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AltRight: El sabor de mierda


I’ll move this entry: here.

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Ulf is exactly correct above, EXACTLY. We don’t have time to dicker with conservatives – they choose our side or should be forgotten.

I follow the Golden Dawn RSS feed, mostly b/c Linder was so excited about them. They never equivocate, always are attacking, are never baited into dialog with those who they have historical sympathies with. If they are punched, they punch back immediately and harder. They would ignore a lick-spittle like Liddel. They play for results and for keeps. A Liddel is obfuscation, regardless of whether he is genuine or not: It isn’t up for consideration!

This is WN 2.1a – Active Results, loud and proud.

Since this post was inspired by two comments at CC, let me add now another couple from the same thread:

Matt Parrott tonight:

Alternative Right needs to think long and hard about whether it’s going to be respectable or honorable. It’s a reckoning every individual and institution must deal with sooner or later. Sooner or later, rhetoric or circumstances force the issue. If Alt.Right does finally err on the side of mainstream respectability, self-consciousness, and triangulating against those further to the Right of themselves, that will be a terrible setback for our cause, as there really does need to be a quality zine occupying that relatively broad and ecumenical “alternative right” gateway niche.

Lew on AltRight tonight:

There’s doubt in your mind about where the folks who run altright stand after those essays? They’re closer to slander than expressions of principled disagreement on an issue. In terms of tone and substance, the model for disagreement between two people of good will divided on a fundamental issue would be something like Steve Sailer versus Jared Taylor on the merits of Citizenism. Time to write them off, along with A3P. It seems that nothing good ever comes from mixing with conservatives (of any strain). A lesson I learned from you, Johnson and another radical that I will not mention but that I did not want to accept for a long time.

Alternative Right made a big show of purging the “antisemites” long ago. A symposium was held involving several “Traditionalist” Christians spilling gallons of ink exculpating Hebrews. IIRC, several authors made notable concessions to a jew in the comments section. The die has been cast for quite some time now.

That’s quite interesting. I noticed that at its very beginning Richard Spencer interviewed Larry Auster and said repeatedly in the radio show that, although Auster and he disagreed on some important issue (presumably the JQ), on other topics Spencer wanted to listen Auster’s take on immigration, etc.

Not anymore… After that relatively honest start Spencer’s site chose the most abject form of ass kissing. I stopped taking them seriously after the feminized western males kissed the feminists’ asses, as explained in the entry “AltRight didn’t pass a shit test”:


About 10 years ago I met a Manhattan jew from the ‘Big Media’ , I was a naive Liberal them. Let’s say that I started to understand that MSM opinions are in fact Jewish opinions.

I also understand why Hitler wanted to get rid of jews.

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