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Isildur’s mess

“What I failed to realize for many years was the depth of the evil and the resistance to individual redemption. Obviously, if people are evil when evil people rule, and good only when good people rule, they are not really good.” –Andrew Hamilton

This morning I reread my “Dies Irae,” the sharpest piece I have written about how I feel about my own species.

In a postscript to that piece I said that Andrew Hamilton’s November article, “Flawed Racism,” was potentially the most worldview-shattering article that has been written to understand the West’s darkest hour “without the knowledge of its readership including the author himself.” By the end of my postscript I added that Hamilton’s words (see epigraph), which include the overwhelming majority of whites, demonstrate that humans “are not really good.”

That Hamilton still doesn’t get the implications of his discovery is manifest in his most recent article, which reminded me what William Pierce always said about the “controlled media” and also Kevin MacDonald’s chapter in The Culture of Critique demonstrating that Jews own it. In today’s article Hamilton writes:

It makes no sense to scratch one’s head, perplexed, wondering, “Why don’t whites wake up?” That’s not the way the world works. Everything boils down to this one-sided power distribution.

Hamilton is afraid of taking a step further and ask the question that Tom Sunic has been asking for some time: “One can naturally concur that Americans are influenced by Jews, but then the question arises as to how did it happen?”

But Hamilton already answered that question in his November essay, which is worth rephrasing here: If whites are evil when evil people rule—Americans watching several hours per day a TV controlled by the subversive tribe—, and good only when good people rule—young Germans in the 1930s reading Hitler’s Youth booklets—, whites are not really good.

That’s the crux of the whole issue in this darkest hour of us.

The fact is that the Jews in America who control the media did not drop from the Moon. Deracinated Anglo-Saxons empowered them. And they did it because, like the rest of whites, they are not good people.

That’s the whole point in a recent post on bicausalism. I used an image of Isildur to show, in a single visual stroke, that if this darkest of all ages is menacing us it’s because our own sin, a pure Aryan sin. The sin that marked a whole Era: allowing the subversive tribe to infect our minds through their holy book offering a new testament as a bait.

Isildur, corrupted by the Ring’s power, refuses to destroy it. Later Isildur is killed by Orcs as a result of his betrayal.

I know that the way I have expanded Hamilton’s insightful phrase goes far beyond everything and anything that is acceptable for nationalists and non-nationalists alike: that most people are not good (hence my wild, exterminationist fantasies in “Dies Irae”). But if you really want ultimate answers to ultimate questions, there is no way to avoid philosophizing along these lines.

Postscript of March 1, 2015:

I have now reread William Pierce’s novels and discovered that the sentence that whites are not really good is Pierce’s; Hamilton was just rephrasing or quoting him.

6 replies on “Isildur’s mess”

I highly urge everyone to debate with the Mantra and their talking points. It is just as effective in real life just as it is online as well.

Whitaker’s mantra in essence is defensive. As you said, it points out a problem, but not a solution.

“…most people are not good…” What else is new. If you don’t already have that as part of your inner foundation, you have 3 strikes against you, as the ancient writer said under the direction of the Spirit, “there is none good , not one…”.

I don’t like Covington’s saying either. Mantras won’t work against the opposition. Shaming, mockery, sarcasm, and putting the fear of God into the opposition will.

But shaming, mockery and sarcasm have not worked for Linder’s VNN either. We need the aftermaths of the dollar crash.

Since you like theological vocabulary, let me say it this way: Whites in general and Anglo-Saxons in particular need a little spanking in the Purgatory until their Sin is completely burnt. Fortunately, Dies Irae is coming in the form of currency collapse (very soon), societal chaos, ethnic warfare in the US cities and a political crisis for Americanism—whether the US government confiscates or not other nations’ gold—, and later in the century an oil depletion so serious that, since food depends on it, will become the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Younger people than us should storage lots of popcorn for such a big time Show…

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