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5 Replies on “Stupid generation

  1. “How could the post World War II generations have been so stupid and naïve as to allow Jewish nationalism to run amok in America?”

    Materialism killed their little souls long ago.

    That makes it easy for the jews to bribe them.
    Most American and European consumers are just greedy ‘Fachidioten’.
    Alcohol, sports and cinema is their ‘culture’, facebook is their ‘family’.
    Stay away from workaholics when capitalism chokes.

    1. “Materialism killed their little souls long ago.”

      Agreed. That’s why I consider it a more serious etiological factor than Christianity.

  2. I heard an excellent speech by Robert Whitaker (link). It is called “The Weakest Generation”. A response to Tom Brokaw’s ‘the greatest generation’. It explains, in my opinion, how we became Jewish mercenaries.

  3. Well, after the Weakest Generation cheerfully offered up their own White brothers and sisters, the Germans, as a burnt sacrifice to their masters, it was only inevitable that Jewish nationalism was allowed to run amok.

  4. I had a daydream today that lasted all day. I could not escape it. It was like news reel I could not stop. In it there was a coup in South Africa where the white people rose up and threw off their oppressors. The operation was essentially an armed forces revolt that included the liberation of the white people of Rhodesia and Southwest Africa. It was an incredibly complicated operation but it was successful. The interesting part was the disposition of people. Who could be trusted? Not Catholics, their allegiance is to their pope. Only people that were loyal to their race were trusted. People were tentative. They didn’t trust their own thoughts. There was a subsequent flood of people from America and Europe (not Australia or New Zealand) trying to emigrate to the new South Africa. They were resisted by their governments. Traitors were assumed to exist, but every white person not aligned with the change were allowed to leave peaceably. This day dream went on all day.