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Deranged altruism Francis Parker Yockey

The nadir of the white race

Remember this recent quote by Francis Parker Yockey here at WDH?:

The Jewish-American entity is Jewish as respects its head, American as respects its body. It will not surrender, since the very existence of Jewry is at stake, and the whole United States and its population is there to secure the existence of Jewry.

Now watch this video on how an infected caterpillar defends with all its might the parasites that had fed from its blood to the point of personal starvation: the perfect metaphor of what demented Americans, the lowest of the low of the white race, are doing to their minds.

Red-Black-ButterflyInstead of fulfilling their destiny—becoming a beautiful winged being—Americans are, literally, sacrificing their own heritage to the point of suicide in order to fulfill the claimed destiny of their parasites. Do you also think they are, as I said above, the nadir of the white race?

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I’ll repeat what I wrote in a previous thread regarding this video:

Have you ever seen a better real-world metaphor for the kikes in relation to any society they infiltrate, especially the White nations? Gee, the damn grubs even take control of the poor caterpillar’s brain and turn the creature into the slavish protector of the worms who have destroyed its life!

You see, natural phenomena like this have deep implications. For one thing, at least in my eyes, it neutralizes the accusations from antifas and kikes about Kevin Mac’s theories on the Jews being simply nutty and having no basis in possible reality.

Their rationale is that an alleged Jewish collective evolutionary stratetagy of keeping the role of a hostile parasitic elite among Gentile societies is simply too complex to be realistic.

But the point is: in Nature, parasitic inter-species relations can be really complex as this wasp’s larvae prove beyond a doubt. Having in mind that we humans are also biological organisms and that our social intraspecies interactions are far more complex than those in wild life, the antifa/jewish counter-argument of “oh, its too complicated to be true” loses its strength.

Now, there are several other brain controlling parasites (link) in nature.

Check this:




Evolutionary Psychology and Sociobiology are based on the premise that human social life can be studied from a biological/evolutionary angle, that is, that you can extrapolate from many a biological phenomenon and find out that it more often than otherwise has a human social counterpart — “E.O Wilson defines sociobiology as: “The extension of population biology and evolutionary theory to social organization” ” (link).

Therefore, it seems to me that the conclusion of Kevin Mac’s researches (i.e. that the Jews are a parasitic hostile elite engaged in social engineering the White societies to the detriment of the latter) is far more tenable than I had previously assumed. Of course this is an idea that needs elaborating and fact-checking but I really think there’s something to it.

The big flaw of this Kevin-like idea is that humans have much larger brains than insects, and therefore we may conclude that we brought this suicidal mess to ourselves. Not long ago I debated at OD thus:

Is the cricket committing suicide or is it driven to its death by the parasite that inhabits it? – Desmond Jones

Jones, since you are a newcomer to this discussion I’ll iterate what I said in the other threads. Let’s use an example from Majority Rights.

While at first thought the fact that Jews have higher IQs than most Whites appears to assign plausibility to the hypothesis that their psyops have converted Whites, as James Bowery put it, into “extended phenotypes” of the tribe—like crickets infected with gordian worms committing suicide—, how would monocausalists explain that throughout the latest thirteen centuries the “worm” (i.e., the Jew) has been unable to infect the minds of people of even lower IQs, the Muslims? The fact is that they have never behaved like suicidal crickets (“What is good for the worms?”) in their nations.

In contrast to the monocausalists’ psychological reductionism my hypothesis is that, in addition to the Jewish problem, there are other factors for Western malaise.

Take a look at Arthur Kemp’s study, which I have excerpted in my blog. Although he is conscious of the Jewish problem, it shocked me to learn in Kemp’s book that the same suicidal tendencies among Whites that we see today have happened since the very first civilizations in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, and always because of White greed: easy work through the slavery or second-class status of Semites, Nubians and Arabs in the lands conquered by peoples of Indo-European origin. The same thing happened in Greece, Rome, and, later, in the American subcontinent conquered by the Iberians.

MacDonald is no promoter of the single cause hypothesis. On the contrary, I find it fascinating that some of MacDonald’s sentences in his Trilogy hint that Whites have some unique hardware characteristics such as individualism and universalism that, historically, have weakened their ethno-centric defenses.

