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Laing and Anti-Psychiatry


The ten books that made an impact in my life
before I became racially conscious
3.- Laing and Anti-Psychiatry
(read in 1983)

Sometimes it is not an entire book what causes a deep impression in one’s values and worldview. Sometimes it is a single chapter; a single phrase.

The overwhelming majority of white nationalists are unaware of the fact that psychiatry is a false science. I mean: psychiatry is as false as, say, the Boasian anthropology that has become axiomatic throughout all anthropology departments in the West.

Before I entered the racialist arena I devoted quite a few years of my life to research this pseudoscience. The result was a massive exposé of psychiatry that benefited the Spanish-speaking people (for example, today I learnt that a blog was started with the title of one of my book chapters exposing the history of psychiatry).

The whys of the toleration of a pseudoscience within the academia and throughout the West have to do with the fact that the basic etiology of mental disorders lies in the abusive modes of parenting. But this truth has become a heresy in a world that only aims to perpetuate the status quo, including those nuclear families run by abusive parents.

When in 1983, standing in a bookstore because I was too poor to purchase the book, I read the interview of psychiatrist Theodore Lidz in Laing and Anti-Psychiatry, I corroborated what I suspected: that some parents are driving their children mad. Lidz’s words that a schizophrenogenic mother simply cannot conceive that her child sees the world with different eyes than her own made a huge impression on me to understand the dynamics in my own family.

More recently I have extensively written on this subject in Spanish, of which I have translated only a fraction to English (e.g., here and here). But all of my writing was possible only thanks to my reading this Lidz interview in a bookstore almost thirty years ago with no soft sofas. Lidz was one of the very very few psychiatrists that dismissed the medical model of mental disorders taken for granted in his own profession and proposed a trauma model instead. Abusive parents are the real and only culprits for the emotional fall of their offspring; blaming the child’s brain or the child’s genes, as his colleagues do, is a political rather that a scientific endeavor.

It is worth saying that when I lived in Houston I phoned Lidz, who was already in his nineties, and he appeared as warm and lucid as if he was in his prime. How different from Ronald Laing, the guru whose last name was chosen for the title of the book’s collection of anti-psychiatric essays. (In his later writing Laing looked like an intellectual snob rather than someone who fully sided the child against the all-out assault perpetrated at home in some extremely dysfunctional families.)

Laing and Anti-Psychiatry was published in 1971. Those who are under the impression that psychiatry has since proven the biomedical basis of mental stress and disorders would do a favor to themselves by reading the much more recent How to Become a  Schizophrenic: The Case Against Biological Psychiatry by John Modrow (whom by the way I used to correspond).

For the other nine books see here.

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It’s not overprotection, just the opposite. The term “refrigerator mother” was coined around 1950 as a label for mothers of children diagnosed with autism or schizophrenia: Mothers with little if any empathy.

Chechar, have you seen the documentary “The Woman Who Thinks LIke a Cow”?


I would love to hear what you think.

Well it is about a woman with Autism, and they showed that the “Refrigerator Mother” theory came from a jew—bruno bettleheim, who based his theories on his observations while he was in the concentration camps run by those evil Nazi’s, lol. The woman in this doc has a mother who appears to have been anything but cold, but I could be wrong.

Basically I want to know how we are to walk safely in the minefield of trauma studies when so much of it seems to me to be contaminated by jews and their views.

I have always feel repulsion for Bruno Bettleheim but I still believe that cold mothers fail to develop empathy with their toddlers, which obviously has a psychological toll. Presently, TOO features a video of Dave Duke claiming that the ills of the sexual revolution originated with Freud. Guess what? The most notable debunkers of Freud that I have read (Thomas Szasz, Jeffrey Masson, Alice Miller) were born in Jewish families. Really the best ones. Last year at TOO while discussing the subject Der weiße Engel told me that the Jews brought us the psychoanalytic plague but, paradoxically, also the cure.

I think that Engel is right.

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