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Lawrence Auster (1949-2013)


Larry Auster died today. Although we had strong discrepancies in the past, the West’s Darkest Hour owes Auster some of its central ideas.

MacDonald’s recent article about Auster gives the impression that the good professor also forgave Auster’s gross insults against MacDonald because, just before dying, Auster seemed to disabuse his readership by making known a hidden chapter on the Jewish Question that very well could have been published at The Occidental Observer or The Occidental Quarterly.

Controversies aside, perhaps Auster’s most important discovery was the explicit enunciation of the Non-discriminatory principle that, implicitly, rules the West today: the quintessence of liberalism.

I sincerely believe that every pro-white advocate should be aware of that principle.

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This is one of the most comprehensive Auster obituaries I have read (you may want also to visit Occidental Dissent). In Tanstaafl’s site on the other hand the discussion is very rude (Anonymous said: “I am much whiter than your part-Jew children, given that I am a southron, hillbilly Scots-Irish. Here’s a heartfelt fuck you, you pencil-necked son of a bitch! You can’t hold a candle to Auster’s greatness”).

Austers last hours

Mr.Auster and I had an email exchange about 3 years ago, before his announcement of contracting cancer came out.

The exchange was 2 long emails on my end and two short ones on his. I explained what his spiritual purposes were in the cosmos in the first. He graciously accepted my premise, however, describing it as very “dense” and difficult to understand.

In the 2nd email I described what happened to some others in the past who got off their calling and into things they weren’t called to speak on. He rejected this and basically “cast me into outer darkness”, the place where he eventually wound up.

He got a name for himself, but disallowed anyone to touch his beloved tribe under the SATANIC accusation of anti-semitism. He got his reward for his works which came speedily.

I too ran afoul of Auster when I pointed out to him that Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, served in the Israeli Defense Forces but didn’t bother to serve in the U.S. Military. This really pissed him off and he essentially told me to go to hell for pointing out the truth. Yes he loved European culture and railed against what is happening to our culture especially by blacks, but he wouldn’t acknowledge the damage done by the jews via immigration, tv, movies, liberal politics, etc. I cut him loose after that. I think once a jew always a jew.

You say Auster made the “most important discovery” as if he “found” something no one else knew existed, as if no one ever knew what liberalism is all about until the Jew Auster “discovered” the “quintessence” of liberalism.

Auster knew fully well the ‘quintessence” of liberalism, that’s for sure.

That’s why he worked so hard to direct his readers away from the massive Jewish role in creating liberalism ; What passes for “liberal” today is, at- heart, — “quintessence” — Jew communism.

The “quintessence” of Jew communism [ redundancy ] emanates from the Jew Talmud. The Talmud is the ontological foundation of what’s called “liberalism”.

“Liberalism” is a misnomer, however, as there’s nothing truly tolerant about Leftist liberalism, and there’s nothing about Leftist/Communist “liberalism” which has anything to do with true Liberty ; Quite the opposite, in-fact and in-deed.

The ‘quintessence” of Leftist liberalism is totalitarianism. Jew Communism is the metaphysical foundation of leftist “liberalism”. Most liberal philosophies coming to us from Tavistock and the Frankfurt School : Both Jew Communist/Leftist -to-the-core.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t need Auster, or any Jew, to explain Leftist liberalism to me ; And, plenty of people figured out the “quintessence” of Leftist liberalism long before Auster ever opened his mouth to deflect us from discussing his tribe’s role in destroying the West :

That was what Auster was All about : To deflect his readers from his tribe”s role in the Jewish/Communist usurpation of the West.

You make Auster sound as if he was some kind of heroic explorer who “discovered” something unknown and hidden, as if Auster bestowed on us Whites some great gift.

You really missed the mark this time, Chechar. I’m appalled at you.

What a joke : Auster “discovered the quintessence …. of liberalism ”

Laughing online big-time @ you Chechar. Surely, you’re more intelligent than your fawning eulogy in-praise to the Jew “Discoverer” [sic] would suggest ?

You say Auster made the “most important discovery”

Grotesque strawman. Never said that. Read the title again.

“Liberalism” is a misnomer…

Intellectuals like Sunic who hold a much more realistic picture of what’s happening to the West than the average American WNst also use that very fluid term. I like it because it also implies the economics over race policies that have been killing whites (although Auster didn’t use it in this later sense).

You make Auster sound as if he was some kind of heroic explorer who “discovered” something unknown and hidden… Laughing online big-time @ you Chechar

Will you also laugh big-time @ Kevin MacDonald, who last month wrote a long article almost completely agreeing with the positive side of Auster’s intellectual legacy?

Some American nationalists are starting to sound like insufferable, spolied women…

To my mind, those whites praising Auster as if he did the White Race some kind of favor because he told us quarter-truths 90% of the time, and some half-truths now and then, are the ones who are “insufferable” , and in addition, are acting like school girls who just broke-up with their first “crush”.

There’s no “strawman” in my above post — or this post. You wrote :

” … perhaps Auster’s most important discovery… the quintessence of liberalism”. You clearly say it. I didn’t make it up ; It’s in the body of your eulogy : Can be found in the paragraph before the last sentence.

You say, “perhaps”, as if he gave the White Race other “important discoveries” also — and perhaps, other “important discoveries” even greater than Auster’s “discovery” of the “quintessence of liberalism” : That’s very much implied, it’s inherent, with the use of “perhaps”.

Very fawning eulogy. I never hear WN’ers praising Eustace Mullins. Mullins’ is of one our own kind. He paid a very high price, he greatly suffered in his life to give us The Truth, yet WN’ers hardly ever, if ever, mention Eustace Mullins, let alone praise him.

