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The fate of the white race—in the hands of the empty-headed sex

It is important to notice that the great increase in homosexuality that we see nowadays, and also the increase in prestige for that form of behavior, is due in no small measure to the existence of scientific means of birth control. This development was a watershed event in evolutionary terms, decoupling sex from the natural, reproductive function it had served ever since life began on earth and making it into something that is now widely viewed as only a lifestyle statement. By their nature, scientific birth control technologies create a large pool of people of both sexes who don’t have children and who won’t have them, either by choice or simply because they are not able to conform to cultural norms. Such people have no stake in the future, and live only for themselves. The existence of this element acts like a corrosive acid on the structure of a society, eating away cultural bonds and decomposing it into individual atoms.

Once the pleasures of sex have been in this way decoupled from reproduction, the inevitable result is equality—between the sexes, because now women can have sex with the same abandon that was previously only the birthright of men, and between heterosexual and homosexual, because heterosexual sex need not necessarily lead to reproductive consequences either. It all becomes just undifferentiated pleasure, a lifestyle choice. This has the effect of raising the prestige of homosexuality, which had heretofore been held in contempt since ancient times, to put it on a par with heterosexuality.

Before the advent of such technologies, women had very little say in whether they were going to have children or not. The biological attractions of the reproductive act are such that virtually all fertile women ended up having them. But now, in what must certainly be a supremely dysgenic move, the genetic fate of the White race has been placed into the hands of the empty-headed, weak-willed, easily-brainwashed sex. As a result, the most intelligent White women often defer having children until it is too late. Even the White women who do have White children often end up choosing to have the children of the more feminine, brainwashed, politically-correct males available to them, because such males fit in better with our politically-correct culture and are therefore more likely to have stable social networks and employment. Some of them—too many of them, no doubt—have even aborted White children and chosen to have trendy niglets instead.

All in all, it’s hard to overstate what a disaster scientific birth control techniques have been to the White race.

Posted by Der weiße Engel
on December 2010, discussed again at TOO today

17 replies on “The fate of the white race—in the hands of the empty-headed sex”

Have you followed the advancements made in PU and the MRM? I believe that once white men regain their guts, everything else falls into place. White women see that white men fear the negro, the mexican and the muslim. T

hey see the concessions we have to make to PC culture. When we buck those trends as WNs, the ultimate and most taboo area in the world, we show alot of courage which gains us respect. First we beat the non-whites, and feminism disappears naturally.

When I was younger, I used to view all technological progress as fundamentally positive, and was obsessed with new technologies, futurism and transhumanism. An attitude which is prevalent in today’s youth.

I changed when maturing. My opinion is now far more mixed. Not enough to make me a “Luddite” — since a true Luddite would advocate the withdrawal of all unnatural tools, including clothes and knives — but enough to draw me to the careful analysis of any new discovery or invention. If technological advancement from ~200,000 BC to 700 AD was overwhelmingly positive (because it focused on survival rather than comfort, and marked the day we separated from beasts), it became questionable after 700 (gunpowder, crossbows, and all sorts of “disloyal” combat methods), became very questionable after 1700 (the Industrial Revolution, love it or hate it, had tremendous consequences on societal structures), and ended a net negative during the XXth century (inspiring Huxley to write Brave New World.)

A common misconception, propagated by tech enthusiasts and techy websites like Slashdot/Wired, is that technology is neutral. It isn’t. Even if it is true the same technology can be used for opposite purposes, both for war and peace for example, something that affects the world order and causes the re-organization of a society as soon as it gets out cannot be neutral, both on semantic and philosophical grounds.

The contraception pill is the perfect example of an invention which is not neutral, and partly caused the current predicaments of the West. Another example, rarely mentioned, is the telephone (which has given rise to a culture of immediacy).

I must admit that if large scale alteration in the human genetic stock was possible I would have to reevaluate most of my convictions on the spot. (I suppose this is ultimately the gist of the transhumanist’s ideal).

That would be a game changer for me: new views on race, gender, societal organization vastly different from my current White Nationalist beliefs.

However, that kind of technology will not be achieved in my lifetime. It, like the Manhattan project before, would require a treasure trove of geniuses, an already fully mapped out human D.N.A., and the infrastructure, logistics, and currency in large quantities that only an advancing (white) 1st. world country could provide.

We’re going to be a 2nd world country by then, or a 3rd world if we let Whites fade into the darkness.

