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Another provisional entry?

Yesterday I deleted an entry about Matt Heimbach because I couldn’t find actual sources for the words put into his mouth. Today I’d like to add another provisional entry that I’ll also delete if actual sources are not provided for the quotations mentioned below.

At the blog Destroy Zionism, Streicher’s Ghost wrote:

Matthew Heimbach, the founder of the “White Student Union” which has generated some controversy recently, has participated in a radio interview with a crack-smoking Negro. In it, Heimbach says: “if a Jew converted to Christianity, I would accept him as a brother in Christ.”


This is in accordance with the words from Galatians 3:28—written by the Jew Paul (Saul)—in the New Testament: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Heimbach also says that he prefers Black Christians to White Pagans.

The radio show (Heimbach talks about 25 minutes into the show).

To be fair, the author of the above piece did provide a source: the radio show. But I don’t have the time or the patience to listen that long interview. If someone of my readers does, please provide the exact minute and approximate seconds when Heimbach said “if a Jew converted to Christianity, I would accept him as a brother in Christ” (that this is quite problematic is easily shown if we remember the late Larry Auster).

The other claim, that Heimbach prefers black Christians to white pagans, is more problematic because it’s not even stated in quotation marks. Did he really say it? I’ll need a source to allow this entry stay at WDH.

In the comment section Varg Vikernes said, “Actually, I think this [news about Heimbach] is good; it illustrates well the problem with Christians.” I would agree with Vikernes only if the two quotations are real.

39 replies on “Another provisional entry?”

29:30 for Christian Jews as brothers-in-Christ, 32:15 for Black Christians versus White Pagans.

Thank you! In my old laptop it appears at 29:50, and at 32:30 Heimbach tells the black host, “I am more against a white heathen that I am against a black Christian.”

I am afraid that this entry has to stay…

Reblogged this on and commented:

Thanks to Destroy Zionism for their courageous dedication to the unvarnished truth. Thanks to Destroy Zionism for providing a record of this information. Also thanks to The West’s Darkest Hour for having the courage to speak the truth. Freedom means having the right to say that 2+2=4.

WN has to be anti-Christian and spiritually pagan (metaphorically and literally; whatever is your cup of tea) if it is to succeed. I wish Greg would stop allowing Christians to write for him at CC.

If I were dictator of the West, within 24 yours, all of the churches would be burned and the priests would be sent to Africa to preach to a people on their own mental and moral level.

Then Chechar could build his pagan temple. @Chechar: have you read On Being a Pagan by Benoist? Benoist is not a literal pagan, like you, but believes in the spirit of Faust and does a great job describing something we should market to white males.

Young white men need a world view other than atheism of Xtianity; the goal of WN should be to provide them with a colorful landscape.

I’m the most critical person in the world; I despise most people for their dishonesty and inconsistency. That said, Mr. Johnson is a gem, I don’t think he was pandering; context is important.

I know he was tutored by Christians at a Christian college and those men taught him most of what he knows about Western Civ (similar to Bowden’s upbringing).

I’ve seen enough of Greg to disagree strongly, but also to realize that he’s in this fight because he really believes, not for money or prestige (lol).

Swedenborg, a fascinating man, uses very Christian language … but you can read him from the Traditionalist-esoteric camp without being a Christian.

Greg said something odd; that he doesn’t believe in an ‘immortal soul’, yet he advocates Traditionalism (which says that one can acquire an immortal soul through certain processes).

That seems like a strange inconsistency.

If the guy is doing good work for the White race who gives a fuck? Most of it is politics and if you have a problem with it, get up off your asses and do it how you’d define the “right way.”

The kid may be doing good work for the race, but in the unlikely scenario that with Kokesh the pair runs for office and win the consequences would be disastrous for the race (vice-president Heimbach would prefer Christian blacks to “heathens” like me, and another born-again Larry Auster might be his “bro in Christ”).

In Mexico, how many racially conscious whites have you met? I’m guessing what keeps race-mixing from being a free-for-all is economic stratification?

Yes, but who wants to live in a white world being bossed around by fat Southern Xtian men? The world some of these WNs want to bring back would be a patriarchy of squirrel-eating Nascar fans.

We don’t want just any future of the white race; we want a beautiful, intelligent, and worldly race of beings.

Whiteness is not enough, in fact it means nothing without a proper spiritual orientation and character.

I’d rather live in multicultural Sweden or Boston than the Southern prole armpit of America that is 100% white.

Heimbach’s positions have been evolving rapidly, along the same course (if at a much faster rate) as our own as we each learned more and more.

For a comprehensive outline of his current, actual, complete position on the Jewish Question at this point, take the time to read Matthew Heimbach on the Jewish Question here.

His position is not compatible with Austerite (anti-black+anti-jihad+pro-jew) buffoonery. To paraphrase, “A Jew who accepts Christ becomes my brother in Christ, but he’s still not us. Only we can be us.”

The whole Heimbach/Kokesh thing is one of Ronin’s retarded hobby horses he’s been bobbling around on lately. Like most of his hobby horses, it’s incoherent. He just goes around on Facebook and the blogs stirring up half-baked rumors and insults against our most active and productive ethnic nationalists, and you all take him and his ravings seriously.

