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On Himmler

Cited in my last post:

The decline of a people’s culture is always the result of race mixing and a decline in racial quality…

While reading Heinrich Himmler’s insightful text the thought came to my mind that American white nationalists have been trying to reinvent the wheel. Why so many of them haven’t studied the literary output of the National Socialists, starting with the Reichsführer?

I tell you why: Liberals have produced a virus for the white mind so strong that we just can’t say that, as Himmler did in the text I reproduced yesterday, “destroying Jewry will remove the final cause that led to the decline and fall of Europe and its culture.”

My italics and I would add that, as a vaccine for the white mind against the liberal morality, we have been recommending the transvaluation of values. Himmler said:

It is equally false to think that cultures, like individual organisms, follow the laws of growth and decline; that every culture must eventually perish. History provides many examples of peoples that endure for millennia, reaching ever new levels, as long as they maintain their racial purity.

This passage says something that William Pierce and Arthur Kemp would say decades later in their histories of the white race (talking about reinventing the wheel…!).

Heinrich_HimmlerI find it amazing that a German politician in the 1940s got it right while Oswald Spengler and Francis Parker Yockey—idealized intellectuals in the white nationalist scene—got it all wrong.

The message of Himmler, Pierce and Kemp is that, if you keep you gene pool intact through a very strong group surviving strategy, your people won’t decline even with millennia.

Once again a world of appearances collapsed, which had concealed from our eyes the true nature of humanity… A new epoch is coming, one perhaps even more revolutionary than that resulting from Copernicus’s work. Ideas about humanity and peoples that have endured for millennia are collapsing… The Nordic spirit is struggling to free itself from the chains that the Church and the Jews have imposed on Germandom.

But precisely the moment when the old sky started to fall apart and the Aryan to awaken the Anglo-Saxons, so sinfully committed to the old paradigm, did everything in their power to defend it by means of genociding their awoken ancestors… If their lands now burn with rioting blacks and Muslims after the dollar crashes, shouldn’t we start calling the societal collapse poetic justice?

Let Himmler live at least within our hearts.

Anno Hitleris 68!

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And non-Neonazi WNsts are ignorant about NS as well! I posted the following a minute ago in an antifa thread—at Alternative Right!

Pathetic. Really pathetic. Ever since I realized that Alt Right didn’t pass a woman’s shit test, I stopped visiting this site, but now…

Now I see that some Alt-Righters are even worse than codependent males to females’ whims: by subscribing the Judaic narrative on Hitler they’re just race traitors.

For those of you who are NOT traitors, if you visit my blog you will see plenty of articles “on the need to undemonize Hitler”.

Also, for those who way above mentioned the Holocaust, I recommend my excerpts of the book Hellstorm also linked in WDH. Although I was a vehement anti-Nazi as recently as 2008, the most relevant information I found in my adult life was the discovery that the System lied to me about what really happened during and after the Second World War.

After reading Hellstorm I’ll never tire to repeat that what the Allies did in times of peace was incomparably more monstrous than the crimes attributed to the Germans in times of war precisely because it was done in times of peace.

This will be my only comment in AltRight. I won’t visit it again unless and until Alt-Right officially distances itself from the anti-Nazis. (If you want to discuss the NS issues you can do it either at Counter-Currents’ only open thread for the moment—Matt Parrott’s article—or at WDH. Cheers.)

There is an apocryphal story, that when the Channel Tunnel was completed, Francois Mitterand – the Socialist then-president of France – exclaimed: “At last! At last, we’ll destroy them!” Meaning, England had finally voluntarily given up its physical isolation from the Continent, and that the consequences would be inevitable.

I don’t think it’s the Chunnel that actually was the critical factor in what has happened since, ease of air travel seems to be much more important. But it also seems to me that England and the English have succumbed to the tide with far less gestures toward resistance than any other Europeans, possibly because they hadn’t built up a mental immune response from constant contact with foreign peoples the way the continentals may have, so weren’t so prepared to deal with the flood.

A societal collapse (with the subsequent loss of White life) appears to be what the majority of the White race is aiming for.

A theory I’ve developed is that for the majority of White people, the egalitarian value system-whether Christianity, Americanism, Liberalism, Communism etc.-is dearer to them than their own race, than even their own children.
The White race not only committed a genocide of Germany to keep it’s egalitarian values intact. After 1945, it began to genocide, or rather suicide itself, just to ensure ‘another Hitler’ doesn’t emerge and build a sociopolitical order in harmony with the unequal Order of Nature.The majority of the White race would rather die (literally) than let the triumph of a National Socialist society occur. They will sacrifice themselves to maintain the jew value system, so selfish they appear to be.

But if we imagine a world without the Galileans having conquered the Roman Empire and therefore without French Revolution, etc., would this be really happening? Christianity and its secular offshoot seem to have trapped whites in a sleeping matrix so profound that they are now unwilling to wake up (like young Arthur C. Clarke’s tale “The Lion of Comarre”). Fortunately the crash of the dollar will start the process of wakening up our brethrens from a nightmare.

