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An evening in Arcadia


Painting of the day:

Thomas Cole
An evening in Arcadia ~ 1843
Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, USA

2 replies on “An evening in Arcadia”

The pictures you post are certainly so soothing for my white mind and spirit, and hopefully for others, chechar. Thank you. I need to research more about Thomas Cole. Thanks for this soothing magnificence!

Re modern art: once Charles Krafft spoke about his scepticism about the government and textbook stores re the ‘Holocaust”, when he was interviewed by Yeager on The White Network, his big problems with ‘polite’ society, the art community, and purchasing public, began. He explained more about this yesterday on Spingola Speaks, RBN.

Thank you for posting these beautiful paintings Chechar. I often use them as my desktop background.

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