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Brave, Brazilian New World


Friday, July 12

Hey John,

I am increasingly concerned about the coming currency crash. If I don’t convince my family to allow me sell the real estate at market price, I am screwed. The collapse may happen this year or the next one…

How is life going on in Brazil by the way?


Sunday, July 14

Hi Chechar,

Well, things in Brazil are beginning to unravel. I don’t know if you are following the news on the media, but there have been many protests all over the country in the past weeks—as usual, in cases like this organized and instigated by the far Left. The reason for this is that inflation is back and the current communist government (in power for ten years now) is beginning to lose control over it. I think it’s the beginning of the end.

But for the moment, things are still ok despite of these problems. I can’t possibly complain about my material life, except for the fact that, like you, I have to live surrounded by folks who disgust me. The good news is that I’m going to Europe in early February, next year.


Sunday, July 14

The big step however will be to manage to move to bucolic England. After the dollar hyperinflates big cities will be unsafe to say the least. It would be ideal to work in a farm or something but yes: the arriving place must be Londri.

Changing subjects, is there anyone in Brazil in jail for saying things racists? Just curious…


Sunday, July 14

There must be people being legally prosecuted for racism in Brazil, but I wouldn’t be able to recall any particular cases.

You see, since almost everybody here is brown/black and since the school system and the media have been so successful in indoctrinating the stupid masses about the inexistence of race, the country’s legal anti-racist apparatus sort of becomes obsolete in the face of the voluntary anti-racism of the populace.

I think this is what some commentators call “the São Paulo effect”: when the effects of miscigenation and its attending dysgenic consequences are so deep and pervasive that people don’t need to be thought-patrolled anymore because they have become so stupid that even if they got in touch with undesirable ideas (such as racism) they would be too stupid to digest and process them anyway.

This is a nation of brain-dead half-niggers and mestizos. There’s nothing to be done about it.


Sunday, July 14

And I guess that whites are as stupid and racially deracinated as they are here in Mexico?


Monday, July 15

If not more so. 🙂

Brazil has a population of around 185 million people, of whom something between 10-15 percent are pure Whites. It means that there are more Whites in Brazil than in the whole of the Scandinavian countries combined. Just think.

But these Whites have long sold out to the current Antifa world order. They want to keep a low profile, get a job and have a good time. That is to say, they’re like the rest of Whites everywhere. Unfortunately, the future of Whites in Brazil is simply to be absorbed by the ocean of non-Whites surrounding them.

Take this guy for example [John adds a Facebook link]. He used to be my best friend when I was a kid. He is not a pure White because he has some Indian blood on his mother side. But to make things infinitely worse, what did he do? He married this niggress [pic in the Facebook page] and has had little half-black children with her. I hadn’t seen the guy in many years until I found him on Facebook, but having seen that he had married this she-monkey, I refused to contact the guy.

But his case is the general rule in Brazil. Most Whites will marry, date or have children with non-Whites and they see no problem with that, which means that this place has literally no future because it is the minority of Whites who keep things running here. As Whites disappear, there will be no elite to fly the plane—and the plane, being flown by apes, will eventually crash, just like it is currently happening in South Africa.

But fortunately, when it happens, I will have been long away from this shithole.


Monday July 15

Fascinating. Removing the obvious stuff (your friend’s link, etc) what about publishing these emails in WDH?


Monday July 15

That’s fine with me. You know, there’s a saying here: Brazil is the country of the future. In a sinister way, Brazil is the country of the future.

The pervasive miscigenation that is the signature of the country’s social fabric will become the sad lot of every single White country in the West until the end of this century, with predictable consequences.

Non-Whites will absorb Whites in the First World, just like they have done in Brazil. São Paulo once was a European metropolis grafted in South America. Rio de Janeiro once was a European metropolis grafted in South America. Now they’re just sprawling slums teeming with blacks/mestizos surrounding urban areas inhabited by middle-class Whites living in constant fear of being robbed, raped, kidnapped or murdered.

And the same thing will eventually happen to places like Los Angeles, London, Paris and other (still) First World metropolises. They’ll become huge ungovernable slums, just like São Paulo and Rio.

This will be the Brazilian Century. You can call it Brave, Brazilian New World.


39 replies on “Brave, Brazilian New World”

Something about the character of white people born into the comfort of the liberal capitalist system is obnoxious. I have no respect for my parents and grandparents; they live like children in an infantile world of consumption.

It’s unfortunate, but I think without some measure of natural disaster, physical hardship, and perhaps war, humanity tends to degenerate into a herd of consuming idiots.

