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Why not look through the crystal ball?

Our only strategy appears to be waiting for ZOG to blow itself up based on the inherent unworkability of its founding nostrums.

—Alex Linder

Very few nationalists are taking seriously Austrian economics: that the US will be facing a depression soon—in case that Romney is elected and decides to prick the government bubble—, or even a complete currency crash in case that Obama gets reelected and his Ben Shalom Bernanke allows the bubble continue to expand until it pops by itself.

While I am no promoter of a capitalism that ignores racial interests, I see Austrian economics as a reliable predictor of what’s going to happen during the next administration: either way, Americans will face economic meltdown. The subject is of such paramount importance that I find it bothersome to find the promotion of third-way economics, such as Social Credit, at several Robert Stark radio shows and essays at Counter-Currents, which recently hosted a Stark interview of Anthony Migchels (for an exchange of Austrians with Migchels see here).

Bothersome I said: because nationalists are flatly ignoring the Austrians’ main message, that Keynesian economics is (good news for us!) driving the US economy straight toward the cliff.

Why are they ignoring the most momentum issue of our times?

Most nationalists are just reactionaries. It can be no coincidence that, unlike these reactionaries that like to discuss Social Credit in ivory towers, revolutionaries like Michael O’Meara do mention the literature of collapse. O’Meara for one believes that only a catastrophic collapse of imperial America holds out a possibility that a racially-conscious vanguard of white Americans reclaim their territory.

I don’t see Austrian economics as a way to promote libertarianism (“sound money for brown people”) because, by definition, there will be no browns in the White Republic. I see it as a very hilarious way to expose the Keynesianism that is fulfilling the deconstruction of imperial America for white nationalists to takeover. Austrian economics is a reliable crystal ball to see the future. Even if nationalists fail to take full advantage of it, we all must welcome the big window of opportunity that is about to be opened—exactly what happened in Weimar Germany.

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Really? Most of the WNs I see know of Austrian economics and have become survivalists. You should visit us mindweapons sometime. Every WN I know thinks the US is going down the tubes and is prepping for when TSHTF.

It’s hard. There’s too many WN sites out there for any one man to keep track.

Sure, I’ve seen criticisms of Hayek and such. I think Schiff is a jew? Soros? We don’t get deep into the economics of it, the emphasis is more on building communities, local food production, and prepping. Once you get the message, the work begins.

I think the libertarian movement can roughly lead to WN. I see some racial topics now and then on Lewrockwell, from the negro Sowell. It ties in well with jews, banking, the fed, even Ron Paul a bit.

@Ryu: Schiff is a Jew. His facial structure was so Semitic that I highly doubted he was a gentile, so I googled his name and found a radio program recording where he did explaining that his Jews just “want to be liked”, etc.

However, it appears many with the judeo-liberal establishment consider him a self-hating Jew which gives him some credit in my book.

His Jewishness does not negate his mastery of economic prediction, however.

Chechar, I’m tired of waiting for this crash like some biblical White Nationalist prophecy. We’ve been off the gold standard since 1971 and spending has only skyrocketed, the wars have never ended, and colored keep invading, all while the relative wealth pool of the white middle class (the basis of the government largesse) keeps shrinking.

Yet, we did not crash during the oil embargo and we did not crash during the housing financial crisis.

I’ve been fascinated by this despicable system’s ability to balance itself against even the most tumultuous times when the very foundations seem to be crumbling. At the end, however, some Keynesian money booster is injected, the debt gets higher, we all get a bit poorer, but the typical American life continues.

If Israel attacks Iran and gas hits $10 a gallon and we as a Nation somehow weather that storm, than I’ll forever become a denier of these crash-prophecies so virulent within WN’s spheres.

We may just have to admit that the beast must be fought, tooth and nail, while its fangs are at its sharpest.

You are forgetting that Nixon in 1971 and then Carter and Reagan and the first Bush faced an altogether different economic reality. The real blunder started only with the second Bush and Fed chairman Greenspan, and the blunder is being seriously aggravated under Bernanke. Yes: nationalists had been expecting a big blunder like this decades ago insofar as the System cannot be reformed and the Enemy holds all the cards. But lo and behold the Enemy has finally did it.

In no way will the coming depression resemble the oil crisis during Carter that I remember so well, when the dollar was still not so fiat a currency that is becoming now and the US did now owe trillions to the Chinese and Japanese. Further, the coming depression under Romney will be altogether different of 1929 when blacks were segregated. Now with almost 40 percent of non-whites throughout the US, unlike 1929 crime incidents will skyrocket in the metropolitan areas after the crash. Unlike the Jim Crow South of 1929 blacks will be rioting and committing unimaginable crimes in every large US city, just as they did after Katrina but this time the crisis won’t be over so soon.

Even worse, if Obama wins Americans will probably experience something far different from 1929 since almost everyone will lose their job. The dollar will be like confetti and, with its hundred million of angry non-whites competing for very scarce food and resources, American whites will be in a far worse shape than Weimar Germans.

Incidentally, yes: Schiff has the typical “camel-like” face.

There is no ‘end-times’ in our future – it is in our present.

The changing of the guard is always a plastic thing, and each side does its part. Concrete realities are all around but, ultimately, it is our job to never rest, until we have created, nurtured, and expanded our struggle to the point where we are a defined political power. Street activism, as is always the case, must adapt and grow – this will only happen when courage is in the air – not apathy.

First, and foremost, those who are trying to lead, must be replaced with those who are ‘true believers’, and then a mass of believers will follow. We are well on our way.

White Nationalism is here to stay, and this is not the ‘nationalism’ of generations ago.

An apocalyptic crash sounds incredibly improbable. Any System that requires unlimited growth to sustain itself will die. Expect a slow decline into a poorer, balkanized, Brazilian style country. Wild West 2.0 is much likelier. As oil supplies dwindle and the dollar becomes worthless we’ll see an upswing in biofuel demands and food. The Beast will hemorrhage legitimacy.

That’s what I’m preparing for. Nationalists have unlimited options to ready for the future. Peak Oil can be easily exploited. Grow acres of corn and sell it for biofuel production. Those profits can support a PLE, WN homeschoolers, etc. Crash or not we need to organize effectively.

In the Turner Diaries small White islands survived the catastrophic nuclear/chemical/biological war. And yes, fought of the “mutants” as well. So let’s build our revolutionary families now while it’s still possible. Our troops of tomorrow depend on our wombs of today.

As an aside, consider the following article detailing how the Beast stays afloat: [link]

The peak oil crisis will become much later in this century. What we must be prepared is for the coming financial (Romney) or currency (Obama) crash. I was altogether skeptic back in 2009 of either crash when I discussed this scenario with a counter-jihadist in Sweden by phone. Gradually, after watching the videos of Schiff that the Swede recommended debating with the Keynesians, they awakened me in economic matters.

What I fear from a crash is that it can be used not only by white nationalists, but others as well. The leviathan can bring it’s big guns down in case of a fall: it’s armies, media, police, mercenaries and supporters will still back the beast. Not to mention that others can take advantage should the beast disintegrate, and they could bring (believe it or not) more doom for whites than the beast.

This time will be different. Before Greenspan–not to mention Bernanke–the US had never printed so many billions out of thin air. It’s only a latter of time till the monetary bubble pops.

@Chechar, so true, the level of money creation by the jew Fed will indeed collapse the economy. It is what the Mafia call a “bust out,” buy everything that you can with IOU’s and let the suckers who sold to you take the fall.

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