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Turner Diaries (novel)

Andrew Hamilton on the Turner Diaries

The view is expressed that the “millions of White people who died, and who have yet to die before we are finished” are not really “innocents” because they allowed themselves to be subjugated by Jews in the first place.

“In the Creator’s account book,” that is the way things are reckoned.

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6 replies on “Andrew Hamilton on the Turner Diaries”

Whites are not “innocents”. How many whites trip over themselves to join secret societies, the Freemasons, and pledge their eternal loyalty to the Jew bankers [ read : communists* ] , knowing fully well they’re selling out their own race.

They know fully well they’re selling out their own race, that’s why the oaths are taken in furtive concealment.

It’s been this way throughout history ; So much so, I’ve come to the conclusion the mercenary spirit runs deep in white, Caucasian blood.

* Communism is when a relative handful of Jew bankers/mobsters come to own everything worth owning in a country; Communism is Jew oligarchy basically.

Ronald Reagan, who so many laud as a patriotic president, signed the Noahide laws [ laws of the talmud ] into the American canon of law. It’s the same talmudic Noahide laws the Jew commies who owned and controlled the Soviet Union used as a pretext to punish [ murder] dissenters.

The white race is its own worse enemy. How quick we are to indulge in internecine war. Millions upon millions of whites were killed down in Europe during the 20th century — many dead before ever siring/conceiving children ; An eternal loss of blood for the race ; All dead at the hands of “fellow” whites ; All the wars based on obvious and blatant lies ; Yet the white race – especially those in leadership positions – collectively, chose to be willfully nescient.

World War Two : The very reason the white race is now paralysed. A race can not indulge in such massive internecine war, and massive death, especially of Her Children [ many children were killed in the war ] without it having a profound negative spiritual effect on the race.

A venal, mercenary spirit, and a love for internecine war, doesn’t win a race any points, nor does it redound to “innocence” ; It redounds to guilt and disgrace.

I don’t know one white person who even wants to broach this subject, let alone think about it deeply, with the goal of amendment and betterment for the race.

How many white Americans continue to volunteer for commie Uncle Sam’s military, while all along complaining about Uncle Sam’s communist/leftist policies?

Cognitive dissonance doesn’t win anyone any points either. Cognitive dissonance : It’s very convenient to be “cognitive dissonant”, but it doesn’t necessarily make one “innocent” , not at all.

Unless the Anglos do a thorough examination of their conscience and recognize that they committed the worst crime of modern history (helping Jewish Bolsheviks to murder Germany) their race won’t be saved.

The UK and the US must disappear during the coming convergence of catastrophes and the surviving Anglos will have a unique opportunity to fulfill the triad examination of the conscience, repentance and atonement.

With very few exceptions, not even American white nationalists have reached this stage (one of the exceptions was commander Rockwell).

I knew there had to be a turd in the Chechar punchbowl somewhere.

Being British myself, I’ll be damned if I let my descendents be browbeaten into becoming 2nd class Whites. Your “conscience, repentance and atonement” smacks of the Christian ethics you claim to have left behind.

You understand nothing. Haven’t you read what Churchill and Roosevelt and Eisenhower did to the only ethnostate in the Western world—my most recent entries? Don’t you realize that that caused the current worldview? When the Sin is so astronomic, and the greatest betrayal was committed by these Anglos, Christian terminology comes handy—even for the atheist.

I’m well aware of what those individuals did. What I don’t see is the justification for punishing the ethnic group collectively when they were duped by their largely German elite. And it’s not as if our people didn’t suffer and die as well.

For Brits to submit to your Christian self-flagellation would be more of the kind of White suicidal behavior that you’re supposed to be against.

I’ve encountered British bashers in WN before. They preach White unity one minute and then “punish the British” the next. What do you expect British or ‘Anglo’ racialists to do? Join in the struggle and then, once it’s won, submit to the collective punishment of their ethnic group? Who’s going to sign up to that?

What happened in WW2 was deeply regrettable and an apology is in order but, past that, nothing thank you very much. I for one try not to think like a Christian any longer.

You still understand nothing. What Anglos committed was a sin against the holy ghost of life—and here I am quoting Nietzsche who like me was an anti-Christian. That is, a sin that must not be forgiven.

It’s impossible to save your race unless and until the US and the UK disappear, as in Pierce’s & Covington’s novels. At any event, they are already disappearing with the US becoming a white minority and the UK admitting millions of non-white immigrants every year. And they are disappearing precisely because of their un-repented sins. (By the way, a secular translation of the concept of “sin” would be “militant ignorance of what you have done”.)

As long as the sons and grandsons of the traitors who fought the War don’t condemn their ancestors’ deeds with all their might, they are inheriting the guilt. An “apology” is not enough—in matters of sins against the holy spirit it’s all fake.

Real repentance means just that: going beyond a superficial “apology”. And that can only be ascertained in real life by replacing the Gregorian calendar in the US and the UK with the date when the most tragic character in the history of the modern West died: precisely what I say in my article “Fuck Christianity!

(By the by, don’t bother to respond again unless you have read the whole excerpts of the series on Hellstorm and feel ashamed to death of what Churchill did.)

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