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Americanism Michael O'Meara

O’Meara interprets Heidegger

The Anglo-Saxon world of Americanism has resolved to annihilate Europe, that is, the homeland, and that means: [it has resolved to annihilate] the commencement of the Western world.

In annihilating the commencement (the origins or breakout of European being)—and thus in annihilating the people whose blood flowed in American veins—New World Europeans, unknowingly, destroyed the essence of their own being…

An awakened, recommencing Europe promises, thus, to repudiate America’s betrayal of herself—America: this foolish European idea steeped in Enlightenment hubris, which is to be forgotten as a family skeleton, once Europe reasserts herself.

Incapable therefore of beginning again, having denied herself a commencement, the bad idea that America has become is likely, in the coming age of fire and steel, to disintegrate into her disparate parts.


Excerpted from: this piece.

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America was merely a product of its enlightenment age.

The idea of the Volk is simply not in its foundation, neither in its written politic or its unwritten puritan culture.

During America’s creation the importance of race and blood was never spoken as explicitly as it should have, but instead was always taken for granted as just a cultural norm: something for which they felt was so self-evident to the people that outright protections by the very political foundations felt sufficient.

They feared simple disturbances in the balance of power, of certain tyrannical tendencies in the human nature, and of course upholding the Christian-based ideal of equality. Today, this is the bare bones of what most western political thinkers fret over.

Racialism as a guiding political force was relatively unimportant at the time, something for which I can fully understand: they lived in essentially the peak of European hegemony, and the idea of the colonized races overtaking us seemed as far-fetched as Chinese colonization of the Occident.

Germans, of course, being far superior to Anglos in observation and foresight, were aware of how easily a population of even hundreds of millions can be lead to oblivion. Hitler was a genius in this regard: he surmised with his National Socialism that the primary purpose of European politics should not be to protect or uphold ideal systems of class-structure, religion, or economic or political law. Instead, the ideal purpose of the people’s politic is securing and advancement of the race, against both foreign enemies and internal degradation.

In many ways, what made Hitler so intelligent is that he understood the inferior characteristics of the German people and acted accordingly.

So, Chechar, though I’m usually in agreement with you, I would be careful in regard to the semantics in trying to explain the roots of Western decline. I would refrain from “We’re doing it to ourselves,” because it alludes to some kind of universal, conscious acceptance by the entirety of the European people’s to simply cease existence: the “suicide-meme” used so often by monocausalists.

I would rephrase to something along the lines of:

“We are vulnerable and dying today because we’ve always been vulnerable”

This is a concept most White Nationalists have difficulty comprehending. So immersed in the ideal of European supremacy, so galvanized by powerful mental images and fantasies of conquering White settlers, Teutonic knights, and Viking warriors, White Nationalists haven’t fully comprehend our true position in the racial hierarchy.

A frailty, I add again, that we’ve possessed from the very start.

I do not wish to digress too far into the intrinsic racial character of the White race, nor do I wish to divulge into each evolutionary reason for our distinct character.

What matters is that because of our character we have created history’s greatest irony: the White race created the modern world, but it is the White race that cannot survive the modern world.

What you say reminds me the book that I’m reading. Arthur Kemp’s long history of the white race shocked me by recounting facts that I never suspected. Did you know that Indo-European Aryans—truly Nordics— originally conquered large parts of—:

• The Middle East
(Summer, Babylon)
• Egypt
• India

—and then created thriving cultures only to be wiped out by the recessive nature of their genes (after they miscegenated with the diverse Semitic peoples, Indians Numbians, etc)?

I already knew that exactly the same happened in so-called Latin America. But that it happened too in Ancient Rome and Greece shocked me (I completely ignored that the ancient Greeks and Romans looked far more Nordish than the Mediterraneans we see today).

A friend of mine married a mulatto woman from Cuba. One of his relatives told him that if you pour some drops of milk into a glass of black liquid, it practically doesn’t affect the color. But if you drop a small quantity of black ink into a glass of milk it completely messes the color.

My friend with fair hair completely messed his genes with his daughter who looks like the mother, not the father; but as you say elsewhere, for whites the only way is extermination or absolute separation from non-whites forever and ever thru the rest of history.

Alas, not even WNists comprehend the profound whys.

For example, in my recent entry on “exterminationist pro-whitism” a well known commenter, Robert of Arabia, with the IP from Saudi Arabia (I believe he’s also Teacher Paris), wrote a comment that I deleted: “Chechar, you are very sick puppy”. Of course: Robert of Arabia is incapable of seeing the need of either absolute separation or extermination.

When I say “We are doing it ourselves” I have in mind not only brainwashed whites, but most white nationalists also. The new paradigm that will emerge after the dollar crashes and the peak oil crisis wipes out more people than the Black Death in the 14th century is something that they cannot imagine even in their wildest dreams.

People like the commenter Mark and me—and the late William Pierce of course—are, to quote Nietzsche, “premature births of an as yet unproven future”.

I am certain that very very few will comprehend us before the convergence of catastrophes reaches its peak later in this century.

Well said, bluegrass. Our race is characterized by a high level of altruism. The problem is, the other races of the planet most certainly are not. There sense of who is in the out-group is very well defined.

The revolutionary Enlightenment thinkers, Hobbes and Locke, set the stage for the destruction of our civilization. It was their ideas which were enshrined in our Constitution.

And yes, the USA embodied the toxic notions of democratic capitalism. The USA forever severed the nation and its people from its life sustaining Faith for the Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith.

The vital energetic and masculine Faith of old widow (old Europe) is what finally will fuel our resurgence.

It will not be the pure Negro, or the Asiatic that annihilates us, it shall be the colored. The mulatto, who does not have a people and thus wishes to create a race for themselves and be rid of the components of that new race.

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