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Fuck America!

“America”—the propositional “nation,” i.e., the egalitarian capitalist system—is the most evil enterprise in human history if it can take a person one generation removed from a proud and healthy people with a strong identity and turn him into a deracinated nihilist like this.

Greg Johnson

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I have many family members in the United States military.

If not for certain financial circumstances I could very well be destined for a career as an officer this very moment.

Thank god my life had not played out in that manner. The idea of my Prussian blood being shed for Zionism in some middle-eastern hellhole sickens me to the core.

One of my most profound moments in my life since being a White Nationalist was during a family dinner with my father, mother, brainwashed sister, and my cousin (a female attorney for the Army, a West Point graduate) and her husband (a retired U.S. army captain, a venerable captain America in military success with 4 middle-eastern combat tours).

He is by far a more impressive man than I will ever be: physically in peak shape, highly skilled in all combat forms (I had hog hunted with him in Sweetwater Texas, his home town, and had seen his aptitude with firearms first hand). He’s also produced four beautiful, well-behaved White children who impress me in their traditional and healthy behaviors.

Yet, to be in his presence depresses me intensely. This man, the quintessential example of a virile occidental warrior, has been ideologically co-opted to serve and nearly risk his life in the name of a people and a Nation that hates his biological and spiritual essence, a people who will only be satisfied till men such as him cease to exist entirely.

It was at this aforementioned dinner that I had been somewhat loosened in my Politically Correct tactfulness by a few beers. Somehow, a political discussion ensued amongst us, though the specific topic I can’t recall it had to do with the general comparison of American culture and other world cultures.

As they spoke of American culture, I merely observed and listened in silence as I usually do, until my subconscious had taken sudden hold of my rectitude .

I remember blurting: “I hate this country and everything about it.”

Which immediately peaked the Pavlovian “AMMURICA!” response of my mostly conservative family, particularly my cousin and her husband who’s very lives have centered around the protection and advancement of this very nation.

However, I had realized I was wading into dangerous waters, and I wasn’t prepared to extol the entirety of my White Nationalist beliefs in a single grandiose speech. I wanted them to continue to see me as a mere conservative with a few outlandish ideas.

I started naming symptoms: degenerate culture, the end of nuclear families, the lack of spirituality and a sense of volk, but not causes: the Jews, Christianity, White enthomasochism.

I believed I succeeded in damage control, but I believe it was that day that my family realized I was a man fundamentally outside of our Zeitgeist, though they are still unaware of the details.

With my family I am usually bolder and say, “You want proof that you are plugged in the Matrix in 30 seconds?” After they stare at me I immediately add “Who killed more innocent civilians in the century when we were born, the Germans or the Jews?”

Obviously they say “the Germans” and then my “proof” shows up: I start talking about Yagoda and the genocide of Ukrainians with Jewish Bolsheviks overrepresenting Stalin’s willing executioners compared to ethnic Russians, etc.

You can imagine what would happen if you say the same and add that the US is even worse than the former SU: since presently Amurrica is the most serious enemy of Anglo-Saxons and even the White race.

It’s all about character. I can be far more aggressive personally than I am here with mere texts.

I’m not yet prepared to go openly White Nationalist with my family.

My acquaintances, absolutely. I once had a half-Jewish friend during my awakening to the JQ, and we got in a heated argument at a college house party. He was completely secular, only casually mentioned that his mother was a Jew, and rarely brought up Jewish related issues. However, within the walls of a trashy living room, the stench of stale beer emanating from the very walls, surrounded by drunk sorority girls and frat boys, I got in the most heated argument of my life.

I told him of Jewish crimes, and before my very eyes he transformed into a vehement orator of the innocence of the Jewish people, in such vitriol that the most nationalist Israeli rabbi would approve. Suddenly, it was “we”, Jews being his people, his group. I once thought him just another run-of-the-mill deracinated White, but before my eyes I saw the power the concept of “the tribe” has within even half-Jews. There is something literally genetic, as Kevin Mac has shown, something within their very blood that produces violent antagonism.

Long story short, I never threw a punch so hard in my life.

Yet there is something about family that drives me to continue the charade of decency and normalcy. Perhaps it will be my final ideological test, my final hurdle to prove I’m invested in White Nationalism in blood and soul and not for mere hobby.

When I return home and small talk and gossip with my mother, or discuss economic issues with my father, or classic novels with my brother, I’m free for a bit from the constant mulling and observing so common in my character. Within my family, things are pure, and the world around me ceases being just the long theatrical show of a dying civilization.

I will say, Cesar, in regard to family you’re of superior character. I’m heading back in town soon to see many of them, and perhaps it is time to make my life goals clear.

Well, I did not mean to suggest that you should do the same with your family. When I was a child my father had explosions of character while discussing his religion, and I guess I inherited that heated Spanish temper from him.

I once told a Jew owner of a restaurant in Chiapas about the crimes his tribe did in Palestine (according to the newspaper’s front page that very day) and got an impassioned speech from him (that happened decades ago when I knew nothing of the JQ).

Arguing orally is what I like the most. I wish I could convey my passion with my voice in a regular radio show (too bad that English is only a second language)…

You can go yell at the Jews you come across in everday life all you want, but if we don’t get rid of Freemasonry, all the yelling in the world ain’t going to do shit.
I can go yell at the Jewish couple who own a little coffee shop a few blocks from where I Iive, but that’s not going stop the white Caucasian “christian” Freemasons from worshipping The Protocols of Zion, as big-shot whitey takes a lifetime Oath of Fealty to the Jew Banking Masters.
You crackers be crackin me up.

Dat posed to be, “Yous crackerzz beez cracken me zup.

Git yo spellun down, brutha! Yoo beez makun us luk dum!

Break it down brutha. Word is bond.
Whitey assed out beinzas thoze crackerzz be luvin cheese an cheddar even more than their own crib. F*ck.
Whitey ain’t wantin to be hearin The Word. Big-shot whitey be luvin Schlomo’s gangsta bankster bling more than their own rabbits.
Alot of whiteys even be takin secret oaths to Schlomo to be gettin scrilla. F*ck. Stack paper. And the crackerzz be thinkin they be All That. Sheeit. Na mean.
I be schoolem whitey, but the crackerzz don’t be listenin to me for sheeit. Whitey wrecked shop.That’s what the bredrins be sayin in the hood. Down by law.
Know the ledge bro. Word Up.

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