Dr. Revilo Oliver offered a similar critique of Yockey in the compendium “America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative.” Spengler also predicted that the Reich would fall before 1948. Make of that what you will.

Spengler’s falling out with the Reich was due to his idealism. Practical politics are too “vulgar” and biopolitics too “base” in light of fine theory! What nerve to actually deal with traitors! But, he nevertheless made some useful insights for a reactionary.

Non-arrogants, non-pundits and non-poseurs are better to understand the cause. I’d never take seriously these “philosophers”.

The German chattering classes were as vile as their anglo-saxon and gallic brethren. Practically all German ‘philosophers’ and literatti from 1st half of the 20th century, from Eric Voegelin, who penned two very stupid books about the racial question, to Thomas Mann, who married a Jewess, were antifas avant la lettre.

No, the Reich failed and Matt Parrot makes it clear why.

” I think their relentless persecution of Jewish rag merchants while allowing the Jewish oligarchs to slip off and regroup is the very model of how not to handle the Jewish Question.”

2000 years of science hasn’t made it any clearer on how to deal with this simple problem.

I agree with Parrott about the Nazi atrocities. But it is preposterous to think that the atrocities committed with the Jewish peasants on the Eastern front was the cause of the ganging upon Germany. The real cause was multiple: Hitler’s blundering during Operation Barbarossa, yes: but the UK and the US should have sided Germany and they sided…Stalin!

Is that so difficult to grasp?

Moreover, no UK and US entering the war, no Eastern front atrocities as Pat Buchanan said in his revisionist book.

The real cause for the ganging on the Germans was exposed by Tom Sunic in his book Homo Americanus. But when will Americans recognize this? Not during the interregnum!

Let’s put it this way: those grotesque antifas at AltRight that recently ganged upon Greg Johnson in the thread linked above are my enemy. It’s incredible that these so-called racialist sites still regurgitate the Jewish narrative on WW2 after seventy years!

Sin burns itself, to use theological language (even though I have abandoned Christianity). No burning, no atonement of sin.

Only the crash of the dollar for handing over the Fed to Jew Bernanke, and the ensuing chaos, will start to enable Americans for a cure of humility. Only then will a revaluation of all of their Judeo-Christian values—values that caused the WW2—start, albeit embryonically.

If AltRighters and other so-called reactionary sites don’t want to see that the collapse of the dollar is indeed coming, it’s because they don’t want to see the scope of their mortal sin. Sunic and I can see it simply because we are not Americans.

Only noble American leaders like Rockwell and Pierce could see the scope of their countrymen’s sin. Not anymore… This new generation of “nationalists” are, as Linder says, f** conservatives who merely want to add a page of racialism to their point of view.

But adding a page is not erasing your Operating System. To save your race real WNsts must “format” the hard disk in their little skulls and see the world thru a completely new perspective. (See the article on Himmler’s Weltanschauung that I added recently to grasp what the new men really are.)

What attrocities? What jewish peasants? Can we learn more about the jewish peasantry chechar? I would be more than curious to finally learn about this curiosity. You mean peasant like in exploiting russian and polish peasants, like the arenda system? Or you mean peasant like someone raising chickens in a ghetto for kaparot sacrifice? Or are you just spreading dust to finally lead us into the one way road of NS blocked with “attrocities””………..

There is truth in this, of course, but more than simply “allowing the Jewish Oligarchs to slip off and regroup”. Those Jewish Oligarchs who were most powerful and influential in the demise of Germany were those heading the international banking houses and they were outside of Germany to start with. Hitler, in rebuilding Germany from near destitution did two things that angered those very influential Jews:
1) He refused any further reparations payments to the signatories of the Treaty of Versailles.
2) He established a new currency (“The Reichsmark”) to take the place of the old Deutsche Mark and each German citizen had to turn in any of the old currency that was in their possession and were given a much smaller amount of the new currency in its place (no, I don’t remember the exact ratio). The new currency was tied to the value of German labor and industry rather than gold and was independent of the international banks. This latter was what really angered the Jewish Oligarchs far more than the mistreatment of any of their “lesser brethren” , as they like to refer to them.

In instituting his economic miracle, Hitler said:, “For every mark issued, we require
the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work
done, or goods produced.

Quoting Dick Eastman in “Hitler’s Freedom From Debt Slavery”;

“Within five years, Germany went from being the
poorest nation in Europe to becoming the
richest. Germany even managed to restore for
eign trade, despite the international bankers’
denial of credit and despite the global
boycott by Jewish-owned industries.
Germany succeeded in this by exchanging equip-
ment and commodities directly with other
countries, using a
system that cut the bankers
out of the picture. Germany
flourished, since barter eliminates national
debt and trade deficits. (Venezuela does the
same thing today when it trades oil for comm
odities plus medical help, and so on. Hence
the bankers are trying to squeeze Venezuela.