This whole anti-Heimbach campaign is another one of Seb’s attacks on the movement, as part of his childish plot to destroy the American White Nationalist movement leadership and organizations so his Renaissance Vanguard hobby project can emerge victorious and take over the world. His shtick works like a charm, because all you have to do is toss some rumor, baggage, or misinformation out there and the community swarms in like vultures on a carcass with clockwork certainty.

Apparently his new group is multiracial. So, Blacks are a-okay, but not Whites unless your a Christian or a Sufi? How random is that? We don’t have a right to call him out on this shit?

We have the duty!

Fuck crypto-race mixers and their apologists as well!

Race over all!


Except it’s not intended to be an exclusively white group as far as I can tell. Personally, I wouldn’t be concerned about nationalists working with black nationalists and others if there was credible evidence of reciprocity. The problem is it’s a one way street. Our guys invite and sympatheize with them; they don’t return the favor. But maybe I’m wrong. Is there a Marcus Garvey black nationalist or a Sufi group out there with a standing invitation for WNists?

That’s the whole point. If he’s hanging out with niggers, he’s a race mixer.

Rockwell and Metzger had meetings with Black nationalists, which of course bore no fruit. However, he’s not like them. With him it seems more like a labor of love.

He has divided loyalties. That could never be said of Rockwell or Metzger.

Rockwell and Metzger had meetings with Black nationalists, which of course bore no fruit.

Exactly; I forgot about this. A valid point. It’s an example of no reciprocity. Not only is there is no evidence that working with non-whites is a viable way to advance white goals, there is counter-evidence against it.

But I don’t agree that attempts to work with them is “race mixing” in the bad sense. This is an exaggeration that borders on distortion. Quite frankly, it does not make me inclined to take your comments seriously, especially when mixed with cheap speculation like it’s a “labor of love.”

There is a much simpler explanation for the young activists’ attempts reach out to non-whites than any desire to promote “race mixing.” It’s what might be called a loss of institutional knowledge in the movement. There have been so many attempts over the years and decades at different approaches it is easy to lose sight of what has been tried and failed (ex: Rockwell and Metzger). This is especially true for the young. Heimbach is in his low-20s.

Bullshit. Matt Heimbach has a long documented hardon for niggers. He says he likes Blacks more than pagan Whites.

We have the duty to call him out on his treasonous remarks.

We’re not going to lower the bar for anyone. He can “evolve” on his own time.

There is a common misperception that sucking dick and nigger looving will gain us more success.

I’d like to point out that Heimbach for all of his admirable negrophilia can only muster 4 or 5 people for his rallies.

The overt nazis around the world and even in the US draw exponentially larger crowds.

Fuck conservatives!

We demand uncomprimised racial loyalty!

From a conversation I had with Matt. He is not only for a multicultural society, which he is OK with as long as white men rule others, but he is also for a untermensch society since ALL life has value.

Matthew Heimbach
All life does have value. And considering I support a white ethno-state, we would be paying for the lives of our people. I apologize that if we have excess I support the long held European belief of the White Mans Burden to be a colonialist and guide the lesser peoples of the planet. The White Mans Burden was what guided European civilization for almost 600 years until the end of the 2nd World War.

We don’t need him. We have plenty of truly loyal leaders. If him or any other Christian conservative accidently do or say something positive for the White race, fine, but it’s important to know who’s who.

We should not lower our standards for anyone.

Preston: Is that a quote?

Very few Christians have a clue. See my latest anti-Christian post. Manu Rodríguez basically says what I hold as axiomatic: the primary trick that anti-whites use, including the Christians, is linguistic. Pay special attention to what Manu says about the word “pagan” (and also one of the words that Heimbach used in his friendly discussion with the Negro, “heathen” to refer to people like Manu).

How can he be for a multi-racial society and for a white ethno-state at the same time?

Because you’re receiving a distorted mash-up of his evolving positions over an extended period of time, configured to make him look like something other than what he demonstrably is.

Yes. I got that sense as well. But I’m not familiar with these commenters as you appear to be, so I wanted to ask the question about that pretty obvious contradiction in a neutral way. I don’t like to form firm judgments of bad faith until I see it for myself.

It must be rather hard to be a christian nationalist when every single christian denomination, all christian leaders (from the pope down), and the vast majority of christians (85% aren’t even white btw) condemn your positions. The conservatives usually differ from the liberals only because they are insistent upon a completely colorblind society whereas liberals like to promote affirmative action and other causes like that. Whenever any nationalists talk about the church that they attend, they always have to insert the caveat that the denomination is anti-racist and the church is typically multiracial. Why are you supporting something that is so clearly against your interests?

And no moralism please. I can get the exact same moral positions on society from a sunni muslim right. All just a part of the big fake dialectic in society.

I don’t trust Trad Youth at all. As you can see here, Heimbach said “Faith, Family, Folk IN THAT ORDER”

When I questioned him if he would side with Ethiopian Christians over white Heathens, the question went conspicuously unanswered. I just went back to the thread now, and the original comment by Emil Pesic, and the thread that followed, have since been deleted. It is a good thing I took screenshots. The comment thead on the left was taken This is shady behavior.


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