It’s unfortunate, but I think without some measure of natural disaster, physical hardship, and perhaps war, humanity tends to degenerate into a herd of consuming idiots.

When I was a child I used to read the comic Magnus, Robot Fighter illustrated by the same artist who used to illustrate Tarzan. Its premise is that in the fifth millennium the inhabitants of a giant city, North Am, could become too dependent on robots and even degenerate. As a kid I never expected that I would see something akin to this scenario happen in North America.

We must go back to the Shire.

Speak of the Devil: these are random articles featured in today’s online edition of the Daily Mail:





This is not England, this is Brazil. Good grief.

The solution to these problems are very simple:

1. Cut of the left hand of the Romanian squatters that behaved aggressively, cut of a finger of every Romanian that squatted. Send them back home with a warning saying that if they ever returned they would be executed.

2. Ditto with the second article about squatters, except that the British squatters should be send to a penal colony in dark Africa.

3. The Turk that groomed white woman should be raped with a bottle or similar object, tortured, publicly executed and then displayed with his head on a pike in a glass box.

4. The woman who refused to pay the taxi driver should get 20 lashes, have a finger cut off and she should be send back home, with a warning, if you come back you will be executed.

It is even simpler than that: deport all non-whites from the UK and crucify (literally) those who brought them to the island, including all members of the media and the academia that contributed to the suicidal zeitgeist.

That is too simple, all foreigners have to go, but the guilty ones have to be punished first. The people have to see that justice is done, therefor i suggest we execute every barbarian in a European prison, every imam and every member of an Islamic organization and every barbarian known to express hatred of white people in the media, then we can kick the rest out of Europe, after we have stolen all there money and possessions. We need there possessions to pay for all the damage they have done and we need all the literature they own for public book burnings.

My dream is to restore the practice of crucifixion, and leave the bodies of the white traitors on the crosses exposed for a hundred years during the thousand-year Fourth Reich.


Not just crucify the bodies, but vacuum seal them in a transparent plastic casing and put them all over the country as a warning to the next hundred generation, what someone’s faith will be when they betray there people.


But the problem isn’t the immigration policies, it is liberal capitalism which allows for the possibility of race-replacement via declining white birth rates. I don’t blame the immigrants nor do I think modern politicians are responsible (although they are reprehensible); the decline of the West was engendered by the social and economic arrangements involving Bretton Woods and the Marshall Plan.

Capitalism is unsustainable and irresponsible to the environment and social needs; not to mention promoting the most disgusting specimens of the white race to the top of the societal hierarchy.

If it wasn’t clear from my previous comment, what I meant to say is that liberal-capitalism is a deal with the devil, which promised enormous wealth in the sort term for whites; but, inevitably it had to lead to destruction of the West.

Immigration is the symptom, not the cause.

My point is that the real traitors are long dead. The multicult-liberals who promote miscegenation pale in comparison, they are just feasting on the corpse of a body someone else murdered.

The “saying” is from Jewish author, Stefan Zweig: Brazil is the country of the future, and always will be. Meaning the country is going nowhere, ever. That being said, as long as television and beer are available, I think that most White North Americans could very well manage a Brazilian lifestyle.

Whites are very adaptable. Niggers won’t mind since they are by nature savages. And our southern invaders, the ones from your neck of the woods, are already used to dirt floors. At least those we have around here are. Great family values, too. The running joke at Home Depot (building supply store) is a Mexican asking a White American in the parking lot, “Senior, do you want my sister? She’s a virgin. Eleven years old, looks like twelve, and #@cks like she’s thirteen.”

The solution? I’m personally hoping for a natural disaster. Maybe the Yellowstone Caldera will blow its top and take out half the land mass. By God, I’m told that when that thing blows it could even bring back the dinosaurs.

Not sure London will be much better in the long run. But I wish your friend well.

Sorry for the bad mood, but everyone’s nervous about what the niggers are up to. Jesse and Al are coming to town in order to incite violence…uh…er…I mean raise awareness about racism, so you can imagine what its like around here.

Maybe the Yellowstone Caldera will blow its top and take out half the land mass.

Again what I just said to NYU in the other thread when he hoped for a solar catastrophe must be repeated: it is much more probable that energy devolution happens in the coming years & decades. Why unlike Sebastian Ronin those concerned with white survival aren’t taken a good look at the evidence?


Incidentally, Covington’s dream of a Northwest Republic would be shattered with a super-volcano eruption at Yellowstone. That’s why only William Pierce’s scenario is promising according to natural law: Let’s conquer the whole continent for the race.

