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Richard replies to the monos

In Ahnenreihe, my favorite blog in German, my friend Richard has been busy replying to frequent asked questions, some of them by monocausalists. This is one of the FAQs:

The Jews are our only problem. Christianity is only a part of the Jewish problem.

Richard answered:

That should account for Alexander the Great or the Aryan founder of Buddhism, or the extinct northern Egyptians, Persians and Tocharians.

Alexander the Great commanded his soldiers to marry Asian non-whites. The Egyptians and Persians that Richard mentions can be understood in the context of other Ahnenreihe articles about the history of the white race in the Ancient World, which includes the history of mongrelization in Egypt, Persia and the north of the Tarim Basin where the Tocharians lived.

Without the help of Jewish depredations all of these peoples committed what I call the sin against the holy ghost: suicidal mongrelization. The red-haired Gautama Buddha for example, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, had the brilliant idea of condemning an aspect of the old Aryan religion: the rigid caste system of the Brahmin which forbade not only intermarriage, but every form of social intercourse between the castes.

The unforgivable sin goes even beyond what we call the Christian problem; beyond all these recent entries where I’ve been quoting Jack Frost, as the ethno-suicidal tendencies mentioned by Richard and others cannot be blamed on any of the Abrahamic religions.

There’s something wrong with whites that predates their interaction with the Semite, either Jew, Christian or Muslim. Richard and I call this the Aryan problem. Kevin MacDonald has been researching some of it from his scientific point of view but he’s hesitant to blame Christianity.

I still believe that my “witches’ brew” metaphor is the best approach to the problem of white decline, even if some commenters have been trying to trivialize it with strawman arguments.

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Just for the record, the two quotes are a translation from the original in German:

Die Juden sind unser einziges Problem. Das Christentum ist auch nur ein Teil des jüdischen Problems.

Das sollte man Alexander dem Großen erzählen oder dem arischen Stifter des Buddhismus oder den ausgestorbenen nordischen Ägyptern, Persern und Tocharern.

Even other WNsts who are not monos, as they recognise the Christian problem, subscribe the simplistic view that Jewry is the main cause. See for example today’s article on conspiracy theories by Greg Johnson where, like most (paranoid) WNsts, he blames Jewry without daring to see the mirror (his “New Right” manifesto is part of the solution as well as part of the problem of white decline).

Nordisch means Nordic, Tocharer are Tocharians in English 🙂

César, you should listen to the following podcast by Horus on the characteristics of Aryans (link).

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve now replaced the German word with the English word (and linked it to the wiki article about these Indo-Europeans). I’ll now listen to your link…

…already listened it. We seem to be on the same page regarding the Jewish Problem: it’s a strong catalyst that speeds up very rapidly an already present biochemical process, but not the sole (or the main) ingredient of the brew.

If that is the case, Christianity only exarcebates the tender-egalitarian world view of a Nordic man, he may have come into logical conclusion (Hindu casteism) but to carry out this action and the disdain he gets from his Nordic peers (Liberals’ social control) make him paralyzed.

Perhaps, they don’t have much insight as we now have with the advent of genetics, they still thought human diversity comes from the same fountain humanity, not different species of hominid. So, although cssteism prevents mingling of different clans due to the nature of their social standing, but it is not abhorrent as much as bestiality, but that is how we should think now with the discovery of genetics.

Another opinion I would like make is the higher your evolution goes, you would have developed more awareness and conscience, you feel empathy even with the source of your protein, moreover, with other hominids whom you can share your thoughts and feelings. The solution is to deprogram the Nordic man, teach him the cold logic and fact of being replaced, and the world will be an awful place of the crown of evolution was to vanish from the earth. They have to learn to hate in order to survive and be the demons that kill the Helot inferiors to thin their population.

I could’t talk about my identity, but I am here purely for my quest for the truth since I have had my apostasy.

Knowing that non-Africans have 2-4pct Neanderthal genes makes me wondered, whether mongrelization is accepted in the nature. However, that mongrelization must take place in contest for fitness and intelligent, and for spiritual matters, beauty.

In the age of coming Automation and apostasy, it is not beneficial to mate with less intelligent partner and in the age of IKEA-ization, offsprings must pass standard looks, that itself will take care ugliness. I have not come into conclusion regarding character, perhaps all evil intentions are rooted in envy.

I believe when the welfare states everywhere are lifted or becoming exclusive welfare state (Nazi), mankind will be again beautiful, fit and intelligent, provided the Guardian of the State enforces discipline, strenuous mental and physical labors, so to like forming young vines, in itself is like a horse breeder, in order to create an ideal man.

Wars be made illegal because it is morally wrong to kill the best so that the majority of mostly inferiors survive.

However, what do you think about ghost, magic, recarnations and evil spirits? I have not made up my mind yet about those. For now, I think our physical realm is totally different than our ethereal one, and thus commands different set of laws not to be mixed, it is like sleeping and working mode.

Maybe you could look about NDEs.

Thanks Chechar, I will look into it, but Humphrey being a psychologist gives me a warning signal that his research sees the trees but will miss the forest or even worse, has no basis in real life.

These are things that my departure from Semitic religions is not complete: link, link

And social control is inevitable if you don’t develop secret languages. Muslims are protected by Arabic, Jews are protected by Hebrew, Hindus are protected by Sanskrit.

Learn languages, and develop them.

All races have been involved in committing suicidal mongrelization (largely with Whites) but this doesn’t make all races suicidal. Whites engaged in miscegenation to the extent that their civilizations collapsed but they never engaged in enough miscegenation to endanger their race world-wide. Whites have numerous problems but these problems didn’t seriously begin to threaten White racial survival until after World War 2/1945. I maintain my thesis that something was fundamentally altered in the collective White psyche around 1945. We had problems before then, but we were not committing suicide before 1945.


(French women with non-white blood.)

At least it was suicide in North Africa and in those places of Asia where whites once flourished. In a documentary of the Roman Empire some years ago I was shocked to see North African towns populated by whites, which is historically true. Now they are muds. And what happened to the Greeks, the (super-Nordic) Dorians? It’s pathetic what you see today in Greece taking into account that ancient Sparta and Thebes were almost completely blond and blue-eyed.

Before WW2 the Iberians had committed the unforgivable sin, especially in Portugal: marrying with blacks. And what about the French who also married blacks (pic above)? Some three million of North African Arabic mixed race and African Blacks, all from the French colonies, immigrated into France itself during the period 1919 to 1927, before 1945. I don’t consider their descendants white and it was good that Hitler’s Germany conquered the French because of their sin.

The defeat of Germany and the Hellstorm Holocaust only made things much, much worse. But the Aryan problem predates WW2.

P.S. The uniqueness of post-WW2 ethos is that the whole white world has been committing suicide. In the previous instances it was a spotted phenomenon. Now it’s a complete, and apparently terminal, metastasis.

Tonight the idiot of Bill O’Reilly for example, which exemplifies what’s wrong with whites, has just said in Fox News that the 3rd Reich was a mad regime and that the Germans committed the largest genocide in history.


“There’s something wrong with whites that predates their interaction with the Semite, either Jew, Christian or Muslim.”

Ergo, “The Jews are our only problem. Christianity is only a part of the Jewish problem,” becomes a redundant claim. Hold up that mirror to identify the core problem. A realistic self-appraisal and self-criticism is practically an impossibility for most “Whites.”

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