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Deranged altruism Liberalism Universalism

Witches’ brew

“Most Anti-Whites are basically religious ideologues, having replaced self-flagellation and lifelong chastity with Anti-White activism and Political Correctness.”

Jason Speaks

Note of September 2017: The following article originally appeared in the Addenda:


I agree with Kevin MacDonald’s central thesis in his Culture of Critique, which Preface I have reproduced recently in this site. But only to a certain extent…

MacDonald’s ideas seem to have inspired those who maintain the single Jewish-cause hypothesis for White weakness and their eventual demise as a people.

Let’s use an example from Majority Rights, which discusses the preservation of Western culture and the ethnic genetic interests of people of European ancestry.

While at first thought the fact that Jews have higher IQs than most Whites appears to assign plausibility to the hypothesis that their psyops have converted Whites, as James Bowery put it, into “extended phenotypes” of the tribe—like crickets infected with gordian worms committing suicide—, how would monocausalists explain that throughout the latest thirteen centuries the “worm” (i.e., the Jew) has been unable to infect the minds of people of even lower IQs, the Muslims? The fact is that they have never behaved like suicidal crickets (“What is good for the worms?”) in their nations.

In contrast to the monocausalists’ psychological reductionism my hypothesis is that, in addition to the Jewish problem, there are other factors for Western malaise.

Take a look at Arthur Kemp’s study, which I have been excerpting recently. Although he is conscious of the Jewish problem, it shocked me to learn in Kemp’s book that the same suicidal tendencies among Whites that we see today have happened since the very first civilizations in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, and always because of White greed: easy work through the slavery or second-class status of Semites, Nubians and Arabs in the lands conquered by peoples of Indo-European origin. The same thing happened in Greece, Rome, and, later, in the American subcontinent conquered by the Iberians.

MacDonald is no promoter of the single cause hypothesis. On the contrary, I find it fascinating that some of MacDonald’s sentences in his Trilogy hint that Whites have some unique hardware characteristics such as individualism and universalism that, historically, have weakened their ethno-centric defenses.

I believe that, together with the egalitarian software that I call the Christian/Secular Christian problem (liberalism run amok after the French Revolution) and the One Ring of greed and power (economics over race), these factors constitute part of the ingredients of the formula that’s killing us—plus the Jewish ingredient.

From this point of view the Jewish problem would be a very strong catalyst that has accelerated the process in the last centuries since the emancipation of Jewry, but certainly not the only active ingredient in the brew.

Individualism, universalism, weak ethnocentrism (“hardwired” characteristics in the White psyche since prehistoric times) + egalitarianism, liberalism, capitalism (cultural “software” after the Revolution which ironically strengthened Christian axiology) + the Jewish culture of critique in the 20th century = a truly lethal brew for the White peoples.

I say Witches’ brew in the title because it seems that the etiology of our woes is a little more complex than what the average Judeo reductionist believes. (For a more academic presentation of these ideas, see: here.)

One reply on “Witches’ brew”

All that is true. But it is also well to consider that we are suffering from success; we have no external challenges to mitigate our smug satisfaction, such as the now defunct conquest of space. We have an additional problem beyond the lack of any obvious external enemies that the public could understand, as both terrorism and puny countries like North Korea are treated with ambivalence, that being ‘Compulsive Consumerism’. Materialism ruins the survival instinct because of its ease, cornucopia, and constant distraction, as in the entertainment industry. We have become sybarites!
Consequently we are well along Oswald Spengler’s description of the organic rise and fall of civilization. The answer is crisis! Nuclear war, constant and sudden environmental degradation as in the recent hurricanes, vast economic dislocation and with it anarchy leading to racial war are the answer. Democracy and Capitalism’s success is ruining us. With crisis we will understand anew that Our Race Is Our Nation!

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