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Get ready for Armageddon

Further to what I said a couple of days ago about the documentary End of the Road:

I have decided to promote this entry as a sticky post that will remain for a while at the top of WDH for two fundamental reasons:

(1) The following passage of William Pierce’s “Why the West Will Go Under” made a dent in my mind, and I am truly concerned about the fate of those white nationalists who will still be living in big cities after the dollar crashes.

Pierce wrote:

The problem is not to cull out the mongrels, the Judaized, the degenerates, the moral prostitutes from a healthy mass, so that the cull can be destroyed and the mass saved. The problem is to pick the few who embody the best of what the West once was and to take the necessary measures to see that that which they embody does not perish with the mass.

Saving the few racially conscious from the coming apocalypse ought to be our most obvious goal.

(2) As some of my visitors know, presently I am living in a mostly non-white country that, I believe, will become an anti-white killing zone after the crash insofar as most of the nation’s reserves are backed on American dollars. It is true that I am trying to sell a property to be able to reach escape velocity from a large city’s gravitational field. But I am finding out that it is a hard sell and, as soon as I feel that the crash is around the corner, I’ll get a one-way ticket to any place in Europe—even if I have not sold that immovable piece of real estate.

Ideal would be moving to Iceland: an Aryan country with no colored immigration and with a people of such sound mind that they recently rebelled against the international banking system. But that is only a dream. In the real world I must try to keep myself alive after the crash even if my standard of living plunges from my current comfort zone to elemental survivalism. After all, everything is better than the risk of becoming a street target for a flash-mob or any of the millions of starving people in cities that will fall into total chaos a few months after the dollar collapses.

If any visitor of this blog can think of any overseas working opportunity for me, or any sort of humanitarian shelter or even plans for extreme survivalism such as those we see on television—adventurers in wild, remote and desolate places—, let me know. I am anxious to join a survivalist team of individuals that don’t want to take chances in large cities plagued with non-white swarms. Of course, if pro-white revolutionary activity starts anywhere in the West I’d leave my city shelter, country cave, desert or whatever and join’em! I am not afraid of suffering a violent death during a pro-white revolution. But it would be preposterous to die of starvation if the crash surprises me in a Third World metropolis when my life could be more useful for a higher purpose.

Keep Pierce’s words in mind whenever you think about your own fate: “The problem is to pick the few who embody the best of what the West once was and to take the necessary measures to see that that which they embody does not perish with the mass.” The video embedded above is the bad news for the masses. The good news is that the times to end the long interregnum after the Second Word War are, finally, coming. For those who are still skeptical that the dollar will collapse I suggest watching the full documentary End of the Road as a pay-per-view:



I am sorry that I have sent a couple of interesting comments to the trash can, but this sticky post only makes sense under the assumption that the crash will indeed happen during Obama’s administration. If you want to argue that it won’t happen (or any other related subject, even that it will happen), please do it at the previous thread on the above documentary, here. In this thread I only want to discuss desperate survival strategies with those who, like me, don’t want to take any chances in one of the colored big cities of today’s West.

8 replies on “Get ready for Armageddon”

Just go torrent it! Avoid using the financial system at all costs! I live in the rural American mid-west, if you could make it here……….

If you are young and strong you may be able to get an entry level job on an oil rig as a roughneck. Or some other oil related labor job in Arabia and environs. The North Sea can be pretty brutal, but someone has to do it. My guess is that working in essential commodity production will always be important. For older folks, like myself, it is not an option.

If civilization breaks down even half way, banditry will be an option for some. It already is in some areas, what with the drug cartels, etc. Become a warlord. Or work for one.

If the electrical grid ever goes down, most people will be doomed. Disease and starvation will be rampant unless potable water is continuously available. In the past people have been driven to eating bark, and shoe leather, but you have to have something to wash it down with.

It would be unthinkable to move to another brown country, whether Arab or Latin American. I must see white faces when I move far away from the epicenter of the currency crash.

I am not that young; perhaps even older than you. But the point of escaping Mexico City at my age is… Well, five hundred years ago these Aztecs were anthropophagus, no kidding; and after a couple of years of post-crash starvation it would not surprise me if they relapse to their ancient habits.

You cannot become a warlord just like that. The image of a film with Al Pacino comes to my mind telling a white “cockroach” (the term used by an Italian in the movie) that this guy could not become a member of the mob just like that; that he had to have been born in such milieu to grasp the mob dynamics. Impossible for any of us intellectuals getting into such milieu at our age; let alone with ethnic groups where you don’t belong.

You are right about intellectuals. We are pretty much supported by civilization. Many will be useless and ineffectual once times get tough. On the other hand, someone once said that it is easier for a civilized man to become a savage, than the other way around. So at least we who are cultured may be able to revert downward with a reasonable hope of success, if the time ever comes.

I live downtown in a moderate to large sized southern US city that is rapidly degenerating. This week-end two women were beaten with an aluminum baseball bat– an apparent robbery attempt, outside my building while I slept. And I’m in the “good” area. We have concealed carry, which is a plus, and I never go anywhere unarmed. Can’t take the chance. You used to be able to buy ammo and guns everywhere, but now ammunition is impossible to find, and certain popular guns (Armalite rifles and most auto pistols or revolvers) have gone through the roof in price. Fortunately I’ve planned ahead.

Like you, I’m looking to leave in a couple of years. But the market to sell anything has been destroyed by the government inspired real-estate bust. I’ll have to be a landlord and hope for the best, or just take a bath and unload it. But either way, I’m leaving the city. Urban centers in American are all becoming hell holes, and know of none worth living in.

Actually, if your serious about pursuing oil field work consider moving to North Dakota. Even unskilled jobs start at over 20$ an hour with no experience required, and there are many jobs available that aren’t as physically demanding as roughneck work. The oil field also provides endless opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The state is among the top food producers and is full of fossil fuels, and even if the fossil fuels run out (which probably wouldn’t happen for very long if the state got organized) the cattle industry alone, which is much less oil dependent, produces enough to feed the states population.

The state has the only truly Nationalist bank in the Union. Unlike the Federal Reserve, the Bank of North Dakota is not a private institution, it is owned and controlled by the people of North Dakota. Actually, I think the Bank of North Dakota provides a potential political foothold for a Nationalist movement using third way economics. If the dollar collapses, the state already has an institution in place capable of producing a truly National currency, free of interest.

Demographically the state is hard to beat. It is a very rural state with a low population density(there are no metropolises), and a homogenous Nordic population which, unlike Scandinavia, is very conservative.

The brutal winters keep most of the Diversity out. Most third world peoples are bred for the tropics and simply cannot handle the winters here, in fact many of the Scandinavians who originally settled here couldn’t handle them, only the hardiest have stayed to reproduce. I’m quite confident that if the apocalypse ever comes we will survive here.

Regardless of where you decide to move, I recommend moving north to some place with a low population density. Our people are bred for the north and can survive where many of the tropical peoples cannot.

Of course you are welcome to consider living in my guest house, chechar, if you are the man of integrity with revolutionary fervor, that I think you are. Let me know how to reach you, or whatever..

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