Nor will the Asians achieve this. Their countries after western collapse will likely be more stable civilizations than the Northern Brazilian Republic of America, but they’ll quickly squander without Whites to sell products to and to steal technology from. Their raw cognitive ability aside, they lack the requisite genetic behavioral patterns of whites, particularly inter-group altruism, that is necessary for any advanced or continuously advancing civilization.

“An attitude which is prevalent in today’s youth. ”

I wonder if this is some kind of sub-conscious coping mechanism for those upper-I.Q. TED talks kinds of Whites. It doesn’t take a keen power of observation once one gives up the modern multikult faith to realize that Somali Immigrants and Mexican peasants won’t make for a futurist American utopia. So instead of contemplating the upcoming racial conflagration in 10 to 20 years, they prefer to imagine designer babies and holographic telephone calls in the next 50.

I have no doubt that after the rivers of blood an exhausted White Nation will stand after its trial by fire. The great thinkers in the White enthnostate must prioritize their intellectual discourse on protecting the White Nation from repeating its ancestor’s history. If the White Nation stays pure, it will no doubt achieve all the technology and wealth once possessed by the White civilizations of the past. However, how does one set up the proper defenses (politically, ideologically, culturally) to keep that technology from achieving their inevitably corrosive results?

The answer to that question lies in new forms of social engineering that produce a closed, all-white society. I’d highly recommend Arthur C. Clarke’s first novel, Against the Fall of Night.

“So instead of contemplating the upcoming racial conflagration in 10 to 20 years, they prefer to imagine designer babies and holographic telephone calls in the next 50.”

Yes, libertarian nerds are totally clueless on the racial and genetic problem, and will therefore face disillusion after disillusion.

Already, some are wondering why the rate of innovation seems to be dropping (link), blaming the Internet and the entertainment industry for this. The real culprit is of course socialistic dysgenism.

I don’t see China, Japan and South Korea taking over after the West is dead. Asians are good at copying and improving, but certainly not at creating.

For men to regain their balls, religion is absolutely necessary. Only by threatening Jews and Muslims with eternal hell, can their spiritual bondage be broken. Then, the feminist will fall in line.

But which religion? Christianity failed. Christian Identity is a farce. The actual religion of white ascendancy is fleshed out in the Iron Union Show, a prog white podcast about the iron race. Worshipping the white flesh cannot save it. Christianity is not truly spiritual. It is simply Jewish materialism with a picture of God stamped on the wrapper. Such worship ignores the real spiritual component where white power originates.

Your suggestion was tried already, back in the middle-ages, and throughout history. It didn’t work then, and it most certainly isn’t going to work now.
I’m not refuting faith. Pointing fingers at the Jews and the Moslems and trying to put the fear of the wrath of “our” jehovah/jesus god is not going to get the white place anywhere.
It was tried already throughout history.
Probably better to get rid of freemasonry and all the manifestations of freemasonry, all the secret societies.
” Our” secret societies here in the West are dragging us down more than anything else.
It’s through these secret societies that the talmud, it’s putrid thinking, it’s putrid goals, are filtered into our churches, government, and all of our institutions here in the west.
The Jews and the Moslems ( at least the leadership) knows this fully well. Ipso facto, they will know that all of our talk of “damnation” is bullshit. Their conclusion would not be wrong.
Try again columnist.

So you suggest slitting the throats of Freemanons? Muslims think Freemasons are specifically out to get them. Unlike Christianity, my religion isn’t infiltrated by Freemasons. And I back up my threats with arguments and prophecies. For some reason, Jewish usury and Muslim oil really weren’t a problem in the Middle-Ages. Maybe God does exist.

There’s not one word in my post about any kind of violence, including the sort you mention.
It’s true, The Arabs think the freemasons are specifically out to get them. The Arab leadership also knows fully well that our government and churches are chock full of freemasons.
You make my point for me. Thank you.
The Arabs are reacting to the destruction of Iraq,by the way. You forgot to mention that. Joe

Oh. And I forgot to mention that the war against Iraq was based on lies through and through.
The Arabs know that fully well,also, just as we do.

What Christian church and/or organization(s) do you belong to exactly? You’ve never been clear about that; Always hazy and unclear about that.
I’m curious, as we could have a more interesting debate if you were more specific.; That would lead to both of us learning more about the situation.
The more knowledge, the better for everyone.

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