Hitler’s biggest “sin” was circumventing the Jewish banking system (although he was financed by them in the very beginning) and beating them out of their “cut” of German productivity as well as besting them at the very game which Jewry has been known for for thousands of years; finance. That was the “unpardonable” offense that he had committed in the eyes of the Oligarchs.

Lastly, this quote from the same source :
“Canadian researcher Dr. Henry Makow (who is
Jewish himself) has admitted that the main
reason why the bankers arranged for a world
war against Germany was that Hitler
sidestepped the bankers by creating his own
money, thereby freeing the German people.
Worse, this freedom and prosperity threatened to spread to other nations.
Hitler had to be

If you want to know the source of a problem, “follow the money”.

Agree completely. They (J-oligarchs) are reminiscent of the Hydra from Greek mythology; The water beast with numerous heads.

“…upon cutting off each of its heads he (Heracles) found that two grew back, an expression of the hopelessness of such a struggle for any but the hero. The weakness of the Hydra was that it was invulnerable only if it retained at least one head.”

Unless the International Jewish Banking monopoly is smashed, all these minor ‘schemes’ (racial awakenings) will amount to nothing. Sure, Banking powers will always be with us but none will possess the utter venom and disdain that the current one does.

@george: don’t believe that chavez and company were the panacea, they destroyed the national industry, they divided the social classes creating bitterness and envy among everybody. More than 50 people die every day due to violent crimes and the number is growing, currency is worthless as we have had to devaluations. This country is screwed.

Don’t get me wrong, but I prefer the bankers rather than these incompetent “socialists” rulling my country. I know that capriles will be the president.

I was quoting Dick Eastman above where he mentions that Venezuela makes use of some of the same bartering tactics that Hitler used to circumvent the bankers. I was not implying that Chavez and company are the economic saviors of Venezuela that Hitler was to National Socialist Germany. Indeed, I know little about Chavez and his time in office in Venezuela. However, from what I do know of that country I do not doubt that Venezuela is “screwed”- so is the US, it is just a matter of time before its economic policies cause it to implode. Regarding Socialism and “Socialists” and politicians in general, I believe one can say that there are many kinds of Socialism and many politicians simply like the label, or adhere to some of the tenets of Socialism for expediency’s sake. But there are only two kinds of politicians; those who are self serving (almost all of them), and those who are not- Hitler was among this very small and august group of statesmen. Perhaps it is best said that the National Socialism of the NSDAP was tailored to the needs of the German people and meant for them specifically. A system for a particular people, place and time.

Off Topic:

Having taken a couple of semesters of Latin in college, I notice there is a little mistake in this expression you use now and then: 68 Anno Nostri Hitlerum, apparently as in (e.g.) Anno Nostri Domini Jesu Christi 2013.

“Hitlerum” would be the genitive PLURAL of Hitler. The correct genitive SINGULAR form of this word would be “Hitleris” (link): Anno Nostri Hitleris 68.

But mind you: the number should come AFTER the expression, so you would have Anno Nostri Hitleris 68: In the Year of Our Hitler 68 (see the third paragraph here: [link]).

But if I can give you a little extra advice, for the sake of elegance and brevity, I (personally) would simply say: Anno Hitleris 68 (In the year of Hitler [number] 68), because it sounds more natural in classical Latin, which used to value terseness properly associated with elegance above all else.

ANNO HITLERIS 68: You just can’t get more classically Latin then that — ALTHOUGH the form “68 AH” is also a possibility, as in today’s current usage of this expression, as in “2013 AD”.

Anno Hitleris 68/ 68 AH, as you will.

Well, in fact, it is just bad Latin, the right form should be Reductio ad Hitlerem, like in Ad Hominem Atack.

The preposition Ad demands the accusative form, which uses the prefix UM in second declension words like Absurdum (e.g: Ad Absurdum), but for third declension words like Homo (Man), the prefix is EM.

Hitler is a non Latin word, but, ending in the consonant R, it should be declined like a third declension one. Therefore, Reductio Ad Hitlerem, Argumentum Ad Hitlerem.

My knowledge of Latin in zilch. So Hitlerum is plural?? If it is not even bad Latin in singular I am afraid I’ll have to edit all the pages I used it…

Hitlerum would be the genitive plural of the word. The nominative plural (the Hitlers) would be Hitleres (Latin has no articles).

But nevermind, pal, nobody cares much about it. Just make sure from now on to use Anno Hitleres 68/ 68 AH, Reductio ad Hitlerem, Argumentum ad Hitlerem and evrything will be just fine.

PS: I’m not fluent in Latin, I just have some smattering of the language, but this smattering is solid and it’s not going away.

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