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Letter from Germany


I wanted to thank you for speaking out for the German victims of the Second World War.

Unspeakable crimes were committed against the German people in those days, and few people are even aware of it. In Germany we’re constantly being told that our ancestors have been monsters and we’re subjugated to holo-propaganda from an early age on and this is reinforced on an almost daily basis on all channels. Yet the crimes against the Germans are covered up: there’s censorship, they’re not even briefly touched in school history curriculums and people who want to remember German victims as well get harassed.

For example Erika Steinbach and the Federation of Expellees were subjugated to a political witch hunt because they wanted a memorial that also remembers the millions of expelled Germans who lost their native homeland after 1945, even though the memorial they had in mind wasn’t even exclusively for German victims.

And when people gather to remember the civilian victims of the fire bomb attacks against German cities they’re always met by anti-German mobs (they actually call themselves Antideutsche), supported by the political establishment and media, who carry placards with titles like “Bomber Harris do it again!” or some slogans glorifying the Red Army.

The holocaust propaganda is omnipresent, while German victims are erased from history and the consciousness of the people. Although I belong to a young generation that has not witnessed the horrors of war, it feels awful to see how these victims—our grandparent’s generation—have no voice.

It feels as if through this silence the initial crime is repeated or persists and it creates a really quite heavy and depressing atmosphere in society. Knowing about these crimes and yet seeing that they’re actively suppressed by the State that is supposed to represent us—it makes it that much more unbearable.

So seeing someone like you speak out and to give them a voice, it feels like a slight relief.

That’s why I think what you did was right and important despite some people having complained and wanted to thank you.

It might also help to educate some British and American White Nationalists. Over the years I’ve met many  who were revisionist only in so far as that they reject multiculturalism and political correctness, but they fully  swallowed the one-sided black & white history about World War I and World War II that is being thought and perpetuated by the mainstream (which knows of no German victims) when it suits their nationalism.

These are the people that throw stuff at you like, “We wouldn’t be in this multicultural mess today if Britain wouldn’t have had to put evil Nazi krauts in line twice in the last century!” To them it’s a crime against humanity when Germans shot ten or twenty people in some village after partisan attacks, but the fire bombings that killed millions of women and children in Germany and Japan were totally justified and no crimes at all—they even build new memorials glorifying them.

And the Soviet mass rapes and murders your blog article described so visually… they don’t believe it and if you mention it they accuse you of “Nazi propaganda.” Then what can you say to these people? But articles like the ones you posted might lead some of them to look past mainstream history and to investigate these events with a more open mindset.

I thought about writing more about the current situation in Germany, but for an uninvited email I’ve probably already written too much. I just wanted to thank you for posting the blog articles and your intention to give these victims a voice as well.

With best regards from Germany,


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And thanks to Goodrich, who crossed the truly agonic path of collecting all of these hellish materials.

By the way, at the Occidental Observer I recently said:

I speak about the “first act” of the opera—Jewish Bolsheviks killing more civilians than Himmler—; of the “third act” of the opera—the Allied forces committing a larger holocaust than the one attributed to Hitler. And I talk of a System that feeds us 24/7 only with the “second act”, the so-called J holocaust.

Since my interlocutors have not read Gulag/Holodomor or Hellstorm history—the first and third acts of our grand WWII Opera—the first seeds of the process to undemonize Hitler are planted.

The author of the article responded today:

Excellent point. I think you have hit on the crux of the matter here. In my opinion, ACT 2 (“The Jewish Holocaust”), has been given center stage, with the spotlight directed onto it, to the extent that it has now become the focal point of history. The object clearly is to deflect attention from ACT 1 (“The Bolshevik Revolution”) and “ACT 3 (“Allied Atrocities during and after World War II”).

What needs to be emphasized more than ever now is the Jewish character of the Bolshevik Revolution as well as the Jewish vindictiveness so apparent in the post-WW2 ill-treatment of the Germans as seen in the Morgenthau Plan and in the numerous Jewish kangaroo court judges and torturers who presided over the Nuremberg trials.

Act 1 and Act 3 shows the Jews in their hidden role as world-class oppressors and totalitarian tyrants, whereas Act 2 shows them in their made-for-the-public role as history’s tragic victims.

Since the Jews control the mass media, Act 2 is naturally all we hear about. And every attempt is made to give a completely distorted presentation of Act 1 and Act 3, with the victims of the Jews being demonized and the Jewish role in their mass murder being covered up as much as possible.

