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2nd World War Miscegenation

Damned Anglos!

The Anglo-Saxons, in their attempt to destroy Germany, ended up destroying themselves. Instead of being Germany’s right hand man in a National Socialist Europe, Great Britain became a triple colony, first a military colony of the United States, second an economic colony of the European Union and finally a sexual and biological colony of Jamaica and Pakistan.

How many of the brave lads who burned thousand year-old cities to the ground and roasted white Christian women and children alive lived long enough to see their grand-daughters pushing their mongrel bastards around in baby carriages, and how many came to the realization that Uncle Adolf maybe wasn’t such a bad guy after all?


5 replies on “Damned Anglos!”

Well, that about says it all. Six months ago I could not have imagined reading a comment like this, much less agreeing with it. These days I find I even have to be careful with my wife. She’s coming along however slowly.

You damn the Anglos. Should you not damn Churchill, Roosevelt, and the rest of the Anglo elite instead. The average Anglo, in the United Kingdom or America, had nothing against Germany or the German people. The elites and the Jews whispering in their ears are the ones who sought the destruction of Germany and the German people.
Then, there is the one man who bears the final responsibility for the destruction of Germany. Adolf Hitler. Hitler turned his back on a wounded lion, England, and it’s sleeping giant ally ,America, to attack the Russian bear. Hitler was no Bismarck . The U.S. navy was already fighting an undeclared war against German submarines in the western Atlantic. A child could see that Roosevelt wanted war.
Looking back at the events preceding the war. A case could be made that England and France set Germany up with their policy of appeasement . Doing nothing while Germany reoccupied the Ruhr, annexed Austria, the Sudetenland, and Chekoslovakia. Goading Germany into attacking Poland, thereby giving the Anglo/French elites an excuse to attack Germany. This did not work out so good for the French elites, maybe. The English elites along
with Roosevelt and his ilk did wonderfully.
I do not mean to degrade Hitler. He was a war hero and political leader of his people. Much more than I will ever be. He was also ” Der Furher “. The success or failure of Nazi Germany lies with him.

“Hitler turned his back on a wounded lion, England, and it’s sleeping giant ally, America, to attack the Russian bear.”

He had no choice as the Russians were preparing to attack him and conquer everything up to the Atlantic. He was merely pre-empting and forced to do so against his own convictions as otherwise all would have been lost at this early stage already.

Germany had every right to unite Austria with them and they should have done the same with Hungary. These nations have been like brothers to each other for centuries and belong together. As for Czechoslovakia the reason for invasion was for the Sudetenland to become part of Germany and the fact they went to take the whole of Czechoslovakia was only pure nature as many of the people were more than happy to unite with Germany as they were once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which had great ties with Germany for centuries. As for Poland the excuse was the annexed land taken from Germany after WW2 which belonged to Germany. Germany had every right to enter these lands and thus did not start WW2 but England did, and no Allies propaganda will ever persuade me into their lies.

Now at least France learn from WW2 to make sure they don’t have any reason for Germany to ever enter their land which the same cannot be said once again for Poland and now also Denmark. Lucky for Poland that this time there will be no war between the two but a unity of persuasion will bring Poland part of Germany, you see the Polish have learnt hard lessons over the years and despite what occurred in WW2 many of the Polish admire Germany today and would be more than happy to become part of her, and so they shall. No more nonsense of Slavic people being inferior because they are not and are of the same blood and flesh as Germans the only thing separating us is the spirit which can be easily changed.

The first thing that must be known, that it is not those who defile our people but our people who defile themselves who are the greatest enemy to our existence.

There is no need to write an endless debate on this for nothing will come from words and only from actions will things change. I am glade to know that at least people exist who know what occurs around us and know the truth of it all. One thing that must change and be learnt from many that it is not the Jews that are the problem or cause of the worlds current vileness. It is simple to know who the true enemies are and they were the victors of WW2 and they moulded the worlds current ways of life to what we see today. It is without a doubt that the UK and USA are the greatest enemies to our people, everything these nations stand for is wicked and vile, nothing good comes from them, nothing! Of these nations their motto is liberalism, a synonym for the ungodly. No Christian can be a liberal nor can any liberal be a Christian, whoever says otherwise is a hypocrite and a deceiver and is of the church of Satan and not of God. The greatest three enemies of our people are liberals, atheists and communists. Until all these kinds are thrown from any nation will that nation never be free and live of righteous intent. Yes, not all the people of these nations are evil as every nation has its share of good and bad, but these nations have gone beyond what any others have ever.

If the Axis won the war maybe a few million more may have died, but with the Allies winning have hundreds of millions died before even their death. You see the Axis kill the flesh, but the Allies kill the soul and what is a man without his soul?

All i can say is that the Allies will not celebrate their centurial victory of WW2, but fear will pass through them all in this time. They all say it will never happen again, it is impossible! Such words to only be soon buried in the ground.

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