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Autobiography Miscegenation

My grandpa’s slave


In another thread, Mr. Deutsch asked me today:

“In Mexico, how many racially conscious whites have you met? I’m guessing what keeps race-mixing from being a free-for-all is economic stratification?”

Yes: social class is paramount here.

To answer your question: my Uncle Beto, who died in 1983 and admired Hitler; his son, my cousin Rodolfo who presently is living in San Jose in California; my aunt Mina who died in 2001 (photo above – her late daughter who had close ties with my family); a High School pal with a lightest blond hair from the Colegio Madrid in Mexico City (I guess this guy of Iberian ancestry is still with us), and my friend Miguel Martínez (I can mention his name because there are thousands of “Miguel Martínez” here).

As you can see, only a handful.

The problem with Latin American whites is that we have family, relatives or close friends with mixed blood or that have miscegenated. Once your family (sisters, brothers) / relatives / friends / acquaintances make that step, most of what remained of white solidarity after universal Catholicism and secular liberalism vanishes rapidly. The ethnocidal mess started half a millennium ago, right during the conquest of Mexico.

Within my family and relatives the only taboo would be to marry a black or a mulatto (none of them have done that as far as I know, though a first cousin married a Japanese). But marrying a brunette is perfectly OK. Excepting a white revolution in the First World that infects the white zeitgeist of the Third World, white Mexicans are doomed and beyond repair; mestization, their ultimate destiny.

esclavo de abuelo

In this pic of ca. 1920 Uncle Carlos and Uncle Tóbal are sitting while Antonio Roque, a mulatto, is standing: my grandpa’s slave (my grandfather does not appear in the photo). Antonio was a very faithful slave, and lived with my grandfather, his master, until old age caught him and my grandparents consigned him to an asylum in 1939 (when my dad was fourteen years old).

48 replies on “My grandpa’s slave”

I honestly did not know that there were whites in Mexico as high as about 5% until recently. Your family looks like it has good facial features.

I still say that without Jewish subversion, the whites in Mexico would be in control of that country and not mixing; the greatest form of segregation is CULTURAL (which was destroyed by economic capitalism and the Frankfort School), not legalistic. Whites have lost their high culture, and therefore, the gap between themselves and the negro has dispersed.

Whites in America are proud of having ‘diverse’ sexual partners, so don’t look for any help north of the border.

“But marrying a brunette is perfectly OK.” Is that a reference to race or hair color.?

“Brunette” – I had in mind Total Recall: Arnold with a clearly mestizo girlfriend (after killing his blonde wife: “Take it as a divorce!”).

I still say that without Jewish subversion, the whites in Mexico would be in control of that country and not mixing…

And you are quite wrong here. White suicide in Mexico started in the 1510s, even before the conquest, long before Jews arrived here: when a stranded Spaniard in Yucatan married a Mayan and had the first cute mestizo kids in the continent… You really don’t know the history of Mexico, do you?

madrina conmigo

I said that I have met only a handful of racially conscious whites. Well, the woman in the pic is my (late) Godmother; I am the kid with the red vest. All thru her life she had friendly discussions with her brother Beto, the Hitler admirer mentioned above. Uncle Beto abhorred the “raza”, and always talked in friendly albeit critical terms about “la raza de Josefina!”, roughly “the race that Josefina loves!” in the sense that my Godmother always felt pity for the poor Amerind mestizos.

No Jew brainwashed my Godmother, who was born in 1915 long before TV. It was purely a Christian sense of compassion—the same that my mother feels about “la gente de clase humilde” (the downtrodden browns).

Sooner or later I must write down lots of juicy family anecdotes that demonstrate my claim that Christian axiology is the main culprit here.

I include Christianity in the category of a Jewish brainwashing operation. Additionally I don’t think that having compassion for other races is necessarily unnatural.

In America, plenty of whites had sympathy for the blacks in the civil rights movement, but they still had a culture which differentiated them from race-mixing and becoming culturally assimilated. That barrier no longer exists.