As the current panic-attack of the Zimmerman case in the US shows, most of the Whites here are already self-doctrinated, self-hating, anti-racists like your friend mentioned. It is indeed depressing. The next generation of Whites will not only be this brainwashed or MORE but will also ALL have at least one black / mestizo / jew mixed into their family, making them all the more unlikely to resist.
Best regards,
R. Rud

The next generation of Whites will not only be this brainwashed or MORE but will also ALL have at least one black / mestizo / jew mixed into their family, making them all the more unlikely to resist.

This is an important point, and it reminds me to emphasize something: we need to have a rigorous, theoretical, moral, absolute commitment to racism, because a provincial, conservative, “kith and kin” sort of mindset cannot maintain racial barriers in the face of rapidly changing circumstances. You get people claiming that they hate Blacks but that Asians are alright since they want to fuck one, and that Jews have been patriotic Southerners as long as they’re “Southern Jews” rather than East Coast Jews, or that they hate “ghetto culture” but their Black drinking buddy is “practically White”, etc.

It cannot be personal, it must be ideological. Psychologically we need to be more like Northern Puritans than Southern Confederates; radicals rather than conservatives, committed to ideals that go above our personal circumstances, putting race ahead of state, class, and even family (especially a family which includes “marriages” to non-Whites or homosexuals).

We also have to be prepared to abandon every type of liberal culture that exits. We must be like baptists or reformists who throw away nearly every piece of modern culture and stick to the Bible, Calvin and there book of martyrs.

Imagine all the films, television shows, novels, comic books and video games and ask yourself this question, how much of it do you really need, how much is tainted with liberalism, socialism and zionism? How much of it spreads the gay agenda, black culture, hedonism, anti-values and race-mixing?

The answer of course is that with the exception of a few gold nuggets, all of it has to go, all of it has to be burned, all of it is a lie.

My dream is, besides what you say above, to even change the voltage of the US to 250V and Europe to 125V so that these white niggers can’t even listen to their CDs of monkey music.

My dreams:

1. All the shops selling Cd’s, DVDs and blue-rays get trashed alongside the content they sell, it’s 99,9% junk anyway.

2. The internet get’s shutdown and then replaced with just a few thousand websites, mostly official government websites and websites explaining racial and cultural purity.

3. Television get’s shutdown completely, except for two television channels, one with news and another with sanctioned educational entertainment.

4. Libraries get shut down and are cleansed of all unclean content. About 90% of content in modern libraries are just cheap novels and child-level books, the rest are either great works, or book on science and technology.

5. All newspapers and magazines are shut down, a few of the buildings are reused to publish a number of official newspapers and magazines, the rest get trashed.

6. Statues and monuments build in an avant-garde style get recycled and buildings in an avant-garde style get broken down.

7. We move into peoples houses and remove every piece of media content that is unclean and colored, we arrest and execute people who are found selling or hoarding unclean content.

8. We relax the rules a bit to drawn out the last people selling or hoarding unclean media, then we arrest then and tighten the rules again.

The average Brazilian, even the Brazilian middle class, is certainly one of the most stupid people there are in this world. I see my relatives, with respectable professions, such as teacher or engineer, arguing passionately about football or soap operas. Something went wrong in me to prefer discussing reality.
Ps…I spoke specifically of the middle class because they do not need to go into detail about the behavior forever wild, sub humans who surround me.
I chose the blue pill.

That’s exactly our problem and I don’t know what the solution is. So long as white professionals continue to dig their head in the sand and concentrate on football, what hope does the white race have of resisting?

Liberal-capitalism is the only socio-political system which allows members of a social body to act individualistically without concern for the greater whole. Our enemies take full advantage of this.

No matter how much worse things get economically, it seems to me that the Jews will manage to maintain as 25% (perhaps percent is lower in non-Western and non-American countries with whites) group of managerial/affluent white professionals who follow the party line, no matter how ridiculous of injurious to our race, so long as they can maintain their standard of living.

Again, I see liberal-capitalism, in its many incarnations, as the problem … even with an economic collapse such a system could reinvent itself in the form of global techno-feudalism.

Race-mixing for future generations is baked into the cake. We need to create an international network of white breeding farms who have the independent will to maintain their heritage and DNA, separate from the masses. Whites will not wake up, I’m convinced now, unless the power of media and easing going lifestyle of liberal-capitalism is destroyed within the next 20 years.

