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Open letter to Michael Shermer

You are the editor of Skeptic magazine. It is true that I’ve praised Paul Kurtz, who died last year and I used to call a mentor for his work in a similar magazine, Skeptical Inquirer. Kurtz’s debunking of the pseudoscience called “parapsychology” helped me a lot in the past.

But after Kurtz died I discovered this video, where, in the last five minutes, he said that “America is a universal culture” and, mentioning the immigration fauna in the US, he added the phrase, “We are part of the planetary community.”

Kurtz then agreed with the interviewer that “the genetic makeup of the human race is all one” and, incredibly for someone who made a career defending real science vs. pseudosciences, he added: “There are no separate races. We are all part of one human family.”

Looking directly at the camera by the end of the interview, Kurtz concluded that “the First Principle in planetary ethics is that we ought to treat every person on planet Earth as equal,” after which he mentioned the races and the ethnic groups.

Elsewhere I have already said that even after these findings I am still grateful that Kurtz’s organization helped a lot of people who, like me in the past, went astray in parapsychological cults. But when I met him personally in 1989 and 1994—in the 1994 Seattle conference of skeptics I also met Carl Sagan and shook hands with him—I ignored that Kurtz was the proverbial “liberal Jew.”

I trust you are not Jewish, Mr. Shermer, are you? I ask you this because I have just read Denying History: Who Says that The Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It? which you wrote with a self-proclaimed Jew, Alex Grobman.

My first impression about the content of your book was expressed in my previous post. But I must take further issue with you for the extraordinarily similar thoughts to Kurtz’s you expressed by the end of Denying History.

But first let me say that, on page 261 of Denying History, you guys wrote, “Yes, the Allies killed innocents on the road to victory, but the killing stopped the moment the Allies won.”

You are monstrously misinformed, Mr. Shermer! Haven’t you heard that between twenty and twenty-five million Germans and collaborators perished in the years after the war had officially ended?

Of course not: had you heard about this other Holocaust you would never have written a book like Denying History.

If you really are the objective rationalist who applies strict methods of historical research as you claim in the first chapters of Denying History, my recommendation is that you read a couple of books to see the truth of what I said above: that even after 1945 the Allies committed more numerous crimes that those attributed to the Germans in times of war: Solzhenitsyn’s abridged Gulag Archipelago and Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm.

Furthermore, in the final paragraphs of the final chapter Grobman and you indulged in the grossest imaginable unscientific claims. This surprised me because, like the late Kurtz, you are a professional debunker of pseudosciences, which means that you should know better. On page 269 you wrote:

The similarities between Australian aborigines and Africans, and their differences with Southeast Asians, are literally skin deep. The principle holds for all peoples around the world, and our racial similarities vastly outweigh our racial differences.

And in the very final sentence of Denying History you guys said: “We are one race, one folk, one people.”


The same lie that Kurtz said at eighty! What a shame of concluding thus a book which purports to debunk the debunkers! Do you know Mr. Shermer that there’s a continuum of sixty different anatomical and behavioral differences from Orientals at one end to Negroids at the opposite extreme, with Caucasoids in the middle (see e.g., Rushton’s book)?

Of course you don’t: on the subject of race you seem to be as ignorant as my former “mentor.”

If similarities are “literally skin deep” as you and Grobman claim in that spectacular, final sentence, how do you explain those photographs of Albino blacks that, even with the fairest of all possible skins and blond hair due to their absence of pigment, and even the black women, still look like Neanderthals?

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The antifas don’t deserve to be corrected, they deserve to be exposed (like you just did), ridiculed and smashed.

BTW (and off-topic, but not that much), are you familiar with an excellent book called Nature’s Eternal Religion by Ukrainian American WN’list Ben Klassen? If you don’t, take a look at it as soon as possible. If you do, please, let me know your thoughts about it. I’m reading it right now and the way he frames the Black and the Jewish problem in America (chapters 5 and 6), openly and ostensibly advocating the use of violence against both groups and advising the use of vilifying terms of abuse when referring to them, is simply perfect to my mind (incidentally, these two chapters would make great posts for TWDH, and I’ll be translating them into Portuguese as soon as I can have my own blog again).