If what I’m saying has no validity I’m not sure how you would enforce white racial laws, because in a globalized (we cannot go back to pre-modern times) world everyone will share a similar culture.

I stand by my assertion that culture is what separates the high and low races; not mere skin color.

No Jew brainwashed my Godmother, who was born in 1915 long before TV. It was purely a Christian sense of compassion—the same that my mother feels about “la gente de clase humilde” (the downtrodden browns).

But what about the thousands of puppies that are hungry and unloved? They don’t even turn people’s heads into soccer balls!

If people are going to have bleeding hearts they should at least direct them towards puppies.

I don’t have a problem with the gospels, although I don’t follow them; the issue is with people who act like ‘Christians’ and don’t live up to any of the real ethical commands they claim to believe in.

Being a real Christian means; owning nothing beyond your means, no pre-marital sex, constant affection for those who suffer, and a concentration on the good of others over yourself.

The real Christians who follow those rules are so few in number they must hate the rest of the perish sinning hypocrites.

The gospel demands pity for humans, not for dogs.

How barbaric. Racism = Sexism = Specism, just ask PETA.

@Stubbs, Hitler on America:

I don’t see much future for the Americans… It’s a decayed country. My feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance… Everything about the behavior of American society reveals that it’s half Judaized, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?

Carl Jung said Americans talked, jived, danced, and thought like a primitive Negro tribe.


[Adolf Hitler, statement in conversation, 7 January 1942, as quoted in Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer p. 895, from transcripts published as Hitler’s Secret Conversations , 1941–1944 (1953)]

I posted a comment before asking if the lack of resistance to the current state of affairs has something to do with the destruction of our finest genetic material in 2 hideous world wars. Perhaps the white people left over are not of the same quality.

Do you find any truth in this position?

Genetically this idea isn’t preposterous if you look at who dies in massive wars according to r/k selection. Also, Lothop Stoddard was wrong about the nature of the founding stock that came to America being of a superior quality; a mass-orientated, egalatarian country based on economics is bound to reproduce horribly mediocre specimens, even if the original founding stock was hardy.

I’m sure you would take offense to this, Chechar, but Evola said that the Conquistadors were the ‘rabble’ of Europe; the worst genetic material. I don’t know anything about Mexican or S. American history to verify that.

I have heard that dozens of times. I guess that before Evola said it, it was a most common hearsay. I don’t believe that the Conquerors were genetically deficient compared to those who stayed in the peninsula.

I’ll put it this way. Of all famous New Spaniards and Mexicans I admire no politician or religious personality (no one tried to impede mestization); only two writers: Bernal Díaz del Castillo, who wrote in the 16th century his superb book on the conquest of Mexico, and José Vasconcelos, who died when I was even younger than the above pic.

Carl Jung said Americans talked, jived, danced, and thought like a primitive Negro tribe.

And yet Germany remains occupied by them, while Vietnam fought them off. As soon as Hitler left, *poof*, back to the sausage-eaters who let communists and Jews lord over them in the Weimar Republic. And suddenly no one had ever supported the most popular party the country had ever seen.

I don’t dislike Germany (or particularly like America), but trying to talk them up and bash America is a joke when they let America rule over them, and accept liberal-Jewish control of their culture and history.

To be frank, the Germans weren’t as strong as Hitler had hoped, just like the English weren’t as smart as Hitler had hoped. The Germans obeyed orders like Americans do. There were genuine revolutionaries and idealists among them, more than there were in any other White nation, but still too few and they expended themselves trying to protect the rest.

The Japanese were prepared to fight for decades if their island was invaded, the Vietnamese did fight and won, but the Germans gave up once Berlin fell and the mantle of “authority” fell back on the materialists. And they haven’t done anything to oppose them since. At least the Southerners you hate so badly still fly their confederate flags and put up passive-aggressive statues of Stonewall Jackson. (And had the Ku Klux Klan in operation for a while.)

I posted a comment before asking if the lack of resistance to the current state of affairs has something to do with the destruction of our finest genetic material in 2 hideous world wars. Perhaps the white people left over are not of the same quality.

