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Alt Right still doesn’t pass shit tests


On May 2011 the entry “Alternative Right did not pass a shit test” appeared here. Alas, it looks like almost two years later this racialist site still doesn’t pass shit tests. This time the webzine featured a rant authored by an author who abhors Adolf Hitler.

The traitorous people of Alternative Right that recently published the anti-Hitler article are even worse than the candidates for the US presidency in the last elections: a race that quickly turned on who kissed more kike asses. Yes: AltRighters claim to be pro-white advocates but their words tell otherwise. In today’s comment at Counter-Currents Ulf Larsen said:

People who write silly articles like the Liddell piece don’t understand how serious our situation is, and they don’t at all understand our enemies—our existential enemies. It boils down to this: Liddell and his kind are children, in all relevant political respects. If he doesn’t understand that historical giants like Hitler are our old fighters, that this is essentially a continuation of the same fight they fought, he doesn’t understand much.

In fact, our enemies are to a large extent psychopaths and they don’t believe in fair play. The Jews can never be fooled into taking our side—no matter how “clever” and womanly servile you try to be.

No matter how much you genuflect to them and join in the ritual defamation of their old enemies. They would rather die. It’s their old trick, you know—they will not fall for it. And they only see your prostration as a sign of weakness.

The Jews have three properties that make them strong and successful: 1. Intelligence. 2. Group cohesion. 3. Chutzpah. They don’t ask for permission and they don’t ask for forgiveness. Only losers do that.

We need a few of things to win this fight: 1. A clear direction. 2. Energy focused only in that direction, with no hesitation. 3. Confidence and self-respect so strong that it is contagious, radiating so much will-power that people will fall in love with our cause—so strong shall it be that our people cannot resist joining us.

This is incompatible with whining about old fighters, no matter what you disagree about in the details. Only the enemy shall be attacked, and it is up to conservatives like Liddell if they want to join us or the enemy…

One thing that is absolutely certain is that we can never win if we have so low self-esteem that we need to ask our enemies for permission to fight. The only way to win is to attack the enemy. Conservatives refuse, by definition, to do that. That is why they never can win.

Hitler understood this; bourgeois and effeminate conservatives like Colin Liddell will never understand it. That’s why Hitler has something to teach us (and demands our respect), and “ask-the-Jews-for-permission-Liddell” has nothing to contribute to our cause.

I believe that, like other contemporary conservatives, Alternative Right is a complete goner. Let me explain it with a juicy online anecdote.

Not long ago I visited a nationalist site of Spain. The author complained that, unlike the old conservative Spaniards, the new conservatives are kissing the Spanish kikes’ asses in the hopes of being allowed to advance their conservative agenda. The author rightly said that they will never be fooled by such crude tactics, and that after licking the kike’s ass (in the Spanish slang it goes closer to anus licking than ass kissing) what’s left in the conservatives’ mouths is only “el sabor de mierda” (the taste of shit).