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Fuck the Holocaust!

I am moving this entry here only because the caricature at the top of the entry combines better with the blue background of the Addenda.

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I think the lavish lifestyle of the oil sheiks, and to a lesser extent, the international bankers, is far more destructive of the environment and Earth’s resources than some hungry beggars in Africa. Note that the oil sheiks keep the world’s population dependent on polluting hydrocarbons.

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“to hostilely takeover the oil supplies from non-White, third-world peoples”

My original plan exactly. Given the extreme sexual dimorphism in Middle-Eastern cultures it would be sufficient to subjugate the males, but if you want to go full extermination, you have to offer them a worse alternative: HELL!!!

AMEN!!!!! That is EXACTLY what I think!!!! When you study the real history of the Kikenvermin , one must wonder why they weren’t all hunted down and killed off in the FIRST place. I don’t give a damn about the suffering of Die Juden Teufel. I care about MY people.

And then, again, Julianus gives us the answer, regarding our “Witches Brew”:

But now answer me this. Is it better to be free continuously and during two thousand whole years to rule over the greater part of the earth and the sea, or to be enslaved and to live in obedience to the will of others? No man is so lacking in self-respect as to choose the latter by preference. Again, will anyone think that victory in war is less desirable than defeat? Who is so stupid?

We’ll never get it until we regain our will to power. Yeah, the Holocaust,.. , so sad, blah, blah…., so what are we going to do about it?. I don’t care. We’re at war. We’re struggling for our survival as a unique biological species. Is it so hard to grasp?. Pretty words and sobbing stories and daily outrages won’t lead to our survival. Period. So, what are we going to do? being werewolves, or sheep?

And then I’ll remind Pierce and Lane and Covington: we won’t get it because our lives are still comfy and our bellies full.

Let’s look to Greece: Golden Dawn is on the rise because when everything else fails, the herd starts to question everything and to see who really cares about them. Then the ethnic sense is reawakened. You have a closer example in Katrina’s aftermath.

It’s in our hands to prevent and prepare for when the SHTF.

I saw this one there several days ago ( altough i don´t agree with the pacifist babble in the end of the video).

But, i must say that for me the most significative argument is the insane logistics problem that it would supose: millions of tons of coal, millions of tons of a ridiculously ineffective poisonous gas (save for the lice), etc. And then the problem of the ashes, bodies, etc. And all of that in the midst of a war! It makes no sense.

So many problems that could be solved by wasting bullets, sarin gas or another means many times more cost-effective. And that only on the killing part. Are we going to believe that the efficient germans did such a lousy job during such a long period of time that they left so many “survivors”?. And then the rest: the prussian blue stains, the “gas chambers” that weren´t sealed, the fake photos, the sports installations in Auswitchz, the red cross inspections, the theatre and cinemas, the collapse of the supply chain that caused massive starvation and disease.

We could spent weeks talking about this topic, but it´s a waste of time when the most urging problem is to try to figure how to reprogram ourselves to override this mental AIDS.

By the way and slightly OT, this is a superb post

I’m a big fan of your site, Chechar. One of my favorite WN blogs so forgive me if I dump a few OT links here and there. I’m just trying to share. I found this BUGS buddy website which might be helpful if anyone is interesting. Much easier to spread the Mantra with it.


The Jews were traitors and they were dealt with as such.

It doesn’t need to be any more complex than that.

In the Morgenthau plan, the German women were to be used as breeding slaves for the conquerors. And Jewish men never shied away from converting attractive shiksas.

“Why are Whites always on the defensive, even White nationalists? Why always trying to apologize? ”

– For two reasons:

1) The tendency to feel guilty and internalize guilt is a White trait and the Jews recognized this hundreds of years ago, and capitalized on it.

2) The Jews have used the educational system (in actuality a tool for conditioning our young people) to program our young to accept the holocaust propaganda, to consider it to be the unassailable truth, and to further internalize guilt over this “crime”. The Jewish media further reinforces this conditioning, and strives to make our young White people feel worthless- and this has worked so as to make many of them feel shame at being White (seriously).

The result is that even WN’s who are conscious of the Jewish game plan and who feel victimized by it, cannot get past their own conditioning to apologize for something they did not do, and had no part of, assuming there is any truth to the “six million” story in the first place. They accept (unconsciously) the miserable Christian creed of “inherited sin” – that they are to blame for what their forefathers supposedly did, and feel guilt over this “issue”. Then too, PC conditioning factors into the equation; the idea that “I cannot deny the holocaust without appearing to be sufficiently contrite in the public’s eyes, for I might then appear to be a monster”. I know that this last is illogical, but then human behavior is often so.

My reply to this expectation of contrition and guilt on the part of the established powers in our country regarding Whites and our “crimes” of world domination (Western Civilization), our “racism”, and our obligation to grovel, to plead “I am not a racist”, to feign belief in egalitarianism and finally to worship at the altar of Jewish supremacy could be summed up thus: “You’re damned right I am a racist- I am White and proud of it and our tradition of Western Civilization, and I apologize for nothing”.
My definition of racism: placing my own race, my White people first in importance ahead of all others.The others races look out for their own interests, why should we not do the same?