I get the rationale behind this theory, but it doesn’t seem to play out. WW1 actually spawned a bunch of revolutionary movements. Some of the most pathetic White countries never suffered major war casualties (Sweden, Canada, etc). Russia suffered waves of casualties that utterly dwarfed those of America and Britain, but remains one of the most independently-minded countries today.

Also, Lothop Stoddard was wrong about the nature of the founding stock that came to America being of a superior quality; a mass-orientated, egalatarian country based on economics is bound to reproduce horribly mediocre specimens, even if the original founding stock was hardy.

I think they’re fine biologically. They haven’t been dysgenically selected for very long, and have a decent rural/settler history behind them. The big problem with Americans is that they’re a nation of runners. They run away, off to the next “opportunity”, not staying and fighting for what they believe in. They don’t think historically and they don’t think into the future; they think of the places they can go to that have money.

White Americans are actually highly intelligent, but like the Alphas from BNW their thinking is linear and utilitarian. It’s a mix of the English colonial mindset with the open frontier. Radicalism per se is something they have little experience with, Americans who would have been forced to fight in another country instead moved to somewhere less problematic. That’s why despite having one of the most right-wing populations in the first world Americans can’t actually do anything like the Golden Dawn, or even like the Front National. They want “limited government”, which is to say they want another chance to run, but they’re not being given that any more.

I think you are a typical, bourgeois American with higher than average intelligence.

There is an old saying, “You hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see.” That applies to your post as well as mine.

You and I are spiritual enemies; this is one big reason I’m not a supporter of the white race (most whites would probably love to be Americanized), only white high culture.

America is so vast that its almost impossible to have a movement like Golden Dawn or the like across the whole country. The best you could hope for is some kind of regional party. This is where the Northwest Front shows a lot of promise, but can you actually get the ‘runners’ to stand and fight? Only time will tell.

Oh please. Europeans are spiritual eunuchs now, their “high culture” consists of holocaust remembrance videos and sexualized pop songs sung in English. There’s more “aristocrat” in a fat Southern hick driving an ATV around and carrying shotgun to hunt squirrel with than there is in the servile disarmed European metrosexuals cowering before the Blacks and Muslims who roam around beating up their sons and raping their daughters. And that is what’s happening. Frankly the Vikings and Romans and other White warrior-cultures of past would have more respect for the hillbillies.

I am a supporter of the White race. The “vulgar” “zoological” race, the race made out of blood and brain and gristle and “matter”, the one that evolved from apelike creatures by killing and eating other animals with flint in the cold and dark, the race that has only existed on this planet for a short time and which may not be on it for much longer.

We aren’t “spiritual enemies” you’re just a reactionary who believes nobility can be derived from consuming cultural artifacts. I’m at least radical enough to acknowledge that a people who would live must fight, and that a tasteful, refined coward only embarrasses himself further.

Even the dumbest, fattest, most toothless Klansman in the South deserves more recognition than some rich Swedes who read The Odyssey front to back in their private school but don’t have enough spine to tell their daughter she can’t go “clubbing” with a bunch of Ethiopians. Oh who am I kidding, if the Ethiopian can wear a suit and listen to Bach he’s a better husband than the Klansman!

I’m starting to understand why Martinez thought so little of the “Traditionalists”. And when I hear the word “High Culture” I reach for my pistol…

@ Stubbs

Your views on America and Europe are intolerable, therefore I refuse to respond to your myopic version of events.

I support Bowden’s ideal of the cultured thug; I have contempt for people who have no cultural understanding and think of themselves as superior to other races (I myself am a pre-med student, but even I do my best to learn occidental languages, study art, and be conversant with ancient and continental philosophy).

The white race is superior to all other races in potential, but only in potential. We have to be objective about why we feel and think this way; it is our creative passion which has engineered architectural beauty and the Hellenic tragedies. I know you won’t shed a tear if Goethe, Schelling, Handel, Plato, Aristotle, or Raphael’s works vanished from the face of the Earth due to neglect, so long as the white race remained pure and functional.

