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Brigade (novel) Civil war

The Brigade excerpts, chapter XXVI

by Harold Covington

“ The Producers”

Covington in uniform
All were Jewish, and at least half were wearing yarmulkes. The air was frigid as ice, and not just from the air conditioning that rumbled full blast from the air vents. The eyes of the Jews at the table bored into Brewer with a concentrated, pure hatred that was almost radioactive; Brewer knew full well that every man there wanted him dead, and they were all thinking of ways that might be accomplished, preferably tonight, right here in this room, and as bloodily as possible. For him there was no offer of refreshment, no schmoozing, no polite small talk, not even a water pitcher and glass on the table. Brewer walked to the far end of the table and without a word sat down, opened his briefcase, and took out the yellow legal pad and pen, which he placed before him.

“Why?” grated Arnold Blaustein, his voice like metal scraping on metal. “This town made you. We made you. All your life we have put every crumb of food on your table, bought every mai tai you ever drank in Trader Vic’s, bought every car you ever drove, paid every penny of your mortgage, and for this you have spat the blood of God’s Chosen People in our faces. Why have you done this, Barry?”

“And that’s all you see, isn’t it?” said Brewer. “Money. Material things. Life as a balance sheet drawn up with double-entry bookkeeping, profit and loss. It’s all any of you can see, isn’t it? Never mind. I have done it because it had to be done, and no one else would. Beyond that I won’t be making any speeches or harangues, and I recommend the same course to you. We have business to settle. Now can we get on with this? I assure you gentlemen that your company is just as distasteful to me as mine is to you, so the sooner we get done the sooner we can depart.”

“I agree. Get on with it,” snarled Moshe Feinstein from DreamWorks-Disney. He lit a huge cigar, his hands trembling so bad in impotent rage he could barely flick the $4,500 platinum Zippo lighter into a flame.

“There is a war going on in the Pacific Northwest,” said Brewer. “Up until now Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole have supported one side in that war, the United States of America and its government. That support ends tonight, and Hollywood will become neutral. Not openly, just in practice. No one expects you to make any public declarations or dramatic announcements.”

“And this neutrality that you speak of involves our doing what, exactly?” demanded Dave Danziger coldly.

“Not much, but it does entail an extensive list of things which you will not do,” said Brewer. “We’re realistic. We understand that we can’t bring back the Hayes Office and stop you from spewing forth the kind of perverted filth and mindless rubbish that you always have. You have spent the past three generations creating a market for that sewage, it’s what the brain-dead public now wants, and it sells. This also applies to such personages as wise-ass late night talk show hosts, potty-mouthed stand-up comedians, and cable news show talking heads. There will be no more snide little needling jokes, no more vilification and insulting portrayals of Northwest Volunteers as psychos and cretins and generally bad people.”

Walt Wexler from World Artists spoke up. “Uh, sorry, Barry, I’ve got to ask. Did you actually see what you and your—your friends did on Oscar night? I did, because I was there, although by the grace of God all I got was a slight wound. How in the name of God can you say that the perpetrators of that horror are not bad people? What would you call that unspeakable slaughter if not psychopathic?”

“I would call it an act of war just as much as any engagement between soldiers. In case you’ve missed the past century, Walt, that’s how wars have been fought since 1914,” said Brewer in a level voice. “Anti-white incitement and group defamation from Hollywood and the television industry, directed against Gentile people of European ancestry, will cease forthwith. This isn’t just a matter of common decency or fairness; we wouldn’t be so naïve. It’s so you can’t sneak in anti-NVA [Northwest Volunteer Army] propaganda in the guise of historical films or apparently unrelated plot lines in TV series, etcetera. There are to be no more fat Southern sheriffs beating on poor defenseless white liberals. There are to be no more evil Nazis acting as clownish foils for your infantile action heroes. There are to be no more evil Confederates flogging black women, no more Ku Klux Klansmen raping and lynching, no more stereotyped redneck villains getting beaten up by clever wisecracking niggers, no more equating a woman having blond hair with being an idiot and a slut. No more racial or cultural stereotyping of any kind directed against white people. I don’t have to spell this out for you, gentlemen. You all know damned well what you’ve been doing for the past century, and please do not insult my intelligence by trying to deny that you don’t understand me perfectly well.”

“We get it,” said Blaustein with a nod.

