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Michael O'Meara

America’s unpardonable crime

Note of April 16, 2013. Just because the photo of that lovely German town with a blue background does not combine with the reddish framework of this blog, today I moved this article: here.

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There is another matricide. During the Neolithic, Arab feminists invaded Europe and seduced local men. The White race was never pure to begin with. If you kill a Jewish or Muslim woman instead of sexually desiring her, you are murdering your own mother.

This is bullshit. Arabs – and Semites in general – took on their present form and characteristics much later than the Neolithic. The common ancestry is not at all identifiable to present-day ethnicities.

Regional identities and physical characteristics as well as personality characteristics were well-established within many European nations unti the post-WW2 era, to a degree that differentiated populations within a nation nearly as much as between nations. That didn’t take millions of years, it happened _after_ the national populations in question became established in their present-day homelands, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

You can trace back the broad outlines of population movements into prehistoric times via genetic and archeological studies, but to explicitly identify a long-term mass migration of the sort you suggest with specific ethnicities extant within recorded history requires evidence you have not supplied.

Both the evidence of DNA as shown in Avdeyev’s masterful book, ‘Raciology,’ as well as the premise Schroeder noted of Adamkind’s (i.e., White Caucasoid Homo sapiens sapiens) late (on the scene) special creation, as well as the theological stance of the Christian Identity folk, blow this bs out of the water. Combining these three reference sources alone, and no one could every say that the white race isn’t ‘pure.’ Even our greatest resource, the Ethnic record of OUR people, and OUR people alone (the “Old Testament”) clearly shows that Christ was correct. He came ONLY to save the “Lost sheep of the House of Israel” – and not the races of the world. – Fr. John+

Schroeder’s book, ‘The Science of God’- while Schroeder believes the Jews to be Adam, all of the evidence, from the very definition of the Biblical word, to today’s achievements, show Adam to have been White. – Fr. John+

The idea of a white homeland in North America has already been developed and described in Harold Covington’s quintet of Northwest Republic novels. The great obstacle to the survival of the white race anywhere is the demonic, parasitic life-form know as the jew.

You’re either a nutcase or have ulterior motives. Either way I’m done with you.

The white race needs to throw the Bible in the trash and start all over again. The book has been a disaster for us. It has brought nothing but division, strife, confusion and misery. Perhaps that’s why it exists.

I believe in Redemption and Salvation, but I think it was won for us in the world of the spirit; a world that exists alongside the physical plane.

We can catch glimpses of it through love for family and kin and quiet walks in the woods.

We need a faith that focuses on gratitude for the great and mysterious gift of life and family, and the world we’re born into; a faith based on common-sense, and a moral code based on the premise that morality exists in it’s own right, and not simply to keep a sky god happy.

Morality can stand on it’s own without being buttressed by a belief in the supernatural. The purpose of morality is to keep a family together; the purpose of morality is to keep a people and a folk together.

The Old Testament calls us to morality while simultaneously calls us to hatred for anyone who doesn’t think exactly like ourselves, even members of our own family. It calls us to war and destruction while simultaneously calling us to the 10 commandments. Except for a few psalms, we are not called to gratitude for the gift of life, or true love of family, or respect for the animals, or the wonder of nature, not really.

The sky god of the Middle East is horrible. Most of the Old Testament is mean-spirited, to say the least.

The New Testament is a little bit better, yet it ends in the book of revelations. Back to the old testament again: Hatred, Vengeance, War, Fire and Brimstone, and destruction.
Jesus also divides. We are to mistrust and even hate anyone in our family who doesn’t think exactly like ourselves. Paul carries that theme through in his letters, to one degree or another, as he travels around the Mediterranean.

It’s all about division and mistrust and demanding that others, even our own family members, come around to our way of thinking or else. It’s really putrid.

It seems to me that WW2 was the culmination and end result of the Reformation. There’s been nothing but ever multiplying divisions since then.

The Catholic Church, through it’s own corruption and vile practices reminiscent of the old testament world of the middle east, brought the schism on Europe in the first place.

The Catholic Church needed reforming (and still does), that’s for sure. The Vatican was/is a nexus for those who love power, money, and yet more war. Did the Vatican ever try to stop any war in Europe? As far as I know, it never did. Seems to me that the Vatican has always either fomented war in many cases, and in other cases, stood (stands) by quiet and acquiescent.

While the war and destruction rages on around us, we’re told to look up at the sky by our priests (and most of the protestant ministers).

Old world, and “New World Europeans, unknowingly, destroyed the essence of their being” when they took this strange and incomprehensible book to their collective bosom.

Thank you for the article. There’s a lot in it to think about and question and explore.

Excellent article. Thank you. Joe

Are you familiar with Preterist thinking? According to them “Revelations” already happened when the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem around 70 AD. This ushered in Christ’s second coming (The Church).