I believe that, together with the egalitarian software that I call the Christian/Secular Christian problem (liberalism run amok after the French Revolution) and the One Ring of greed and power (economics over race), these factors constitute part of the ingredients of the formula that’s killing us—plus the Jewish ingredient.

From this point of view the Jewish problem would be a very strong catalyst that has accelerated the process in the last centuries since the emancipation of Jewry, but certainly not the only active ingredient in the brew.

I acknowledge every single thing you stated above, but you’re missing my point.

The thing is: I didn’t mean or imply in my previous comments that I thought the Jews were the ONLY cause of the problems Whites currently face.

Much to the contrary, I have said time and again that the judeo-centric monocausalism misses the larger picture and I have even proposed a term to express the surreal contemporary situation (particularly visible in the US) of the potentially self-destructive innate tendencies of Whites being exploited to the full by sociopathic social engineering kikes: Assisted Suicide.

What I meant in my above comments concerning this video I posted in a previous thread was (mind you) that the parallel between the survival strategies of this brain controlling parasites and the kikes’ is too obvious, in fact, too glaring to be denied.

That is to say, what I had in mind was the kikish behavior as a community as far as the similarities between it and the phenomenon of brain controlling parasites is concerned, not the etiology of the White plight.


But I it see it the other way (remember my post on paradigm shifts?): What could have happened in the whites’ psyche to allow their minds be controlled as if they had only a couple of neurons in their skulls (like caterpillars), always keeping in mind that Arabs, who rank lower in IQ tests than whites, have never been deceived by der Juden’s Jedi tricks?

Focus on the rabbit; let white nationalists focus on their “duck”.

Like I’ve pointed out before, we’re talking about different things here. I’m talking about parasites whereas you’re talking about their hosts (organisms/societies).

Concerning peoples like the Arabs, who have not been enslaved by the parasitic Jew, I think both their hardware (higher ethnocentrism in comparison to Whites, higher level of aggressivity, distrust regarding strangers and maybe their very lower IQ) plus their software (Islam, a totalitarian religion supposedly created by a marauding warlord) has put them in a position not to let themselves be mentally enslaved by these worms. Just like it’s not every single species of caterpillar that will be afflicted by the larvae shown in the video 🙂

Isn’t it more likely that Arabs are more immune because there genetics and religion are mostly Jewish? Think about what they have in common, head-scarfs, laws, rituals concerning foods, regular prayers, the twofold scripture and commentary on the scripture system, good-evil dualism, and the fact that both systems are semetic.

But then even the Arabs are not immune, since they are killing each other and not Israel. It seems any immunity they have comes from there Judaized religion.

“Isn’t it more likely that Arabs are more immune because there genetics and religion are mostly Jewish?”

To a great extent, yes, at least IMHO.

I’ve long thought, for example, that Islam is Judaism for stupid Semitics, the Arabs — the Jews’ less smart and more brutish cousins.

Besides (in spite of Islam race-blindness, which eventually took its toll on the Arabic gene pool in the long run), Arabs tend to be far more ethnocentric than Whites, which also betrays their kinship to the kikes.

But as I said, the Arabs immunity against the hebes is undoubtedly related to their software and their hardware (to borrow your expression), regardless of their being related or not to the kikes — and they are.

“(to borrow your expression)”…

Oops, sorry, Vaarlan, at first sight I thought your comment was Chechar’s, that’s the reason of the above parentheses. But anyways, there you had my reply.

John Martínez,
reminded me of the two parallel scenes in the movie 300, hollywood (Jew manipulated). While the highbrow and supposedly more intelligent and civilized Athenians received the Persians as your fat aunt receives you at home, with the right cake and tea, the Spartans they welcome foreigners in the most sensible possible way.(~_^)

Smarter people will probably be more susceptible to mnd-memes- precisely because mind-memes make appeals to rationality. Also- smarter people will think they are too smart to be brainwashed.

Regarding the parasite-host dynamic – if the parasite has an easy time, it’s because the host is clueless and powerless.

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