But the question would be what separates ourselves from the lesser races? If you don’t believe in the value of high culture the only answer would be skin color and behavior trends … that’s an acceptable view point, but not one I’m prepared to take.


Culture without race is far more fatal than race without culture. Some antediluvian Christians like the pure blond Mexican Mennonites at least are keeping their Aryan gene intact and alive.

Since this thread is kind of autobiographical let me make a point by saying that tonight the orchestra composition of my father La Espada was re-released after 48 years. Besides the big orchestra it has a chorus of 150 voices, and when it was premiered in 1965 I saw the President of Mexico (the only one I like because he ordered the massacre of leftist students in 1968).

Since tonight I attended the re-release I could see the auditorium with hundreds of attendees: mostly mestizos.

That may be high culture, but to no avail. The crude fact is that ever since Spain’s golden age after the expulsion of the Jews, the Iberians have been committing racial suicide, including people that I know.

I don’t care how much classical music these guys listen to: unlike the Mennonites these people ruined their gene pool. Stubbs has a point: when I listened the word cultura in tonight’s performance I was compelled to touch my gun.

Actually I’m much more misanthropic. If we purged every other race from the planet and then (for some reason) went Brave New World on ourselves I’d just as soon let the Crab People blast us to dust and give some other species a shot at the title. So I know what you’re getting at there.

My main issue with “high culture” is that the term always feels dead and disconnected. I do think there’s a distinction between a work that’s merely entertaining and a work that makes a person think about existence and their place in the world. There’s also a distinction between a work that’s of great historical significance and one that isn’t. I don’t think “art” is useless term, or that it includes Jersey Shore.

On the other hand “high culture” tends to be what’s been handed down. In the middle ages Latin was the language of “high culture”, but in Rome it was Greek. Shakespeare was popular but it wasn’t considered “high culture” during his lifetime.

The idea of life as the pursuit of “high culture” seems really dubious to me, because the main goal of the future becomes research into the past, and the great struggle of life becomes to record the great struggle of life.

Odysseus sails back home to be reunited with his wife – but why? His wife doesn’t produce high culture. Odysseus should sail home with the hope of writing The Odyssey. Obviously that would be stupid, but if our great hero lived for high culture wouldn’t that basically be his quest? And yet no one would consider that a good story, they would consider it a terrible story and they would consider Odysseus a crappy hero for not impaling the men making moves on his wife.

In a sense, high culture becomes valuable because it helps us see ourselves, and our relation to life, the universe, and everything. This only matters if you’re actually living your life, though. For a person to focus on reading or writing drama when the existence of their race is in the balance guts the essence of the work itself, because it’s fleeing from their own life and their own destiny to read stuff that should, ostensibly, be a guide and a catalyst to them. If Odysseus writes The Odyssey instead of confronting his wife’s suitors then the heroic spirit of the story dissipates, it’s just words on the page.

The White race is Odysseus now; our family is being threatened and we are duty-bound to fight for it. We are called on to take part in a myth, not merely read or write one. To ponder on a great work, while shirking our real destiny, is just to entertain oneself. To go forward towards our destiny is more honorable, even if it’s as a dumb but hard-headed Klansman, or an illiterate barbarian, or an ape-man fighting back a rival tribe with pointed sticks. It’s “high living” in a sense, it’s being the hero of your own story.

That’s why all of the “culture” of the Europeans is meaningless if they will not fight. It all becomes hollow, their connection to existence becomes one mediated by base concerns. The cultured thug might be better than the other thugs, but the cultured coward isn’t any better than the uncultured one.

Well, I shouldn’t come off as though I’m all doom and gloom. There are plenty of good thugs, cultured and less-than-cultured, in Europe and I don’t want to ignore their contributions. There are thugs in America too, and it’s good to have them even if they’re not as cultured as they could be. I honestly don’t know of any post-war European who was as on-the-ball as William Pierce, and he was an American Southerner.

I didn’t appreciate him enough early on. He’s just damn near the bull’s-eye on everything.

