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New Testament Old Testament

Perfect syllogism

Old Testament + New Testament → Christianity

Old Testament + New Testament → White suicide


Christianity → White suicide

3 replies on “Perfect syllogism”

We need to become our own mythology. If anything can undermine the blood of our kinship, it is no good. If a church can ignore kinship and forge a false “brotherhood” between enemies, it is a lie. Can we push Christianity in the direction of Norse paganism? Can we take the Cross and alter it into an ancient European symbol? Can we frame Christianity in such a palatable way that Europeans will realize that their blood is more important than a Jewish religion? I think not, and yet we can try to make Christianity a stepping stone towards our even deeper European past. Maybe there is a middle ground…

ps, I must change my screen name. It was a good book, Camp of the Saints and it woke me up years ago.But Christianity is ultimately a defenseless position.

I think attempts have already been made to make Christianity more Euro-centric (British-Israelism, Christian Identity etc) but they’ve never taken off. You’d do better to realise that much of the mythologies/stories from the Old Testament are really just rehashes from Middle-Eastern mythology; so if you want to have closer contact to genuine truth (rather than plagiarised, Judeo-centric version of it) then you’d benefit by going back to the root source, read the classics, study Indo-European mythology/theology (or whatever you want to call it).

We need to become our own mythology.

I think you are on to something here. The road we are on means that one day we may in fact be thought of as a myth: did we ever really exist? I have read good comments before about how they (muds) might one day refer to us as “sky people”, or “people of the clouds”, and variations on it.
Something about your line just felt…..’right’.

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