Anyway, the real war isn’t white against minorities, it’s the moneyed-elite who sponsor the PC agenda and go along to get along against working class whites and the few racially conscious WNs throughout the West. The real problem is within the ranks of our own race.

“It is probably no longer possible for the American Revolution to take a constitutional form. The perfected parliamentary-electoral techniques of late democratic conditions seem to exclude that possibility. There is left only civil war. In such a war, the race-war between the Negro and the white, the class-war of the unions against the managers, the financial-war of the money-dictators against the coming authoritarian nationalism, and the war for survival of the Culture-distorter against the American people, will all step forth for resolution.”

The culture of the culture-distorter now is the culture. We are the distorter of the modern culture.

Chechar, you say there is a coming USA-dollar currency collapse and “the collapse may happen this year or the next one…”.

The so-called “financial meltdown” in 2008 didn’t cause a currency collapse of the USA dollar. The current economy in the USA is barely growing, but it is not even close to collapsing anytime in the next few years, so why this panic on your part of the USA dollar collapsing “this year or the next”? It’s not going to happen.

I debunked Peter Schiff months ago, in comments I made back in February on your website: https://westsdarkesthour.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02//24/one-morning/

Rubbish. You debunked nothing. To debunk Schiff you must go thru hundreds of audios and YouTube videos and see and listen how Schiff invites heavy weights, I mean dozens non-Austrian economists in his program, and how he refutes their silly arguments.

Chechar, you also say in your comments above: “After the dollar hyperinflates London will be unsafe to say the least.”

Is hyperinflation why you think the USA-dollar will soon collapse?

The average annual inflation rate of the USA-dollar for the last four years has been about 2% per year, which historically is a low inflation rate for the USA-dollar. The inflation rate so far for 2013 is about 1% per year.

In the financial markets, since the re-election of Obama in November 2012 which guaranteed a continuation of Federal Reserve policies which have been giving the USA this very-low-growth & low-interest rates & low inflation rate economy, the price of gold has fallen greatly as gold-backed financial investments are no longer needed as an inflation hedge, because there isn’t going to be any substantial inflation for at least the next few years.

Just look at a chart of the price of gold since the November 2012 election. The selling of the gold-backed GLD since the election — GLD is the biggest of the gold-backed ETFs aka Exchange Traded Funds — has dumped more than 500 tons of gold on the world gold market, and that is a big reason why the gold price has been collapsing since the election (for comparison, in all of 2012, a total of about 2,400 tons of gold was mined by all the world’s gold miners). Supply and demand.

All the smart money on Wall Street says there isn’t going to be any substantial inflation in the near term, and you put up against that Peter Schiff. You are being fooled by Peter Schiff.

Chechar, you say: “You are not even listening. See my latest entry, dedicated to people like you, “Nacoland”.”

I am listening: you said: “To debunk Schiff you must go thru hundreds of audios and YouTube videos and see and listen how Schiff invites heavy weights, I mean dozens non-Austrian economists in his program, and how he refutes their silly arguments.”

In that link I gave above I listened to the first 32 minutes of the Peter Schiff video you recommended, and I found a major false statement by him about what China can do with its USA-dollars, and a very big claim by him about how a rise in interest rates would collapse USA banks, without his offering any interest-rate numbers nor any reason to believe him.

And now you say I need to listen to hundreds of his audios and videos.

Since Peter Schiff is your teacher, and you seem to be saying that you have listened to hundreds of his audios and videos, can you summarize for your internet audience with NUMBERS why anyone should believe the USA-dollar may crash this year or next?

The reason why I referred you to those videos is simple. This guy has responded to each and every objection that you mention in his debates with non-Austrian economists. It’s those debates, some rather funny, what have convinced me that he is right. I don’t have the time, liver or disposition to reply in writing what he has explained so well in spoken English. But there are other economists who are saying exactly the same thing. This is Mike Maloney:


The fact of the matter is this: I’m no physicist, I dont know how gravity operates, but I know, out of experience, that if I drop an object, it will fall on the ground.

Similarly, I’m no economist, but I know you cannot pile debt upon debt with no hope of paying it off and still think you won’t eventually go bankrupt. The US already owes something around 100% of its GDP: over 17 trillion dollars in debt. Even worse than that is the fact that not only there’s no plan (neither serious nor non-serious) to pay off this debt, but the tendency of the American State is just to go on borrowing money, printing more money and spending more and more money each year.

Well, this situation won’t be able to go on indefinetely. If a crash won’t happen, please, somebody explain to me why.

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