Yet, some Jew comes around and tells us quarter-truths for the overwhelming most-part, and some half-truths now-and-then, and the Wn’ers sing the Jew’s praises to the Heavens.

Yet, the WN’ers had nothing to say when Mullins died, even though Mullins — a non-Jew — and a truly patriotic Christian American — told us more truth than all the “honest” Jews online put together.

To my mind, those whites praising Auster as if he did the White Race some kind of favor… are the ones who are “insufferable”

So MacDonald is insufferable too? And if I did a little eulogy is exactly because what I learnt from Mac’s last article about Auster, demonstrating that he finally acknowledged the JQ.

There’s no “strawman” in my above post…

Your grotesque strawman, not mine. I never ever said that “Auster made the most important discovery”, only you!

Thank You Lord !!! Oh Lord Almighty, Thank You Lord, a jew acknowledged “the JQ” just before the jew dropped-dead, Thank You Oh Lord Almighty Thank You !!!

In Honor of Eustace Mullins, a patriotic Christian American who told us more Truth than all the “honest” jews put-together, including the jew Auster’s half-ass [ way too little, way too late] acknowledgement of “the JQ”.

Mullins greatly suffered for giving us the Truth, and when he died, hardly any WN’ers Honored him. The jew Auster makes a half-ass, way too little, way too late, acknowledgement of “the JQ” and jew Auster is lauded. It’s pathetic.

” Eustace Mullins : The Complete Works of Eustace Mullins” :


All of your reference to Eustace Mullins is irrelevant. The whole point is that some counter-jihadists (and others) might start awakening on the JQ precisely because they deferred to Auster and now this Jew comes one minute before his death and discloses a text that proves he was always conscious of the Question.

Will you also email Professor MacDonald with your above sarcasm only because he wrote that positive article?

I shall read what MacDonald has to say about the jew, and if it turns out The Professor praises Auster without merit — or if there’s some small amount of merit, yet MacDonald goes over-board in laudation of the jew as if a small and measly amount of merit deserves to praised to-the-Heavens — I shall indeed shoot off a sharp rebuke to said Professor.

I shall read MacDonald objectively, just as I read your eulogy objectively. If necessary — if MacDonald praises Auster where no praise is merited — I shall send The Professor a sharp and stinging rebuke, with perfect and complete unexpurgated causticity.

If MacDonald’s “Memorare” to the jew Auster is as fawning as yours, Yes, I shall admonish The Professor in no uncertain terms.

But you are still missing the whole point.

I started my awakening process in 2009 by reading counter-jihad literature as well as Auster’s VFR. To me, that was like crossing the river by stepping on these preliminary stones. Once firmly at the other side I need river stones no more. And there are lots of whites who like the person I was in 2009 cannot handle the truth: jump to the other side all at once. They need these little stones just like I did.

In other words, do you think that Tanstaafl’s obituary will convince these still immature whites? No. They need MacDonald’s TOO and not just ranting at the jew who has died. They might need the WDH approach too.

Let’s a thousand flowers bloom (yes: even AOT, even AmRen)…

There’s plenty of excellent non-Jewish historians, authors, web-masters, etc. one can turn to in the process of awakening. I guess I am truly missing the point, as I don’t understand why so many whites turn to the Jews first -and-foremost in every matter, even when they’re in the process of awakening.

It’s rather sad whites — whether awakening or not — don’t seem to have much desire to turn to their own kind first-and-foremost while exploring the world and searching for knowledge.

I guess I am truly missing the point. I always turned to my own kind first-and-foremost while exploring the world and searching for knowledge. I never turned to the Jews first-and-foremost. Quite the opposite. I always — and always have — turn to the Jews last, and even then, take what the Jews have to say with a very large grain of salt.

So yes, I guess I am truly missing the point.

Yes: you are.

If people have been brainwashed that Jews have only been victims, etc., the best antidote is reading texts by Jews who contradict, at least to a certain extent, the current paradigm. Auster was a little stone for me. So was Albert Lindemann. Without their stones, brainwashed as I was, the crossing would have been delayed—and that seems to be exactly the situation with many more westerners.

Better off promoting Makow, Freedman, Dietrich Bronder, Bryan Mark Rigg, if you think it’s so important for Whites to have Jewish stepping stones as a means to awakening. Auster was a fifth-columnist. Makow, Freedman, Bronder, Rigg, name “the Jew Q” :

And not just on their death beds, and not way too little on their death bed(s), too boot.

Auster’s “truth” was way too late, and way too little truth, to be worthy of any laudation. There’re much better sources one can use as “stepping-stones” than a jew fifth-columnist, as Auster most surely was.

I look forward to shooting off a sharp and scathing rebuke to MacDonald if it turns out The Professor’s Memorare is as tender-hearted and fawning as your eulogy to the jew A.

In the meantime, it’s best we agree to disagree. I’m more than willing, especially as it’s very tedious to spend so much time talking about Jews, especially when the premise of the discussion is based on praising a fifth-columnist jew to-the-Heavens.

Your way won’t convince many. My way has (a few days ago discussing with the brainwashed: “Do you know that Jewish author X recognized that the Red Terror was probably Jewish terror?”). With your way it will be harder to reach the brainwashed with a single stroke. My way… every time I put forward the J card in a real life discussion (“…but author X is Jewish!”) it silences my critics.

Can you silence yours?

Yes, I silence all my critics all the time as a matter of course. The name Dietrich Bronder silences everyone — even, and especially, my harshest critics. I mention Dietrich Bronder in every discussion I have concerning Jews. I mention Bronder to both friend and foe, critics and non-critics.

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