Francisco de Borja”: this farewell was exactly what I had been expected from you.


I hope this is my last reply to you. Because you just don’t listen. You are stuck to your “ideology” (based in feelings more than facts or reasoned ideas) and you don’t care about the truth as long the truth does not fit your “ideas” (to call the outcome of your sentimental rationalizations somehow) Just to tell you that Nazi Germany failed miserably indeed. Because she could not won the war she started. She was crushed mostly by the Slavic communist Untermenschen she so despised. Nazi eugenics experiments were a joke: children “Aryan” born from parents 100 x 100 “Aryan” without any miscenegation during generations, were as clever or as stupid as any boy or girl in China or Honduras. Spain is still alive, even though Anglos wanted to kill her as you say. And it is a rich industrialized country. And soon it will be back where it belongs with the rest of Europe.

PS. By the way: St. Francis of Borja was grandgrandson of Rodrigo Borgia, pope as Alexander the Sixth who was father of Lucrecia Borgia and César Borgia. “Borgia” is the Italian way to say “Borja”. Thanks.

To ensure that miscegenation of America was due to “erections” of the Spanish and then add a “lol” clearly reveals that you are useful idiots for US census holding the same racial categories and it reveals you are not revolutionaries at all.

It also reveals your racial opinions and theories about Spain and Spaniards are based on lies, prejudice and hatred.
The lies, hatred and prejudice against Spain and Spaniards hold by England since the Middle Ages, when Portugal was allied with the Plantagenet to preserve its independence from Castile, and by the United States since the independence, when the viceroyalty of New Spain dominated most of the current territory of the United States. That hate was passed from the English to the Americans and you keep it alive.

The Spaniards, when they came to America, were generally outnumbered by the Indians. To avoid war against them, the Spaniards took as wives the daughters and sisters of Indian chiefs. Such marriages were strategic in many parts of the American continent, for example in Río de la Plata, when Europeans avoided a gigantic war against the Guarani, Payaguás, Guaycurúes and Carian accepting their women in order to become “brothers in law” of Indians and therefore allies. That is the key of miscegenation in America.

The English, in the north, volunteered to be the white prostitutes of Indian chiefs not because strategic reasons but only by sexual desire. The English are fags and kinky and they had erections just watching muscled semi-naked Indians.

The marriage between John Smith and Pocahontas served Smith to finally have erections because until then he was a impotent Puritan. John Smith was very happy about these erections and took Pocahontas to England for delivery her to other impotent Puritans. Thus, the English and American Puritans and Quakers were able to overcome his bestiality, as they had sex with goats until then. So Pocahontas become the best prostitute of England and helped the English to be men.

I am astounded that, while I have tagged miscegenation as “the sin against the holy ghost” in this blog many times, you still come here and say that it was “strategic”. No commenter in this thread will ever agree with you as we believe that the Amerinds were genetically so inferior that marring them produced a breed of Untermenchen. See what Hitler said about it (translation to Spanish: here).

You talk constantly of extermination and ethnic cleansing of non-whites. Consequently beware of non-whites getting organized and start talking about the same thing against whites. Then Texas will be free of white trash and free of Anglo-Saxon capitalistic crazy demons. And so the rest of United States. Let’s keep America Spanish and Indian and mestizo. And let’s get rid of Anglo-Saxons. Let’s keep American human and send Anglo-Saxons mad dogs back to England.

That’s you are about to get.

I did not say I was quitting. Maybe I did not express it properly because I do not speak English well. I follow this blog because I find it interesting sometimes. Sometimes I find it terrifying and liar. But most of the time I finding it entertaining and well informed. I will comment any time I want. Especially in matters related to Spain and the Spanish if I perceive them biased or untrue. You do not want me to comment? Please let me know. By the way: I apologize about I said about you as abused child. I am sorry that you or any other person has been abused. Thanks.

Dear Senior de Borja,

May I call you Francisco? Or would you prefer Paco, Pancho or Chico? I am guessing your friends in Spain may refer to you as Paco, which is short for Pater Comunitatis (The Community father) in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. The most famous story of this revered Saint involves him confronting a ferocious wolf that was terrorizing a local town and them subduing that beast by the grace of God.
St. Francis was a white man. Today, if White men visit your town or most any town in the world, they would not be viewed as beasts, as the wolf is, because people inherently understand the godly benefits or receiving white people into your community. On the other hand, bringing dark peoples into any non-dark community in the world generally brings fear and disgust at this unwanted visitor. White people, including, and often especially, Spaniards, are a blessing. Nature molded black peoples into a form that is not conducive to modern society. Mixing white and black DNA does not solve this problem, it only creates more problems.

