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Conservatives are about to be mugged by reality

I’ve just read “Destroy White Nationalism,” a rant written by Brett Stevens last year where he quotes from other critics of white nationalism, especially critics of the vanguard:

The vanguardist is a peculiar species of White Nationalist with a range that extends across cyberspace. This political animal has a number of discernible, trademark characteristics. Specifically, a “vanguardist” is someone who believes:

(1) Conservatives are worthless

(2) Ordinary people are lemmings

(3) Worse is better

(4) The system is broken

(5) A collapse is coming

(6) They will benefit from this collapse

(7) A massive Jewish conspiracy is responsible for their plight

(8) Revolution is the only solution

No need for a point-by-point rebuttal of Stevens’ screed of which the above is just a quotation. I only look forward that conservatives who believe that “racism is some sort of perverse desire” will soon be mugged by reality—as can be surmised in the recent reviews of Schiff’s book on America’s coming bankruptcy.

3 replies on “Conservatives are about to be mugged by reality”

Oh yes. I know of Brett Stevens. He’s essentially a conservative.

It’s a good thing that he’s denounced WN. Alot of people “act” pro white today. We need to seperate those who actually are from the imposters.

Some strains of WN are moving forward to the next phase . This information doesn’t belong to those who can’t even call themselves WN. They aren’t involved. In the future, you’re either a WN or a multiculturalist.

Political opinions are first and foremost a reflection of our real-life experience and observations. They are then refined and fed by theory and books, but never the other way around.

This is why trying to argue with someone like Brett Stevens is useless. Words cannot convince a man who does not see…

Brett is a conservative reactionary philo-Semite who cannot name the main enemy but would rather opine about “liberalism.” i have little time or patience for his ilk.

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