“Thank you. The third point may be the hardest for you to swallow, but I need to emphasize that these terms are a complete package, not a buffet. It’s all or nothing.” Brewer took a deep breath. “All Holocaust propaganda comes to a screeching halt. Now, and that includes that piece of dreck your people are over in Poland filming now, Mr. Feinstein.”

“What? Ashes of Auschwitz? You’re telling me I can’t commemorate the Shoah, where one hundred and thirty-seven of mine family vas gassed by Hitler? How dare you? Chillul Ha Shem!” shrieked Feinstein, turning purple and waving his fists in the air, spittle flying from his lips as the burning cigar fell down into his lap unheeded.

“Crap,” said Brewer succinctly. “It’s crap, it was always crap, and you’ve milked it long enough. For three generations you people have squeezed an endless river of gold out of something that never happened, at least not in any way, shape, or form resembling your official version. Now you are going to stop it, just like you’re going to stop insulting and degrading white people as a whole. Germans are white people and they are most distinctly covered in the no-defamation and no-lying clauses of our little entente here. No one expects you to admit that you’ve been defrauding the world for 75 years. Like I’ve said, we’re realistic. But you’ve already got enough of that horseshit in circulation to keep you rolling in royalties for the next 75 years. You’re going to shut down the Holocaust sector of the entertainment industry now, as much as that’s possible. No more movies, no more TV specials, no more long moans in black and white with cellos in the background, and your palms out for money and sympathy you don’t deserve. No more of that crap! My God, the FBI already arrests anyone who questions the official version anyway under the hatecrime laws, and sends them off to re-education camps to have their brains washed squeaky clean like Winston Smith in 1984. Isn’t that enough for you? We understand that the mountain of Holocaust shit already reaches to the sky, and it’s going to take generations to undo the damage you’ve done to humanity’s psyche with your lies, but you’re not going to be allowed to throw one more shovel-load of shit on the heap. Hear what I say, gentlemen, or by God, we will show you a Holocaust, and we have demonstrated that we have the capability to do just that.”


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Just compare this passage to Greg’s silly reviews of Batman and other movies at the Counter Currents webzine—and what’s even worse: the cheers that he and other movie fans get from the readership for their film reviews.

No real White Nationalist will be born unless and until he rejects the most serious weapon in our enemy’s hands: Hollywood.

Hello? Am I alone on this continent? “You have spent the past three generations creating a market for that sewage, it’s what the brain-dead public now wants, and it sells.” Are all WNsts part of this sewage, part of the brain-dead?


Not THIS one baby cakes…l like that excerpt.

I appreciate some of the things written by various ones over at CC, such as Andrew Hamilton’s articles on things other than movies, Devlins stuff on the female problem, Matt Parrot, Gregory Hood, and a few others whose names escape me at the moment. The various writings on Hitler they have also published, which I’ve appreciated.

You and I are on the same page I believe vis a vis pornlywood and rock noise – I refuse to glorify it by attaching the word music to it.

I don’t bother commenting over there. So-called WN intellectuals fall all over themselves to find some smaller than a gnat nuance in some dingbat flick/televitz show which has an infinitesimal—so they think they see—bit about our idea in it, and lauding it to the skies. Horse hockey.

I realize you are somewhat of an intellectual type, but I don’t include you in my denigration of them.

Yes a large amount of whites have bought into the crap, but they are not OF us and unless they repent of their taking up the abominal menstrous cloth of the present distopian zeitgeist, their days are numbered. The future deliverance shall come through the few and not the many.

You and I have some differences re so-called christianity, but I won’t discuss that here, as I’ve been doing it in one form or another at my own place for awhile.

You’re not alone.

Good that we agree on this one.

I am over fifty and the good movies before the 1960s, and even a few of the ’60s, are so ingrained within my psyche that I cannot conceive how the new generations of nationalists (I guess that Greg is about ten years my junior) have not rebelled against the Jews’ most notorious media to demoralize and brainwash us and induce feelings of guilt.

This is my challenge to them all:

Pick any Hollywood movie filmed after that decade and I tell you why the message is overtly, or inadvertently, anti-White (at least 99% of them…).

Howard Covington’s writing really holds my attention. Thanks for being you. I have a lot to catch up with at this instructive, inspiring site.