Adolf Hitler was a great man. Adolph means “noble wolf”. When being hunted by a pack of wolves, sometimes it takes a man with the spirit of the wolf to defeat them. Unfortunately, as you noted, he did not accomplish his mission. I think he knew that when he began it, that’s why he put out some ludicrous claims, just to strengthen the resolve of the Aryans to push the envelope of what is acceptable in the collective Overton Window of the world psyche, because we will rise again!

This is similar to the name Rodolfo in Spanish, which means “fame wolf”


See Rodolfo Gonzalez, famous Mexican and leader in the struggle “against” Spanish domination.

Yes, Mexico wanted independence from Spain. This struggle was inspired by the Age of Enlightenment in Europe (you asked for an example of positive influence from Europe)

Yes, Hitler wanted freedom from Jewish Invasion. The killing Hitler was forced to do was a result of the logistical nightmare he encountered as a result of being stabbed in the back by the UK. The Jews rallied to enlist the USA and UK in WWII. If Germany and Italy had won, we would be witnessing something much greater than the Age of Enlightenment now,

Yes, South Americans want independence from USA political manipulation. The USA government did some stupid and reactionary things when confronted with being the “protector” of both North and South America.

I don’t think White Americans have a bias against Spanish people at all. The problem is, most Americans have never met a Spanish person, only Mexicans (no offense Cesar), many of which are not what I would consider Spanish. The closest thing to a Spaniard most Northern Americans know is Antonio Banderas, the actor.

Please don’t threaten White people with extermination again. You are being silly. There is a real concerted effort by the Jews and Brown people to do that now. White people are the minority. Have you come here to pick on us? Will you now, for the record, betray the Spanish people and say you side with the Mestizos over the Europeans? If that is so, just say so. I mean, you do share blood with them.

It’s easier for us Whites I think to hate blacks or browns because they hate us so much at first. If we mix with them socially or genetically they are resentful, jealous and ungrateful for anything they are given….because they didn’t earn it. So, really, Whites are in a way lucky because it’s so easy to hate Blacks, it’s so obvious, they let us know for us – they are a danger, a detriment, it’s so obvious.

But for a Spanish and a Mestizo, maybe it’s much trickier to navigate those waters of emotion and blood. I know it isn’t easy for you to confront these facts of White Superiority. It must be painful. But, when you defend Spain, you are defending a glorious aspect of Whiteness. Take that Energy and defend Whites in general from brown invasion and we will count you for a brother.

If not, then quite simply…come at me bro

I won’t collaborate with Anglo-Saxons in any way until they eliminate the anti – Spanish prejudice in their hypocritical, scabby, petty-minded countries, until they eliminate the anti – Spanish Black Legend in schools, universities and media, until they ask excuses to the King of Spain for extending the Black Legend and until they paid billions of dollars for it to Spain and to Spaniards. Bye.

The best of this blog of yours, César my friend, are the contradictions that constantly it falls. Now I come to find out that the Spaniards are white and Aryan, when in numerous postings you’ve indicated that Spaniards are not white or Aryan. You have also said that some Spanish are white and some others not. So there is a permanent inconsistency about Spain and the Spanish in this blog. I do not think it was of interest for the Spanish crown in the sixteenth century to prevail Aryan blood in America. It was quite difficult already for Spain to maintain the purity of blood against Muslims and Jews, who were considered a real threat at the time. I do not think that Aryan concept existed at the time.
I do not think either the English crown was concerned with maintaining the purity of Aryan blood in his American colonies.
Miscegenation was due to a realpolitik related to the urgencies of the day in a gigantic continent. Many conquering peoples mixed with the conquered: the Aryans themselves mixed with the Dravidians in the Indus Valley. The Macedonians in Egypt and Babylon, the Romans in Palestine, etc., etc. I am not a white nationalist. And probably I am non-white. I don’t care. For you, the race is everything. For me, the nation is everything despite it’s people is white or not.

Our respective ideologies have nothing in common, as we believe that society is a racial construct. Spanish-speaking people have ignored that for more than a thousand years.

Had you read the book, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, PDF linked on sidebar, you’d know by now what we think about the miscegenation that took place in those places you mention.

And I have never said flatly “Spaniards are Aryans” by the way.

So funny.
The point of the main article, is look at the empirical evidence.

arguing minutia is what you do when your taking a break from the bong.

I’ll use satire to make it clear;

thing one: I like rope made from natural fibers.
thing two: Well, I like rope made from durable synthetic fibers.

Hang man: Next!

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