It’s not surprising that Solzhenitsyn’s great book Two Hundred Years Together remain unpublished in English. It’s because here we have the Truth That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

Responding to the German fellow… At present your situation, as well as ours, looks hopeless, but the deeper darkness is just before the dawn.

Chin up friend…

To be honest, and I hate to say it as I’m an American of Scandinavian and German decent, but knowing what I know now about those wars. Why they were fought. The false pretenses, the unmitigated moral scourge of those who have lied to us perpetually, lied to the world and above all have been allowed to have their way with Germany and Germans as a people in order to destroy them morally and physically… and now the whole of Europe is being ethnically cleansed by Goldman Sachs through the U.S./U.N. and their viceroys and occupation governments…

God speed Europe. Remember us.

I want to add my thanks to you, Chechar for publishing the truth about the horrors committed against the German people during and after WW2. Yours is one of the few blogs that tries to keep alive the memory of what happened to those unfortunate Germans who came under Soviet occupation as well as those who suffered under American Occupation after the end of the war. My mother was born in Germany in 1914, and so I gained a knowledge of the truth of the events during those times from an early age.

The so-called “greatest generation” of Americans swallowed the Jewish propaganda hook, line and sinker and went to war against their ethnic kin, killing millions of fellow whites and thereby fulfilling the Jewish dream of destroying the West.

Jews have thanked the “greatest generation” of flunkies by destroying their homelands, bringing unlimited immigration of colored peoples to the West, and destroying the futures of their children and grandchildren. The vicious nature of the Jewish people is incredible, but the short sightedness and stupidity of our own people is even more astonishing.

“…but the short sightedness and stupidity of our own people is even more astonishing”

I cannot agree more with you, George. That’s why I baptized a recent entry, “Assisted suicide”.

…the short sightedness and stupidity of our own people is even more astonishing.

Is it really short sightedness and stupidity? Or is it something else? What you describe is so prevalent that one begins to think that we have something different, some sort of mass hypnosis on our hands. I can only ascribe such ignorance to an almost complete control of the mass media (total with television and Hollywood, and almost complete in publishing). In addition, the academy. Within our workplaces, AA indoctrination is prevalent, and finally, our financial system along with people’s daily lives are built upon credit. Christianity has for the most part been co-opted. Thus are people’s minds, bodies, and spirits held in a kind of slavery.

In conjunction with this, the fear of losing one’s livelihood should one say something wrong, or in Europe going to prison, weighs heavily. That is one reason everyone on these blogs posts anonymously.

At this point, other than the occasional book that makes it through the censors, the Internet is probably the last venue of truth, and even there one must discriminate because is much nonsense and obfuscation exists.

The only way out is to unplug, and start a self-education program. But few are really up to this individual task. For collectively action, I have no answers.

Still, the reason why I believe that whites themselves are the ultimate culprits for the West’s darkest hour has been explained beautifully by Pierce here. Just read the sentences after the paragraph:

“In the final analysis, however, none of these things changes the fact of profound moral illness on the part of the White populations of the Western nations in the postwar era. It is an illness with roots deep in the past, as has been pointed out in earlier installments, but in postwar America it bloomed…”

The courage and fighting spirit of all the German soldiers should be admired too.

“They were remarkable soldiers – such we will never see again.” – Michael Reynolds, British Major General and historian.

Yet we treated them so badly after the war ended. In just one case over a hundred thousand German prisoners held in Austria were sent to the Soviets and only a tiny fraction were ever seen again. In this case we were responsible for the deaths of over 90% of those prisoners in our care. And it was a slow death too. In contrast the Germans treated their Anglo-American prisoners exceptionally well.

What I like to say to people is that if you ignore the dubious big picture and just look at how the Germans treated their British prisoners and how they conducted themselves in those battles they definitely outdid us in chivalry in every respect. Yet the British focus on the Holocaust and the war in the East. I suspect it is in order to avoid dwelling on the terrible atrocities we inflicted on our cousins. I have only disgust for the so called Greatest Generation’s cowardly conduct of the war in Europe and the Pacific. However I do acknowledge that there were faults on both sides when it came to what was best for the people.

Here is an epic short video montage that is a good antidote to the propaganda we are subjected to daily. I must have watched it more than fifty times.


I just want to beam those guys up to the mothership.

The other day I met a German of my own age and I got the opportunity to apologise for what my grandparent’s generation did to Germany during the war. He admitted his own had done bad things too but appeared to genuinely appreciate my words. It must have been quite a surprise for him to hear this from an Englishman. I told him I’d love to make a movie that depicted the courage and chivalry of the Germans how it really was. He told me very much wished I could.

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