You’ve hit the nail on the head again, Chechar. Just like some of the other commenters above, I’ve already reached the same conclusion too: I don’t buy this ridiculous tale of 6 million kikes killed in a vast plan orchestrated by the Nazis because of its obvious and glaring absurdity. But even if it had really happened: so what? A people who holds a blueprint for genocide such as the Book of Joshua as a sacred document deserves nothing buy extermination. Enough with these crocodile tears for the kikes, I’d kill them all with my bare hands if I could. To hell with these vermin.

Chechar, to think correctly regarding life, one needs a mind filled with facts, not lies.

If the Holocaust is a lie, and one believes it, then that pollutes one’s mind and can result in other falsehoods entering one’s mind.

Since you are, in effect, teaching others thru your writings, you especially should avoid believing lies, since I know you want to be correct and truthful in what you say. Thus, I applaud your current efforts to get at the truth regarding the Holocaust.

We’ve all grown up hearing only the Jew side, which has been fully supported by the four imperialist powers — USA, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union — that, with Jew help on the propaganda side of things, completely destroyed National Socialist Germany.

It isn’t just Jews that want the Holocaust lie believed. Those four imperialist powers (3 of them are still with us) also want it believed, because nationalism is the natural enemy of imperialism, and demonizing NS Germany certainly attacks the idea of nationalism.

Kai Murros, London speach:

The age of guilt is over, we will not apologize for our achievements, our history cannot be used as a weapon against us, no-one can say they have legitimate claims on us — we are in debt to no-one. Our glorious past is a matter pride and joy to us, whatever we have done in the past only inspires us today for even greater deeds tomorrow. Those who feel that we have wronged them should be happy they are still alive.

Kai is great. He speaks in a way that everyone can understand on a level that is virually unknown when listening to intellectuals. Superb quote.


The holocaust is what you get from leaving a job half done. Especially when dealing with a parasite that’s killing everything you love.

So was my father and my whole Italian Catholic family– who lived in Italy during WW2. I was born in Italy myself from a long line of Tuscan Catholic Italians.

Search Term :

” Jews The Chosen People Fascist Italy Rejected”


At least us Jews honor our dead. Your white race you’re so proud of started two massive internecine self-genocidal wars [ about 70 million dead whites all-together from both wars, all dead at the hands of fellow whites] Massive destruction of your “beloved” Europe at the hands of whites — you whites destroyed Europe– your own homeland : And you goyim just shrug your shoulders like it’s nothing. The Jews never put a gun to your heads and forced you to become Existentialists, rejecting 2,000 years of your very own culture, heritage, and Spiritual Patrimony.

At least we honor our dead. We’re not stopping you whites from building your own museums to honor your war dead. Get off your butts and build your own god-damned museums to honor your dead, Or, do you expect us to build the museums for you?

The holyho stands as a testament to the irreconcilability of our peoples.

Shameless liars, shameless murderers of truth and those who speak it. What is impossibly alien to most of our people is as natural as respiration to so many Jews.

It does not even matter if the Zyklon, the six million, the “well-oiled machinery of extermination” is all true, The nature of this Tribe can be seen perfectly well in the outlying regions.

A sane and intelligent man can not view the interview footage of Irene Zisblatt highlighted by Eric Hunt without certainty that her yarn is bullshit through-and-through. It is not possible to imagine that the interviewer(s?), the editors and mister SPIELberg himself, believe that her claims reflect reality.

But will they discount her fable? Will they even quietly let her drop out of sight? No, they promote her fever-dream pathtastic comedy routine and attack anyone who laughs at this nude empress. They are like crackheads in their shameless lying, but are generally smarter – and are always acting more cohesively than any rock-suckers ever have.

So cohesively that even in such absurdities as turd-shitting Zisblatt or Defonseca the wolf-jewess, those who question are expelled from ‘respectability,’ a domain built and managed by The Jew, maintained by shameless fallen-‘aryans.’

And once you learn that 20th century communism was a Jewside job, well, as Revilo Oliver said “If you can’t draw conclusions from that, god help you.”

Lebenfrei requires judenfrei.

It f…… does matter if the holocaust happened or was even slightly true.
It has scared the hell out of every naive lemming to even investigate history or to approach nationalism. Nationalism is a new holocaust is what we are told. The holocaust is the nail in our coffin and you know it.
It has nothing to do with with excessive white guilt that has to be cured first, as that i sjust the way we are wired. We don’t complain about our sufferings.
The holohoax never happened and not more than 100.000 x 1 or 2 jews died through various circumstances. Anyone can study this and look this up easily and a couple of evenings.
I can not understand that intelectual WN who write about and master Gibbon, Nietsche and the likes just mock this easy question.
And yes you’re right we are not going to feel bad about the few who did die, as thei died mainly because of allied bombings in the first place or revengeful pogroms in the east by suppressed polish or ukranian populaitons.
Why Chechar Why can you not confront the holohoax full front?
This is for me the essential question on this otherwise superb blog (and I don’t write this to balance foresaid, it actually tires me)

Studying the subject requires a couple of years of full-time study (I mean: trying to listen to both sides of the debate), and I am not prepared to say it’s a hoax before I embark on such study, especially after scholars I respect, like Irving and that guy from IHR, have changed their minds.

Also, according to Chechar the emotional inability to accept widespread death will make effective political action impossible as circumstances grow darker. Thus, the White race will have to confront the idea of a “holocaust” whether the Jews’ story is true or not, and he fears a great deal of revisionism on this topic is motivated by a desire to sanitize this essential truth for the sake of political respectability.

At least, that’s how I understand it.

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