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On Christianity

by William Pierce

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5 replies on “On Christianity”

Powerful analysis. But you overlook another equally dangerous flaw. The commandment to have large families, which forces Christians to break their own rules. No breaking of rules, no guilt either.
Could you also analyze Islam, and point out how advantageous it has been for the reproductive interests of Arab men?
And what to think of Dual Seedline Christian Identity? Nonsensical to reason, but is it useful for Whites?

Off topic, those bastards at The Phora, where you recently posted, “replied” to you with vile straw-mans (e.g., claiming that Pierce was saying that WN existed centuries ago; when he was only writing a history of the race). No real arguments at that forum; only insults to Pierce’s work.

The situation is the real Christian threat is within the fact it was created by stealing so much of the Aryan religions and rewriting them. It’s using our genetic memory against our own race. Its a Trojan Horse virus.

Everything from vigin birth, a Godman with 12 followers, baptism, communion. The death and resurrection, the holy spirit, being born again. Eternal life via salvation.etc Are all from the Aryan religions. To the point the early Christian propagandists had to combat the never ending observations of the Pagans. That Christianity was nothing more then Juadic corruption of there own Pagan religions. Even the crucifix was a Pagan image that was not used by the church till the 7th century. The popular image of Christ is Serapis. Even Christ or Christos being his title. The Roman Emperor Hadrian writes about the most devoted followers of Serapis being the Bishops of Christ in his time. And calls these people the Christians basically. As this title of Christ was one of Pagan religion originally.


Laughable analysis. White nations before Christianity were in a constant state of civil war (read the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle): the values of chivalry and self-sacrifice came from the Example of Christ. Richard was in Acre: Saladin was not in Canterbury! Christianity inspired the White race with its noblest impulses and achievements.

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