@ Chechar and Stubbs

There is no alternative to my suggestion; Spengler has proven that all cultures are built by aristocrats who sponsor a high culture. When the masses get access to the halls of government, they slowly erode the high culture and turn it into garbage, which leads to the collapse of civilization.

Perhpas I was unclear before, high culture is not about art work and poetry, that is merely a product; what I mean by the term is creation of an order of men who are warriors and statesmen who craft a direction for the rest of the body of whites to follow.

This caste of men has to be differentiated from the rest of society in a state of danger/tension which allows for its productivity and honesty to be constantly tested and developed; this is why we have high culture … it’s not just pretty, it’s necessary for the development of the higher types which make civilization possible.

stubbs you should write a book, I do’nt know if you make up you replies on the spot but they sure hit the nail

Well I had some time on my hands.

The trick to writing a book is to express yourself clearly and succinctly. Especially these days, where people tend to have short attention spans, including myself honestly. In that sense I’d still need to work on expressing my thoughts.

Keeping the bloodline pure (White) is pointless if you’re going to succumb to inbreeding (Mennonites).

It was not official but de facto slavery. Antonio was property of my grand-grandfather (who had many de facto slaves in a company of yarn and fabric) that my grandfather inherited after his death.

Excellent pictures by the way. If you have more of them from this time period, I’m sure people here would like to see them.

About the 1920 photo I forgot to add that the clothing in the background was the factory’s product: they used to sell that stuff.

casa afrancesada

Above, a very Frenchified house, certainly the blacksmithing is pre-art nouveau, where some of the family I mention in the post appear (plus my grandma from my mother’s side).

Below right, my grand-grandmother María (a friend says I look like her!), who I still met as a small child when she was much older. When she was a girl her hair, still kept by my mother, shows she was blond.abue maria

mi tia mina

Left, my aunt Mina (María’s daughter), mentioned in the post, in her teens (her daughter Blanquita appears at the top of the entry).

boboyo conmigoRight, my cousin Rodolfo, also mentioned above (his father, the big fan of Hitler), with me lifting my arm as a child (I don’t want to use more recent pics of him; people might recognize him in San Jose, Ca.).

Thank you sir, very nice family you have. I like the look of Spanish-descended whites.

Mediterranean whites have an underrated beauty.

I apologize for filling this thread, but I thought I would include Jung’s quote:

“Another thing that struck me [in the American] was the great influence of the Negro, a psychological influence naturally, not due to the mixing of blood. The emotional way an American expresses himself, especially the way he laughs, can best be studied in the illustrated supplements of the American papers; the inimitable Teddy Roosevelt laugh is found in its primordial form in the American Negro. The peculiar walk with loose joints, or the swinging of the hips so frequently observed in Americans, also comes from the Negro. (Note 3) American music draws its main inspiration from the Negro, and so does the dance. The expression of religious feeling, the revival meetings, the Holy Rollers and other abnormalities are strongly influenced by the Negro. The vivacity of the average American, which shows itself not only at baseball games but quite particularly in his extraordinary love of talking – the ceaseless gabble of American papers is an eloquent example of this – is scarcely to be derived from his Germanic forefathers, but is far more like the chattering of a Negro village. The almost total lack of privacy and the all-devouring mass sociability remind one of primitive life in open huts, where there is complete identity with all members of the tribe.”

Evola on the tragedy of Americanization:

“America is, in fact, one of those cases where, from an extremely heterogeneous raw material emerges a type of man whose characteristics are, by and large, uniform and constant. Men of the most diverse peoples thus receive, by settling in America, the same imprint. It is almost always the case that, after two generations, they have lost their original characteristics and reproduce a fairly unitary type, as far as the mentality, sensitivity and modes of behaviour are concerned: to wit, the American type.”

Unbelievable, really. Your family looks just as white as your average Jew, yet you vehemently oppose Jews and claim yourself to be white. WTF? Larry was right. You people have a worldview that is inherently contradictory. It can’t even make it out the door without collapsing in on itself. Tell me this: are Italians white? See — totally inconsistent and illogical.