So if the story of the Bible is complete then perhaps it IS time for something new.

@ Chechar
I just found your site today via “Western Voices World News”. Thank you for your time and work. The article is very compelling. So is your blog.
A tip of the hat to Michael O’Meara.

As eloquent and penetrating as O’Meara can be, even he is blind to the blind spot, re “At that moment, white Americans will be called on, as New World Europeans.”

Amerika is a racial and cultural abortion. The scalpel of pop culture has performed a lobotomy on racial memory, with the full and eager endorsement of the patient. There can be no “European Amerikans” nor “New World Europeans.”

There’s no way to know whether O’Meara’s dreams will become reality or not. Yes: presently white American males are both lobotomized and have no balls (women are programmed to just follow the current paradigm). But we have to place all hope in the coming eschaton, and in the fact that worldviews can be reverted 180 degrees in a couple of generations.

“The sky god of the Middle East is horrible.” The sky god of the Middle-East is a bad copy of the Aryan sky father. As regards Amerika, it is misguided Christians who save Black babies from abortion, yet they do not say that abortion is worse than the Holocaust. The Black man rapes his chaste Christian daughter as a thank you. This makes all their “Pro-Life” talk hypocrisy. The American bows down for the idol of the Constitution, he bows down for the bigger idol of the unborn child, and finally, he bows down for the biggest idol of them all, the Holocaust. As long as he bows down for these idols, Islam will gain ground even more quickly than in Europe. America will be Muslim before Europe. I am not a Nazi, I am a far more effective Anti-Semite. I let the Jew have his taghut of Ritual Slaughter, so I can keep him more effectively down. For all their spiritual fornication, I am strongly tempted to decree that White American cannot have White European women, while White Europeans can have White American women.

@ Columnist
There’s nothing in my post suggesting that I am a nazi or that I support nazism.
I’m replying to you because you qouted from my post and are using my words to suggest to the reader that I am somehow a nazi ( in an underhanded way you are, and you know it).
It’s really none of your business, either way.
That’s not what the post was about. Not at all.
If you wish to take quotes from my post and twist the words around, I will call you on it. I will continue to so if you do this again.That’s for sure.
Straight-forward honest debate is alot more honorable.

Thank you. In all countries where the White Man is the ‘Native,’ there is now a movement (I would consider it from God, frankly) toward racial awakening. I myself, even after ten plus years of commenting on the World situation, have only just recently begun to see a change, myself.

Here is the URL- http://thewhitechrist.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/a-sea-change/

And those who ‘do not see,’ whose shrill cries are either posturing (deicides) or come from utter ignorance (nazi) are still blind, and the enemy of the True White Man, the Christian European. These are the five categories outlined by Robertson

Perhaps we need to remember, we are only slaves as long as we put up with the BS. Sometimes freedom is more important that security. Maybe, even, ALWAYS?

And BS is still BS, after all… – Fr. John+

@ Fr John
A belief that our Redemption and Salvation was won for us in the world of the Spirit and that the Light of Christ can emanate from the Domain of the Spirit and inspire us to a more humane and more sane existence here in the physical world we are born into is hardly “deicide”. LOL
You are correct,however,about bullshit : bullshit is bullshit.
Attende Domine, Joe

@ Columnist, I am neither a nazi—>
@ Fr John, ——————————–> nor a killer of God ( a deicide).

Joe the term ‘Deicides’ are what the Eastern Orthodox Christians call the sons of Khazaria. (i.e., the ‘Jews’), precisely because of the truth of Rev. 2:8,9.

I never said you were. But I will say that anyone who denies the Bible’s place in the West, is a traitor to Christendom. That much is clear.

The bible sure does have a place in Western culture. That’s why we’re constantly bombarded with mixed messages– just like in the bible. That’s why there’s been so many internecine wars– just like in the old testament.
That’s why there’re so many divisions within the white race, the pastors of each church and/or denomination preach conflicting type christianities, just like the divisions in the early church in the new testament.
There’s hardly anything in the bible that truly speaks to the human heart.
No love of nature, the animal kingdom, hardly any respect for human nature. We are all to bend ourselves out of shape for a god that gives us nothing but mixed messages.
We are to constantly look up to sky for our redemption and salvation instead of just keeping our two feet on the ground here and working together in some kind of unity to build a viable and sustainable life for ourselves and our progeny.
Can’t have that– we are to only have division; Even division unto internecine war ; As per the bible.
Even the precious new testament is about war when you cut through the bullshit. The new testament ends in war.
The old testament is about war, and the new testament ends in war. And in between, there’s nothing but one mixed message after another,ad nauseam.
There’ll always be divisions, of course. That’s natural. The bible, though, constantly accentuates the differences and keeps us greatly divided.
Just like the ruling class wants it.

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