I have a reading handicap with entire books in the internet; I prefer hard copies and spend some money… Can you point out to a couple of the best chapters so that I don’t have to read the whole book?

I’m still reading it, and I’m still at the very beginning, but having finished last night the 6th chapter I mentioned above, I just couldn’t resist asking you if you had ever heard of it.

Why don’t you do this: take a look at the index just to form an idea of the contents of each chapter and to grasp the general gist of the book. Also, and what’s more important: read the chapters 5 and 6 I’ve just mentioned and judge them by yourself.

On a side note: this book was written in 1973, but Ben Klassen makes exactly the same points (chapters 2 and 3) about the White experience in ancient Egypt and India that Kempf did in his great book: that Whites, coveting the cheap labor of the local non Whites, ended up by being innundated by them and mongrelized with them. But Klassen goes a step further and says that in order to survive, no matter where or when, Whites have no choice but to strictly separate themselves once and for all from all other non Whites, by any means necessary.

Believe me, this guy is on to something. I’m fed up with good, nice guys like Matt Parrot (link) saying we have to keep good manners while fighting for our cause in order not to insult anybody or hurt the feelings of Christian WN’lists. A Christian White Nationalist??!! C’mon… They can stick their kikish fake religion up their asses for what I care. It was in a great measure because of this filthy personality cult that we have hit the bottom of the well where we are stuck today.

Nothing more refreshing and invogorating then to see real men with the cojones to expose this kikish cult for what it is and challenge us to treat niggers and kikes as they deserve. Quoting from that awsome article on Anders Breivik you reproduced in your blog (link):

“On this site and others there is continuous talk about the backlash and collapse of BRA [Black Run America] here in America and Eurabia in Europe. How did you think this would play out? Debates on German philosophers? Essays on political theory? As much we may like to see ourselves as contemporary Voltaires, Thomas Paines and Martin Luthers, our radical writings (like theirs) will have no teeth to them until they’re taken up with physical force.”

We don’t need our enemy’s respect. We need their fear. It is about time they give us what is due to us, but it will never happen with Christianity in the picture or respect for niggers’ “feelings”.

Off topic:

TOO has published this month two articles about Denis MacShane (this is the latest). Is the UK heading toward full Orwellian mode?

If MacShane is a hundred percent white, the etiology for his extreme anti-white, anti-English pathology must lie elsewhere, but where?

Christianity? No. I think it’s far more than that. I have elaborated a theory of extreme ethnic self-hatred among pure whites. Let me know if you want the link.

But another big question is: Why sites like TOO are not visited by the millions while we still have something of free speech?

“Why sites like TOO are not visited by the millions while we still have something of free speech?”

Because if millions were smart enough to be reading sites like TOO, they would have been smart enough not to have allowed the kikes to have reached the position they are in now in the first place, which is not the case. We’ll have to go back to the Middle Ages in the future, with the complete collapse of our civilization, in order to Whites wake up and do something about kikes and other NAM’s in their midst. It is only when they have their backs against the wall that they will do something.

Why do you compare Africans to Neanderthals? Surely you know that Ns were Eurasian? In fact, it may be true that every race EXCEPT Negroes have N admixture. Negroes are un-Neanderthal-like. For instance, analysis of voice box of N specimens reveals that they would have had voices which were nasal and high-pitched(think Australian Aborigines I suppose), and the African accent is the least nasal of accents.

It is a rhetorical comparison. Back in the 1960s and 70s when my mind was formed everyone understood the insult “Neanderthal” as human primitive.

I wonder if you’re familiar with the outlandish “Jews are Neanderthals” theory…


(This is just one example, just do a google search and there are many webpages about this thing)

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