As I said in my previous comment: There is no evidence that a group called ‘Jew’ is solely or significantly responsible for the disenfranchisement and coming disappearance of Europeans. In fact, Jews are doing a heck of a job securing their own(European) peoples’s future, while the Anglo elites in the U.S. are considering yet another wave of amnesty.

I understand your frustration, and I understand that frustrated minds sometimes connect dots that are not really there; but the hatred against Jews, far more invidious than anything harbored here against blacks, is inexcusable and the sign of madmen. You are all mad. While Europe and the U.S. are being inundated with Arabs and Muslims, you do nothing but make hateful stabs against Jews.

There is a place to criticise disproportionate Jewish influence on the downfall of the West, but there is no place whatsoever for the general hatred you harbor for all jews. It’s disgusting.

chechar has hatred for jews? He is about as compromising in his views as you can get when you view the facts. macdonald and the likes have pointed out time and time again that ben you and you jews opened the gates, again and again, in jerusalem, spain, the us and in the EC. If I speak up against the invasion of our homelands will speak up in this order :
in private
a white male or more likely female with holocaustian indoctrination !
“how dare you are you a nazi don’t you know about the holocaust where such talk leads to?”
or when I go public : a jew, at the head of any humanitarian organisation, newspaper editorial or TV journalist.

Hey at this mome ent my home town is invaded by gypsies, 500 hundred of them squatting our local sports arena, but don’t speak up, an anti-racist organisation with a head jew will bash us immediately. But you’re right in Israel you do fine.

Listen punk from Sydney in Australia: in another thread Deutsch asked me if I considered myself a hundred percent white and I said “No” because Spaniards mixed a lot thru eight centuries and even after the Reconquista the mess continued. The same with southern Italians and Greeks and even Slavs who have Mongol blood in their veins (worse of all are the Portuguese: a drop of Negro blood). Still, you will be surprised to learn that so-called Meditarraneans have a better sense of race precisely because of that history of debasing their race.

An example of Auster’s years of promoting philo-semitism having an effect. This person thinks Jews are on the West’s side.

Liar. Jews BROUGHT Africans and Muslimes IN to America and Europe. Imported them in to DESTROY White societies. You filthy Jew devil. Jews are NOT White. Jews are mongrels. Devils.

Well of course many Jews look like white Europeans. They have to some degree bred with gentiles, so as better to fit in with the locals. Or should I rather say “hide” among the locals.

I have even seen Jews who look like very Nordic types of Germanic people.

But in many cases there often are Semitic traits that you physically can spot.

Now it’s true that Mediterranean whites probably are genetically more similar to Semitic people, compared to say Germanic people, because of the geographic proximity. But this doesn’t change the fact that the genetic profile of Ashkenazi Jews is quite distinct from all other ethnic European groups.

The most important however, is the culture and mindset of the Jews, which is completely different from the white European. They are a tribe of parasitic nomads who have created a sophisticated culture aimed at controlling virtually all aspects of the host culture. This is done through control of the financial system, moneylending and usury, subversion of cultural life through art, media and education, and influencing the political system through their wealth and ethnic networking.

Now there are no doubt other factors at work. Christianity, and its secular offshoots is the other main factor that comes to mind. But this doesn’t change the fact that Jews collectively have had a significantly negative effect upon European culture.

Stubbs’ argument makes absolutely no sense to me. Stubbs is saying, “I don’t think we need high culture because …”

I don’t care what you ‘think’, it’s about what is of historical and existential necessity that matters.

It is a necessity to produce statesmen and warriors who will fight and labor for an ideal cause, not material gain. The masses cannot and will not do this of their own accord.

Civilization is either run by whites or a jewish aristocracy; what keeps the the white aristocracy cohesive is high culture, the jews are kept in line by their ethnic bond and love of mammon. Have you ever read Gramsci or Walter Benjamin? They acknowledged, but did not like, the necessity of the aristocratic supra-structure that provided a context for the entire civilization apparatus; they said that the only alternative was a Leninist regime of bankers and experts which could take the place of gentile aristocrats.

