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Pierce on free speech (1993)

P.S. of 17 October 2014:

The thought police that hates free speech has now censored the below clip:


2 replies on “Pierce on free speech (1993)”

Thanks for linking this speech by Dr. Pierce, Chechar. Pierce was “aware” of the Jewish power working through their stooges in government positions throughout the world, an intelligent and clear-thinking man and if there had been more white people like him in 1993 then perhaps the tide of events could have been turned back. His admonition to “speak out” on radio “call-in” shows and the like however, would have been doomed in any case even in 1993 since callers who do not follow the PC line of thinking are immediately cut off from speaking and that policy was followed by the media even at that time.
Though Pierce is/was right in all that he said, “speaking out” against the NWO-Jewish tyranny would not have made a difference then as it does not now. Sad to say, so much control had been lost even at that time, that only a show of force by the general public would have turned the tide sweeping the world toward the NWO and white people toward oblivion. As Revilo Oliver had said years ago, “force and the credible threat of force is the only thing that makes diplomacy work” (I am paraphrasing Oliver here).
Pierce’s perceptiveness is evident in his analysis of the import of the Clinton administrations attempt at gun bans at the time. Pierce saw that the regime desires the end of (American) public ownership of firearms is a threat to the regime’s power (even though Americans, as Covington has said, “will never fire a shot in anger”) and the ZOG wants an unarmed white public-unable to defend itself against the colored masses.
I for one, believe that whites are at least subconsciously aware of the looming threat to their existence and that evidence of this is the incredible gun and ammunition purchasing spree that has been ongoing since Obama was reelected. Here in the US ALL major online ammunition sellers have been sold-out of the most popular calibers of ammunition (.223 Remington and 22 LR) for the past several months and have also been sold out of most semi-auto weapons as well. I do not believe that this phenomenon is simply a reaction to the threat of increased prices on these items in the future, as some have stated.
Sorry for the long post, Chechar. You have created a very interesting web site with the WDH. I hope it garners much more interest among White people.

You don’t have to feel sorry for your very welcome comments. It can be no coincidence that Pierce started his great novel with the American government confiscating the guns and ammo of the civilians. The white revolution started after that silly move. Fortunately the System has now committed a much bigger mistake. They are printing dollars like crazy, caving their own tomb (see for example this recent comment in another thread).

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