Ok, heretic time. This excerpt is a perfect example of why Covington is an objectively BAD author and a BAD writer. It is wishful thinking. The “bad people” say and do precisely the things to set themselves up for the “good people” to smack them down, and then the “bad people” say nothing in response; the “good people” have the final word. It’s like Tucker Max making fun of fat girls, and the fat girls and their friends just stand there with mouths agape instead of interrupting or cold-shouldering or responding quietly, politely, and firmly, or generally doing or saying something that might risk causing the audience to actually have some sympathy with the target of the “good guy’s” attack. It is not because it is impossible for such things to happen: it is, in fact, very easy, and there are many arguments that could be made to cause the lines drawn in that excerpt to seem far less clear. This is readily seen in the fact that the vast majority of Americans, and still a significant majority of Europeans, will not even consider viewing Jews with an unsympathetic eye.

This ONLY happens in the fantasies angry people construct for themselves while they’re alone, it NEVER works out in actual interaction with real people. It may read well to other lonely angry people as wish fulfillment (and I mean no disrespect to lonely angry people in saying that, I’ve been one), but it is utterly flat and unbelievable.

I am saying nothing whatsoever about the truth or falsity of what the “good people” in this excerpt are claiming, nor about the guilt that should or should not be assigned and to whom. That is all beside the point – or, at least, the point as I see it, which is that the _form_ of the writing is bad, and the form must of necessity be experienced before the _content_ is considered.

To ignore this, to start from the premise that the audience agrees with a certain proposition so completely that it can be presented this crudely, is to deliberately exclude the possibility of convincing the vast majority of the people Covington is supposedly trying to reach. He is sabotaging himself. He is a bad writer.

Tom Sunic disagrees. At The Occidental Observer Sunic even compared these Northwest novels with… Homer! Did you read that piece?

On the other hand I don’t believe that Covington wrote for the broader public but for those lone wolves frustrated with the stagnation in the movement.

I for one never regained my full self-esteem until I read Pierce’s and Covington’s novels, insofar as the System psychologically had castrated us all into believing that violence is strict monopoly of the State.

That’s a lie of course. Have you seen this incendiary comment of mine in a thread you already commented?

I learnt to think that way precisely thanks to Pierce & Covington.

That proposed strategy is by no means unique to Pierce and Covington; anti-racist pro-Jewish and radical Constitutionalist Mike Vanderboegh (who has been working on his own set of novels laying out his proposed revolution to “restore the Republic”) has argued exactly the same thing, even giving it a specific name – “Clinton Rules”, after the fact that in the Kosovo war Clinton deliberately targeted the Serbian TV station.

The problem is that the journalists don’t believe, on a gut level, that any such strategy will actually be employed. It has absolutely no dissuasive power until and unless they do – and the only way it will obtain dissuasive power is when it actually gets used, regularly, over an extended period of time, and the potential targets really internalize that they WON’T be protected by the power of the State. For that to happen, there needs to be a comparatively large and stable base of power for the people executing the strategy – sympathetic populations to fall back on, supply caches for unforeseen events, the ability to initiate the strategy and then visibly maintain it over a period of weeks or months. This absolutely does not exist at present, and the journalists know it, so they are (for now) correct in dismissing it as the ravings of lunatics who will probably do something hasty and get locked up.

Can you depend on going to some town somewhere and finding a significant proportion of the population that would approve of murdering, say, a commonly-seen NBC talking head? (I could name names but I am not going to, that invites trouble.) I doubt it. Lying is not yet seen as something deserving of the death penalty, let alone something so outrageous as to deserve the death penalty applied by whoever happens to be available, without going through due process (Americans are very big on due process). That CAN change, but a change like that requires a generational shift at the very least.

For the social conditions to change enough to make this strategy significant and effective, everything else would have changed so much already as to make it irrelevant.

As for Sumic’s take on Covington, I can see it, IF one judges on content and not form. But it’s the form that grates.

But Mike Vanderboegh is our antithesis, that’s why he could not have inspired us.

After the dollar crashes that consciousness will have a chance to be created among angry whites. Before it happens it’s probably wise to save our ammo. But I would not mind if another Breivik tries, this time with older targets.

If Muslims have intimidated white journalists after their murders of van Gogh and others, it follows that other sort of journalists can be intimidated too.

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