Civilization, in the higher sense, is maintained by a few aristocratic families; the white masses are beneficiaries of the high culture that the aristocrats produce (not that they understand it) because it provides a canopy of meaning and context to live their lives underneath.

The white masses are passive and live their lives according to the meaning,direction and purpose GIVEN to them, not CHOSEN by themselves. The white masses, at this point in time, are guided by the aristocracy of Jews, who produce trash culture and a mass society of consumerism.

The only choice is whether you want to live under a Jewish plutocracy or a white aristocracy of high culture; there are no other options that have been historically documented.

Well sure, we’ve always had “high culture” because it’s defined historically. Whatever culture the upper classes of a great civilization had was “high culture”, even if it was something other civilizations didn’t think much of. In that sense the pursuit of “high culture” is like the pursuit of a “successful state”. It’s vague, and no one can really disagree with it because its defining characteristic is its goodness.

If “high culture” is an aristocratic order then that’s different from cultural products, but in that case lions have high culture. Which I’m not opposed to, but is a confusing idea.

It was my mistake for the way I presented the idea; but my point is that the white aristocracy, which stands above the white middle class, and includes those members of the white middle class which are willing to rise above mere economic survival and fight and die for the the idea that the aristocracy represents are what constitutes a high culture.

The only artifacts we have of high culture are historical accounts, literature, and art; I’m not saying the artifacts themselves are of abstract value outside of the context of their creation.

However, these artifacts are manifestations of the white race at is pinnacle; as opposed to bourgeois mediocrity, which I loath.

Bowden said it:

“Being white isn’t enough, being British isn’t enough, know what you are in you own confirmation of identity … because identity is divine … go to the national gallery and see what we have prodcued as a group .. this is what the Muslims teach their children to be totally proud of what you are …”

I see your point now, and I think we’re basically in agreement. Sorry if I got snide before.

An individual either struggles towards destiny or loses his connection to the divine. The aristocratic, idealistic man strives towards great civilizations, heroic acts, and meaningful art not because he thinks those things are the ultimate good (they’ll fade in time) or even to improve himself personally (he’ll die) but because the act of striving towards those things itself connects him to the eternal.

Salvation comes through works, in other words, not because some entity will hand out rewards in an afterlife, but because the only way for a mortal to commune with fate is to relentlessly pursue his own destiny, to look towards Being in Heidegger’s sense, and so put the things of the material world into a meaningful framework.

And what could we really do without a spiritual outlook of some sort? I mean, we’re going to die as individuals, our artwork will be forgotten someday, we can’t really stop our race from being wiped out in the galaxy-war with the space-squids a trillion years from now, and I’ve recently heard that eventually every atom in the universe might explode some day, so in that case what good is anything we do? Yet there’s a spark inside that drives us to continue, to ignore the material futility of life, and to continue marching down a road set up back before we were pieces of a star.

Well that’s my bad sermon for today, anyhow. If you just put your hand in the offering plate and ruffle it like you put something in God will know.

Hitler Bless.

You family is just beautiful You were a very cute kiddie! Mina was exquisite!

FYI – I am a Brythonic Celt. A THROWBACK old-school Celt. All true Celts are Brown. We can be very “Med-ish” looking. I am very fair-skinned. My facial features are straight-up Taffy. My one sister looks like an Aryan Ideal Nordic Goddess (there’s always one, in every generation), and my other sister looks like a woodland fairy. My extended family’s looks range far and wide – but we are all White. Our ancestors were too unimportant, in our assorted Old Countries, to attract Jewish pollution, I am grateful to my DNA for this blessing..

Thanks. It is a relief to know that your family has not committed the sin of miscegenation (so common in Mexico).

My late aunt Mina used to be the main host of family reunions when I was a little kid (yesterday I saw his son in my dad’s concert). By the by, I just added a new pic at the bottom of the entry: the house’s interior.

Speaking of which, I have to wonder if you’ve ever seen The Mask Of Zorro, the one with her. Any particular thoughts on it, or Zorro legend?

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